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  1. Rex Kelway sucks.

    Incredible work mate, have you got pics of what you have been up to in the last year+?
  2. I have a s13 shell that's been in the shed doing nothing for the last 5 years, I figure its time to take a grinder to it and have some fun, I'm going to tube frame the front end, add a full weld in cage, and anything else that seems like a good idea at the time, now I'm a sheet metal worker by trade so I will have no problem on the fabrication side of things but I want to make sure when i finish the car I can take it to the track, hill climbs etc for some fun. I know the roll cage has to be made from cds tube inch and three quater minimum, ( correct me if I'm wrong) But what about front end? Is there any rules with it? Just don't want to do things twice or use the wrong material, obviously car will never see rego again. And I'd like to hear from people who have gone down a similar path and what was a good idea and what you would do different, Thanks for any help. Cheers.
  3. Customer piping - how to?

    Go to supercrap and buy a digital angle finder, sort of like a digital sliding bevel, most pipe work is done by eye, i always have a piece of straight pipe about 500mm long with the ends cut square so when you test fit the bend on the car hold the straight piece of pipe up to it and you can see the direction the pipes heading, if that makes sense......
  4. ebay RB dump pipe

    Im in need of a dump pipe for my rb20 and all i can seem to find are the ebay ones, (or the $400 tomei one) my question is are these any good? Or am i better off sticking with the stock one and going 3" from there? engine is stock 20 with fmic and rb25 turbo. Thanks for any help boys. Sorry if its been covered ten thousand times.
  5. P plate restrictions turbo 180sx

    Yeah just wait, dont risk it. Time goes alot slower when you dont have a licence.

    Top work so far mate, i like where youre going with this. If you bend that shifter with hard shifting, probably too many roids...
  7. MCM - Black Intercoolers Mythbusted

    Most factory radiators are black..... Might be where the idea of black performs better comes from...
  8. Fabrication Pics Thread

    Cheers for posting pics, really helpful.
  9. Fabrication Pics Thread

    Yeah man a photo would be great. Cheers.
  10. Fabrication Pics Thread

    Nice work mate, How did you go cutting up the merge bit? I had a few c clamps on mine to try and hold it still while cutting on the drop saw but still had to do a fair bit of work with the grinder.
  11. First build - Practise car - 1991 Nissan Onevia - RB25det

    Because RB>SR That question is asked in every RB powered silvia build thread. People always ask why why why, just f**king because! theres no issue with extra weight if interior, aircon etc. Is removed.

    I have fuel tank, Pretty sure i have wiring loom too. In newcastle area nsw.
  13. the Black Engine Bay Masters!

    All black.
  14. Fabrication Pics Thread

    Few pics of intercooler pipes for my silvia.
  15. wtb shitbox r31

    Hey, Looking for a cheap r31 skyline, Can be rough as guts aslong as it is complete and runs half decent, Auto or manual, dont care. Not looking to get it rego so a bit of rust is fine, no interior needed either. Show me what you got, Around the newcastle area would be perfect, Email: brock.s13silvia@gmail.com Mobile: 0449669476