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  1. Im after a place in sydney... preferably parra area to get the ca18 head acid bathed and shaved as the head gasket has blown on the car. Any recommendations as to places to take the head too?? Also if you have had it done, then how much have you paid. Not after getting mine ported at all.
  2. Hey All Went to get some Bosch Coils(HEC716) for my microtech and realised that Supercheap auto are charging $80ish for each one. As i need 4 and some plugs, am assuming it will cost me nearly $350-400 for them. does anyone know where i might be able to source new ones for cheaper then this, as it does seem fairly high for them, and i only need these ones to make sure the car works in the first place. I am in Sydney
  3. s13.5 silvia drift build

    i have started making my own s15 fiberglass lights so i will keep the mold so if i damage the headlights .cheers for the concern i have been circut raceing for yrs so hopeful i will be good at this drifting i was always tought keep traction not break it oh well Photos will be up soon for the engine as doesnt look pretty at the moment
  4. CA18det Microtech questin

    Also now noticed that the hand controller no longer works on ignition and that the main part which has lights, well they no longer light up as they did early today.
  5. Hi all, Currently have a microtech LTS-10 and never had a problem with it running on my ca18det. Yesterday i took the car for a drive for the first time in a few weeks. It ran a little different in that, it would range between 800rpm-1200rpm whilest sitting at lights, It wouldnt stall but sounded like it could have. Now today i tried to start the car and it wouldnt start. I have 2 main computer parts to the microtech (the main part which the engine loom goes to and the ignition management part(i think it is). Well from this part, there seems to be some clicking occuring when i try to start my car. Has anyone had this problem occur to them before and is it possible that this part has failed and i need a new one??
  6. Hey all, Just wanted to know how much people have paid for a VRS KIT for the ca18det. As im in the process of needing one very shortly since my head gasket went and now there is a milky water and bubbles in my radiator. Just seeing which places are best to buy them from before i go looking... looking at either a genuine NISSAN dealer... Repco...autobarn... or if a sponsor has the kit then how much? I already have the head bolts and a head gasket currently but believe that it might be cheaper to get a new vrs kit and sell the gasket then to buy all the gaskets individually.
  7. Ok found out the problem... After trying all the above things.. i finally went to check the amount of water in the radiator... it was full... so flushed it out and put new fluid in there... then started the car to let all water suck into the motor... reved it a little and noticed that the water had turned all milky and froathy.... So its the head gasket which is blown. I read up about head gaskets and one thing i found out.. is that when the head gasket is blown...a sign is the turbo hits full boost later then normal... So i think what has happened is... when i last went for a dyno... and went from 120kw-155kw,,,, its caused the old head gasket to give in..... Will replacee the gasket and shave the head down... maybe even port n polish and see how it goes.
  8. I currently own ca18det and need to get the head gasket replaced as have white froath appearing in radiator.... Just wonderin how much people have paid to have their head gaskets replaced on there car. And if ur in sydney.... where u might have taken ur car too. I can do it myself... but would rather ask others how much they have paid for theirs to be done. I know that the gaskets are needs... as well as the head being checked out.
  9. have also noticed that my cars operating temp...use to get up to 82C maybe 84C at absolute highest in peak hour traffic during the summer time(soo very hot days)... Now ive noticed that it goes up to 88-90C now.... soo im not sure why that has changed soo much(and this was two days ago when it wasnt all that hot)
  10. I live in parramatta area of sydney. Might take it back to the guy who did it for me and get him to have a look at it..... As head gasket seems good(no bubbles in radiator) All injectors/spark plugs/coil packs are fine. I can only think that maybe its the tune... since the turbo is now hitting full boost later then normal..... AS starts showing boost around 2300-2500rpm but doesnt impact the car till around 4500rpm.... Now i was running 10psi originally when it hit FULL BOOST at 4000rpm... But got a Greddy EBC and then was running 16psi still full boost was at 4000rpm.... I thought it might have been the fact that im now gettin 16psi compared to 10psi...
