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  1. timing chain replacement?

    yeah i got the rattle at startup. only a little bit until it warms up. so i have a new VCT & solenoid. The gasket is leaking at the tensioner as well. so i have a new gasket for that as well. the engine itself is in very good condition but done heaps of km's as a daily drver so i thought, why not change the chain as well? so ordered a naprec strengthened chain & checked out the workshop manual & to my horror, discovered that the oil pan & cross beam needs to come out. not to also mention all the other shits & bits like alternator, power steering, a/c, etc. it's a much bigger job than the vl for sure. i have seen merc roller press kits on ebay but they cost around $350-500 & not sure i they will be compatible for the sr20. the story is i've treated the engine very good but after 15years, i decided to upgrade turbo with a gtx (now installed), upgrade brakes , clutch, electronics, intake, exhaust & repaint underside which now brings me to the engine. i'm not planning on removing engine or the head (for now anyway).
  2. timing chain replacement?

    Hi to all, New to this forum & seeking members thoughts on the best/easiest way to replace timing chain for the sr20 s15 silvia. last time i changed a timing belt was on my VL turbo which was fairly easy. Looking at the sr20, its either lift the engine to remove the oil pan & front cover OR unlink/link the old roller chain with new & spin carefully. Is there any other methods/tips, write-ups or suggestions? Tony.