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  1. Cars like Pokemon, Gotta catch em all.

    +1 for disconnecting front sway on s-chassis
  2. Sam Tang - 0411 338 616 Located in blackburn, quality job.. lifetime warranty has done heaps of cars on here
  3. Jam RBS14 Crashed

    Won't be driving but will probably come up on one of the days for a look - your car is very.... different now =p
  4. s14a dori project .....Sil80 reshelling

    You're going to be the next broadfield
  5. That's why I got bored of my s14 and sold it. Can't wait to get back out in a month or 2 Basics FTW, some decent suspension, low power, more seat time = FUN!
  6. The man raises some good points..
  7. Price : $120 Condition : Used Pickup Box Hill 3128, or will post everything except radiator. Will not respond to lowballers Turbo - near new! $1200 -5000km old Garret Disco Potato 2860RS .64 with 1 bar actuator (harder to find T28 style compressor flange) -5000km old GKTech Braided water/oil lines -S13 Exhaust Manifold & Heatshield -S14/15 Turbo elbows Intake setup $450 -5000km old Apexi Super Suction alloy intake pipe pipe -5000km old Apexi Power intake filter -Z32 Afm & Bosch Plug S15 JDM Injectors in rail (4x) $200 S14 ASI Alloy Radiator $120 -Inc blitz 1.1 rad cap -Few bent fins, slightly bowed however when you bolt it in you can't tell, no leaks etc. JDM STRI DSD-SLM II Gauge Set $300 -Oil Temp, Oil Press, Water Temp -Black face, white light, "Lightning bolt" logo, matches an s15 really well. -Warnings and Peak hold (external button on loom) -Used in excellent condition (about 5,000km since new from my s14), inc all sensors (and a cut up radiator hose to suit), looms, buttons, stands, cups and visors.
  8. Wheels are Deerfield, JDM 4x4 wheels.. made by Work or Volk from memory, not sure of exact model
  9. Price : $2,250 Condition : Used S14 Power up Package! $2250 -Disco Potato GT2860RS .64 w/ 1 bar actuator, s15 style comp cover (4000km old, bought new from hpinabox.com) on S13 exhaust manifold (no EGR pipe) -S14a Chequered Tuning Nistune remap 210rwkw @ 18psi, very safe tune -Gktech Braided Oil + Water lines (4000km old) -Z32 AFM & Bosch Plug -S15 JDM Injectors -Apexi Super Suction Metal Intake pipe (2000km old) -Apexi Power Intake (2000km old)
  10. Cant Post For Sale Add

    yeh same here
  11. http://www.chequeredtuning.com/new/?q=node/22 Pretty sure it was $850 for full tune and install, but depending if you have issues or need extra time could be a little more. Best to SMS/Email them for a quote - Trent & Cat really do go out of their way to look after you.