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  1. Ca18det Clutch Fan - Locally?

    You the man! Yeah, it's just the fan that's wobbly, water pump, belts etc are all coolio! Lemme know your price & when it's convenient to pick it up! =) Wouldn't mind throwing it in this week after work one night. Cheers!
  2. Hey Peeps, My ca18 clutch fan has some serious wobble in it's rotation and I'm pretty sure it's due to the bearings being fubar'd. Has anyone attempted to fix one of these? Or should I not bother and just source a replacement locally? If replace is best, anyone selling theirs? Cheers, Hoj
  3. Breakfast @ Queensland Raceway

    Cheers champ, funnily enough from all the meets and everything I don't think I have met you before??? Unless I have met you and not realized it is you hahaha! Your vid is epic, awesome mounting position shame it was the last lap! Edit: your video reminds me of this haha http://www.vimeo.com/21472262 Thanks buddy! We haven't officially chatted as such at the meets but there's always time nextime! haha How good is that video of Jensen! Far out, that's quick, especially the home straight. Cheers for sharing that! I'll definitely pick the up front cam option at the next event - I think my current video could do with a lot less banter! haha.
  4. Breakfast @ Queensland Raceway

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7Ax2Kb-Rio And here is the second video, technically this is what I shot first. Now as I mentioned earlier, please excuse the extremely cheese filled banter between my dad & I, and the equally cheese ball random outbursts (sorry s1580 guy!) - I apologize in advance! Should've stuck to just one cup of coffee that morning. =) Next time around I think I'll stick the gopro out front and leave it there the whole race. Haha.
  5. Breakfast @ Queensland Raceway

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7tjSr5a_QAk Here's the first video. This was actually captured on the last lap before we all got pulled in. In hindsight, I should've mounted the gopro to the front for the entire event but was too scared to loose it on any given lap thanks to all the bumps. Second video is cutting now, should upload it later today. Captured so much cheesy ethnic banter between my dad and me! haha.
  6. Breakfast @ Queensland Raceway

    Great vid dude! You're dad's a champ! Always really nice chatting to him at these meets. Got a brief bit of footage of you & your dad, rushing past me at one point. It'll be in the second video I upload today.
  7. Breakfast @ Queensland Raceway

    Awesome man! Can't wait for the next one as always! =) Great job on organizing this one!
  8. Breakfast @ Queensland Raceway

    DAMN THAT CORNER!!!! My new navigator (dad) was always cautioning me just before we hit that corner! A few times I definitely felt the car almost wanting to loose it there.
  9. Breakfast @ Queensland Raceway

    Yesterday was a blast! I got about 35mins of un-edited footage from my head mounted gopro! haha. Going to edit it today and upload in chunks to teh Tube. Was great seeing everyone out there in form! Anthony, can't wait for the half-dayer! But make it at Lakeside!!!!! PLEASE!!!
  10. Breakfast @ Queensland Raceway

    Sil, I have a +1, and potentially a +2. My dads definitely coming, but my brother in law is still deciding. Is that ok?
  11. Breakfast @ Queensland Raceway

    Sweet! You have PM. =) Btw, I'm thinking about ordering a HD Hero 960 from the states.
  12. Breakfast @ Queensland Raceway

    The Hojivia & I will definitely be present. Will hopefully get some better group shots than last time too. Also, anyone using a gopro on the day?
  13. Guard rolling / flaring

    +1 for Kevin at Precision Guard Rolling. Top Bloke, does a mint job and is very reasonable for his services!
  14. Breakfast @ Lakeside #2

    Great Job Glenn, Video looks sweet as! Man that was a fun day, I'm all up for another one asap! The ca needs another good work out. =) My few pics will be coming soon.
  15. I hope to hello some miracle happens tomorrow morning and we actually get a nice bit of dry summer weather for the track and especially photo ops. =) I finally get the car running sweet, tee up to come out to this track day & my iphone tells me it's thunderstorms all freaking weekend! What the?! p.s anyone looking for some new tyres? I've got a set for that I'll have on me tomorrow so hit me up if you're interested. 2x Nankang 225 / 45R17 NS-2's & 2x Federal 225/40R17 ss-595's. Will accept one fifty five ono. =) Hope teh sun is out! =P