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  1. Need a RWC for my S15

    Thanks for the feedback everyone, I ended up getting one pretty much no worries with the Turbo Timer etc.
  2. Hi Guys, Need to some info and advice as I just sold my S15 so I need to organise the RWC for the Buyer. My Car is mickeymouse so I don't think I should have any issue's BUT I was just wondering, is a Timer Timer going to cause me any issues as well my Fujitsubo Exhaust by any chance? Sorry, this is the 1st time I've sold a Car so any help would be great. Also, any suggestions of where I could take it in Melb to get a RWC easier would be great TIA
  3. Really weird, bought my car in for service today and Nissan said there was absolutely nothing wrong with the Clutch from what they could tell. Hmmm maybe its in my head but I'm certain its not 100%.
  4. OK thanks heaps again Spazo. I've got Nissan looking at it tomorrow so it will be interesting what they say. I'm gonna get a 2nd opinion anyway cause I reckon all they prob want is to rip me off anyhow. Hopefully it is just the bearing in the FlyWheel.
  5. OK thanks Spazo, it kinda makes sense, kinda doesn't. Either way, it looks like up be up for $1-$2k anyway right? Spewin, I'm getting married soon and I don't have this bloody spare cash lying around.
  6. Hi Spazo, Yeah that's exactly what's happening. Drivable but a little grindy when I release the clutch. So is it just the flywheel I need to get replaced then and not the clutch do you think? I'm selling my Car soon anyway so what if I just simply get a 2nd hand one from someone who's wrecking an S15, that should do the trick shouldn't it or would I still need to also get a new clutch kit as well? Thanks for all the info folks, I'm the first to admit I don't know jack about cars but I do know that I LOVE my S15
  7. Hi guys, I believe the S15 comes standard with the dual mass flywheel, is that right? Therefore, will those clutch kits like Exedy or Nismo also come with a dual mass flywheel or what should I do regarding this option? Thanks
  8. Hey, Thanks heaps for the info, I really appreciate it I will def do more research. Thanks again.
  9. Hi All, Been a while since I've been here. I was hoping some of you guys could give me some advice on a clutch issue for my S15. My Car is still drivable but when I let go of the Clutch I feel some slight tapping on my foot and I'm not quite sure what it is but there's definately something wrong. It's still 100% drivable and definately isn't slipping in each gear or anything and I've done 105k on it. I rang my local Nissan dealer to find out how much I'm up for and I almost had a heartattack - The dude said $1k for Clutch Kit and an extra $2300 if my Fly Wheel has been damaged!!! I asked him how do I know if my Fly Wheel has been damaged and he said if my Clutch is slipping then it most likely is but it actually isn't yet so do you guys think most likely it isn't? So is the $1k for a Clutch Kit a RIP-OFF and also $2300 for a Fly Wheel? Can you guys suggest any alternatives, like can I buy either of these from a Wrecker or something as I'm getting married next year and I honestly can't afford this extra Cash right now!!! Any Help/Advice would be very very much appreciated. RGT-S15
  10. The 2007 R35 GTR

    Its farkin bullshit - In the US its gonna cost USD$70k and here in Oz we're gonna get raped for $150k......How the fark can they justofy charging us TWICE the price??? I'm soooo angry about this its not funny!!!
  11. The NEW GTR

    Awesome article mate, thanks PS - Looks like at $150k I am priced out of the market DOH
  12. The NEW GTR

    Don't tell me that GODZILLA - I'm depressed as much as it is lol I might move to Japan just so I can buy one
  13. The NEW GTR

    Thanks for the info Godzilla. WOW that is CHEAP for this unbelievable sports car. Lets hope Nissan Oz don't make this car over $100k I guess!!!!
  14. I raced a Rexxy tonight

    Ohhh because your THE MAN thats why lol.......Never mind ALL the comparisons made in the Major Motor Magazines in Oz when the S15 came out which all stated that the S15 was quicker in ALL departments against the Rex (albeit slightly) but if YOU beat an S15 in a Rex then I guess YOU must be right and everyone else is wrong then lol
  15. I raced a Rexxy tonight

    lol WHAT.....where ya been livin dude.....EVERYONE knows that the S15 beat the Rex in ALL tests when it first come out (both factory standard)!!!