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  1. Ls Silvia from Abu Dhabi

    Hi all Its been a long long time since i posted here. Hope you guys are well. Please find below my current project S14 powered by LS7 560 hpat the wheels Dedicated drift car 🤙 Let me know on your thoughts !!
  2. Sebastien Loeb 8:13.878 Pikes Peak 2013

    Splender lap
  3. Jobs That Pay Decent Cash $$$

    Investment Banker if you can break into it
  4. Sharia law for Australia?

    Put this fool in Jail..
  5. Jensen Button Bathurst lap

    Glad to see an F1 car driven there...
  6. I had one in my Silvia...never leaked....did the job
  7. Ken blocks new video

    that was awesome...Block never fails to impress
  8. My CA finally passed 300kw

    very nice.. go good old CA
  9. who can tune hks fcon

    Croydon Racing Development in Sydney tune them. they will do a good job a very good job.. be prepared to pay premium dollar
  10. Accountant vs Electrician

    You sound very goal orientated.. Boring but very goal orientated. We should meet up and hook up. You know a bit of guy on guy, spice things up a bit. yes i sure am very goal oriented. on the boring part , i reckon any job can be made interesting if one can find out how to make it. on the hooking up with you part, im gon pass on this sunshine as ' me like pussy way too much for some bung hole '
  11. Accountant vs Electrician

    Accountant for a good firm has a good life and vice versa. i work for a very big building company as an accountant and im enjoyin it. i dont sit at my desk all day because my role is more of a management side of accounting than the basic number crunching. in other words, i meet with new clients on a regular basis which keeps the job interesting. All depends what type of accountant are you. Many people confuse A/C to data entry jobs where you sit in front of a screen all day n enter invoices n shit in. A/C are people who analyse reports and work from that. It usually involves chasing people for money and heaps other interesting things trust me. Starting as an accountant you can get into so many roles at a later stage its not funny. Managerial roles, Finance side of things, Ceo, HR, PR and so on. Accounting is a very focussed and error free profession, there is absolutely no margin of error in this line of work. That is a big challenge that many people face It is a All Round Profession, from this you can jump into any field. At the end of the day, its A/Cs who know everything about money and what revolves around it(not all do tht tho lol), which is the first main reason people work to earn money. I chose A/C cos i want to know everythin to how a business runs to its death my 2c to whatever you choose to do, do it right and try to be the best !! no profession is better than other !!!
  12. F1 2008 Season

    n lewis will prove it to all of us in the near future. the guy can drive and no one can question that !!! he is agressive where he needs to be and very mentally strong driver. im sure he will do very well in years to come.
  13. QLD mega-meat pix

    the silver supra is running a t88-38gk not a t78, belongs to my cousin bro who owns 101 racing. its tuned at 575 rwhp at 16psi for street driving.. has made over 750hp on race tune. in regards to lag on 2jz, if tuned right there is no difference.. u should see how quick the supra spools with the biggest trust setup. peace harry
  14. OFFICIAL MEET **list is up**

    i heared someone crashed as well? who was it ?