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  1. Aftermarket Steering Wheel + Boss Kit

    Is it a 320mm or 350mm
  2. JET200 is back

    Andrew , Looks good ! Well done on persisting with the further development. Best of luck at WTAC. John B driving ?
  3. MCA Gold series coilovers for S15

    Good to see other people using quality parts .
  4. Go tti for sure .. nice one biggie.
  5. I know you have got a lot of satisfaction from the build process. But a enough is enough ... Just buy a decent gearbox , turn the boost up and drive the wheels off the thing.
  6. Martin , Are you going to have it on display at WTAC ?
  7. Old add all parts sold

    Any pics of the Endless 6 pots set up
  8. DVS JEZ does a great job. Tuned my S15 recently will going back soon to finished full flex fuel tune and cam adjustment.
  9. My S15 in action at NSCC trackday Wakefield Park
  10. I'm 42 . Have owned by s15 since new (2002) . My car is not a daily , just a weekend street car that I like to take to the track when I can. I have a family - 2 boys under 6 . I work 60 - 70 hours a week . So I don't have the time I use to for car. I'm still spending money and developing it to what I want it to be. For me it is simply the feeling you get when you drive a 500hp S15 .
  11. GTX3067

    My S15 runs a GT3076 (no VCT) step 2 HKS cams and 9.1 comp. On E-flex makes an easy 300rwkw on 20psi at 4200rpm . It about 400 rpm laggier than my old GTRS set up on 98 but so much more top end.