  11. Ok have tried as mentioned above.... first tried disconnecting all four spark plug leads one at a time... and all four are working fine.. since all four showed a change in the engine(e.g. started sounding like a WRX now, and motor moved around a little bit) Next tried the four injector plugs and all four are working fine as all four showed same change as when i tried spark plug leads.... As i mentioned earlier.... it doesnt really sound like a WRX.... its more like a rotor and usually starts to do it when it gets hot.... i did notice that it doesnt do it as often now when its cold... since ive changed the spark plugs to the NGK uridium ones. Could it be either running rich.... or something... from when i got my car tuned last??? As im just trying to think what had been done to it since it was fine last.... I had changed the Fuel pump recently and got the SARD injectors cleaned before installation and they were fine. But upon changing the injectors and gettin a tune... the car is just sounding different.... and im not 100% sure if the car was hitting FULL BOOST before 4500rpm since i wasnt driving it too hard from when i got it done. Could a different tune cause my turbo to hit full boost 500rpm later?? or is it more that the turbo is showing signs of age.... as its still doing the same as before... just at 4500rpm instead.... and made 154kw .... but was told that this is the point at which the turbo is running out of puff.
  12. Make and model: 1990 Nissan Pulsar Size of engine: ca18det Modifications to the car: FMIC...Microtech...EBC...550cc injectors...Walbro FP...alot more Type of turbo: GT2560R/GT28R Trim of turbo: 60 Rear Exhaust housing: 64 When does vehicle begin boost: 2500 When does vehicle reach full boost and what PSI: 4000....10-16psi Does the vehicle have Cams? No What brand: What lift/duration etc Max power achieve at what boost: 124kw @ 10psi.... 153kw @16psi
  13. IT seems to only happen when im idleing so thats why i thought one of the cylinders isnt doing its job.... Spark plugs are brand new and the last ones had no oil or anything... seemed to go a little better with newspark plugs... but only when the car was cold... once it warmed up ..it started again.... So im thinkin that it may be the seals for the Injectors as i think one of them didnt look the best.... but cant guarantee it... Which one would you recommend for a ca18det.... GT2560R/GT28R..... or the T28BB from S15
  14. Sorry had totally forgot to add the ECU... Im running a Microtech LTs10 with Hand controller Will have to pull the injectors back out then and probably replace the orings.... now are the o rings... the ones that connect onto the bottom of the injector... e.g. the black rubber where the injector connects to the motor (not the fuel rail side....e.g. top) And if so... where can u get new ones from?? Also... are injectors meant to make a ticking noise.... as this is the second car ive heard the noise on... and same brand injectors....SARD See its weird that all of a sudden im starting to get full boost later.... have checked most pipes and hoses and none seem to be leaking(well that i can see).... so i thought maybe a T28BB might be a better option as apparently the GT2560R was running out of puff on the dyno at 154kw on 16psi. Also wat is a CAS???
  15. Ok heres the problem... Have been running around 10psi on my GT2560R (i thought it was a T28 till i checked the serial number) for around 6months... Upgraded to a Greddy Profec Spec 2 EBC and tried running at 16psi... which made a bit of difference. I have recently put 550cc SARD injectors in as well as a WALRBO fuel pump(i think its like 265L/H) And then had it tuned about 2 weeks ago.... ran fine for a week... but now have noticed that my FULL BOOST(point at which it pulls my car) has gone from 4000rpm....to 4500rpm... I dont think this is normal... as for the past week it has been fine... pulled full boost at 4000rpm... but just the other day started doing this....and now stays like this. Any suggestions on what it could be.... It still has same effect on car... just 500rpm later. Im thinkin about gettin a T28Ball bearing S15 turbo.... instead as think that this turbo might be my problem.... any ideas when these ones hit full boost in a ca18det?? I also have noticed that occasionally... despite spark plugs...leads and coils check or replaced that it sounds like a rotor.... but not as bad as a WRX(i know this usually means one of these things i tried)