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  1. good spare prices?

    Hey guys. I need some s13 spares. For an R200 diff case is 300 a fair price? I have a 2 way to put in just need a case. Last time I was on this forum maybe 5 years ago R200 was worth $150
  2. Hi guys. Anyone know where to get spare keys made? Price? And if i want all new locks/ignition new keys? Thanks
  3. Signing in on mobile

    Cleared cache. didnt work. but cleared cookies and downloads and worked! thanks loz. phone is galaxy s2
  4. Hey all, I can't find any topic on this. I am unable to sign in on my mobile. Name, password, and it loads, but isn't signed in. I have tried heaps of times, but it doesn't work. I was able to sign in a few times last week.
  5. Fistly dude, learn some grammar. You look like a ****head getting 'there' and 'their' mixed up. Secondly this is old news. Chinese are a bunch of retards anyway. They dont follow world trade rules but want "market economy" status to gain the benefits. (read up on that) And if this was such a big issue, Why has GE given china the technology for wind turbines to gain access to the market? Why has Boeing given up technology for access to the china market? The list goes on, There was an article in Time magazine about it. America is stuffed when it comes to dealing with this issue.
  6. MW2 PSN

    Still dont know why black ops is shit. isnt it the newer version of mw2? whats the fugn difference that makes mw2 better?
  7. MW2 PSN

    Whats wrong with black ops? first cod game i owned. seemed good and played awesome for a fps.
  8. Fav old school game

    @wannabe dune 2 was massive. the first massively successful rts. copied by blizzard to create the "warcraft" series. westwood also went on to make command and conquer. all of those games owe me 100's of hours
  9. Fav old school game

    PS1 oldschool? no way. Well no one mentioned castlevania which i loved. cobra triangle on the nes? I could never beat the giant shark! Mike tyson punch out. Dune 2 owes me 100 hours of my life back. Street fighter 2 was really the ultimate multiplayer game of the time. Master of orion 2 on pc. there is still "PRO"comps for this game.
  10. what should i do?

    Get a special circumstances exemption. u can still drive it.
  11. Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

    Lost my copy of black ops so this should be a good replacement. COD is the benchmark fps skill test. Bad company is garbage. dont waste your money a) its team only so shit team =no fun and bad k\d ratio b ) scrubs just go around killing their own team mates. no penalties for this c) loading times are shit. cant cancel a game once it loads. d) always joins you to imbalanced games owned at spawn point etc. e) quiting a game and then trying to join a new random map almost always puts you in the same imba game you just quit. Heaps more issues that make it not worth it.
  12. video games

    Thanks for the info. if anyone is buying stuff from jb, i have store credit from them that i havent used and can pass on at a discount.
  13. video games

    With a few big games coming out soon, just wanted to know where u guys buy from/best deals.
  14. Diff questions

    Thanks heaps guys. Looks like im in the market for a : S13 R200 non ABS diff
  15. Hi All, I hope I can get some definate answers here. I had a SR20DE 91 s13 I now have SR20DET but my diff is R180 I need a R200 housing for a 2-way LSD I have purchased. Will an Auto diff from a 98 S14 be a good choice? Whats the downside of a 3.9 ratio? Will my acceleration be the same/faster/slower. Top speed would be higher im guessin and accel is slower. In any case, does anyone have/know where to get a R200 4.1 housing that will bolt up. I still have to check whether im running 5 or 6 bolt pattern.