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  1. S15 switches

    your S15 has factory intercooler water spray? wtf no idea this was an option for JDMs +1, damn JDMs with their plethora of options.
  2. ok i managed to get it out for anyone else interested. just need to feed the wire through the spoiler to let it come out a little more, then twist and remove.
  3. sorry to bump an old thread. is there a trick to doing it without removing the spoiler? I got the screw out from the back and pushed the light out, but the wiring stops it from coming out far enough to change the globe. cheers.
  4. Plane on a conveyor belt..

    plane takes off. 50% say it wont... not surprised I guess this is a car forum. gotta realise not everything is driven by wheels!
  5. New member saying g`day

    LOL nice to meet u eddie. that was some crazy dori, is that how they do it in iraq? to dodge the missiles?
  6. stereosonic

    heaps better towards the end. was anyone at any of the other areas? main oval was crazy.
  7. This Nearly Made Me Die!

    bahahaha gooo batleb!
  8. Matte or satin

    only car that looked good in satin was the SLR. yet to see a matte that i like. dude keep ur current colour, ive said it before ill say it again: cars need GLOSS
  9. racism at work

    racism sucks... but its everywhere. black guy and white guy apply at a job with the same qualifications, experience and eveyrthing else. who gets the job?
  10. eBAY sunroof

    rofl... group buy!!
  11. Mixtapes: RnB/HipHop/Soul

    that kronic guy is pretty sweet
  12. epiphany!

    lol here take a tissue
  13. epiphany!

    rofl emz how do u always manage to change the topic to u gettin locked up for rape hahaha
  14. shit that's the first trailor i've seen for this movie... looks f**king INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cant wait to see it.