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  1. My dash wasn't cracked until i cleaned it with armorall, then one afternoon 3 cracks just appeared. I don't like how dashmats look but I suppose its a temporary fix or a really large sticker
  2. Uras or Vertex?

    Sorry so immature sometimes
  3. the old work car got a paint job

    Hey what price u want
  4. Uras or Vertex?

    How much you sellin yourass for?
  5. Need help

    Would you travel to Gold Coast your in NSW aren't you?
  6. Need help

    Hey thanks for all your help, I found one guy who seemed to have a "fixed price"of $400 maybe he is crap lol but im still looking I have just got council approval for the location near Gold Coast and fingers crossed for weather.
  7. Looks better.. kermit green should have been the go!! How was your chicken parmy?
  8. Need help

    Thanks.. we are thinking of having the ceremony on the beach because we are pretty laid back ppl. is this a good idea? or am I asking for trouble.. How much do you charge as a celebrant?
  9. Need help

    Hi girls.. Im meant to be getting married in October I am not one of those girls who has always dreamt how their wedding would be so Im having issues with just about everything!! If anyone has any good ideas it would be appreciated anything you have had or seen that stood out???
  10. ok cool thanks for the advice..let me know how the dashmat looks!! Someone should make a fitted fibreglass dash cover
  11. I know that its quite common for Silvias dashboards to get cracks but are there any cheap ways to fix them or prevent them from cracking(besides getting them out of the sun)????
  12. the old work car got a paint job

    Haha Cool thought so... well good luck!!
  13. Pink S13

    Love the colour!!!!
  14. NSW Girl Club Name

    Lol.. oh true probably not suitable for the school grounds!!

    awesome sites...thanks