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  1. Rebuild kit sr20

    Yes a mate of mine said somthing about 101 motorsports i might head down there and check them out
  2. Rebuild kit sr20

    Hey guys ive tried searching around the site but cant seem to find if anyone offers / Or nose a good Workshop that can supply and rebuild my sr20 ( South side Brisbane - But can drive to northside ) im just looking at Bottom end rebuild, im not sure what needs to be done to rebuild the bottom end, so any info would be great I no some of you will just say go to a mechanic and ask, but i want to hear from you guys to see who you recommend Price is not an issue i would rather pay the Extra to get it done right. Thanks in advance Trent,
  3. Cj Motors

    Yeah, but i was willing to pay what ever he wanted that covered the cost of the cancellation Oh well its sorted now, mods can delete this thread if they wish
  4. Cj Motors

    Yeah its a shame it had to come to that, Dont people have hearts these days
  5. Cj Motors

    Yes this money has been resolved i did what koguchi Said, money has been canceled
  6. Cj Motors

    Well, i no how it would look on his side, But why would i lie about somthing like this? He is cheap as chips the lowest price i have found anywere I was going to get it threw autobarn and they were almost $500 with the adapter and could get it threw him for $365 And Homedawg, He said it has been packed But not sent yet causae the payment wont be threw, i even said to him he dose not even have to give me the full ammount back, he can take some out for the time it took to pack, but still no
  7. Cj Motors

    Hi just wondering if anyone has had a bad experience with them? I orderd a BOV from them , and i paid for it on sunday, But This morning i wrote of my car , My money hasnt even gone threw yet and he hasnt sent it and i asked for a simple refund and he says no i dont understand what the big problem is What can i do/ is there anything i can do?

    Please Pm me when you get s15 52mm in i will get one for sure

    Nothing for s15 yet?
  10. hey guys have a look at the pic below i brought that car like this, Now i have got funds to get it fixed im not sure what it is [ Front Drivers side ] Is the lower control arm Bend and needs to be replaced? Im pretty sure it has hit a gutter at high speed as the rim as a big dent in it
  11. Help with HKS EVC 3

    Jdm That is really usefull, I have had a Evc for about 4 months, my evc Is boosting to 15 and it only says its boosting to 11 on my gauge, I wasnt sure What is correct i have always thought my Boost gauge was wrong, and a Tuner said the evc is always right So if this is true i have only been Running on 11psi not 15 lol Edit* i just took mine for a drive and I had a look What my Offset was it was set to 175 and i changed it to 100 , Now the max it will boost to on the evc is to 10psi i have my b setting set to 18.4 ( its really wired it wont let me go anylower then that anyone no the Problem? )
  12. Would you say they are better then a HKS evcr ? As thats what im thinking of swapping from, I keep having troubles with my Hks there are to many options i just need somthing Easy And relaible
  13. who can name this kit ?

    hey mate http://forum.s15oc.com/showthread.php?t=2843 This helps me out alot, i think it has everys15 kit made So far
  14. Ticking Noise

    Yeh, i think every s15 Has a Tick or somthing in the engine, my exhaust fell off today, and oh does it sound like a beast haha