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  1. Hello i recently just purchased a s14 s1 1995, from my knowledge the engine inside (SR20det blacktop) has 750cc injectors upgraded fuel rail, almost stock front mount intercooler other than that besides a turbo timer and boost controller nothing else off the top of my head. Anyway it recently started ticking my dad thinks its a lifter but id just like extra advice because its my first car and im worried for obvious reasons, it was a quiet tick when cold somtimes it was at its loudest when cold but usually only when hot, when reving above 2-3 and above the ticking would be completely gone which made my dad think it was lifters also after revving and idling it would disappear and come back in 10 seconds, but recently due to being young and dumb (dont hate i regret that i did it now ) but after tacking it for a spin i did give it a fair bit of throttle but coming back in the tick was alot more noticeably louder it would still disappear when but at a little higher rpm also (it does disappear when in gear/driving/clutch in) im just scared that ive done more harm than i think to the motor we're taking it soonish to get it looked at by a exhaust shop i know its not what you think in his spare time he does engine rebuilds and has a dyno and hes the only bloke around he that is into jdm e.t.c but im just making sure its not a bearing or piston issue hoping my dad is right and i havent made it worse, i also might be able to get a video tomorrow of it and see if its settled down or gotten even worse. thanks in advance