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  1. 20 ACT Cars impounded..

    I think everyone would agree that there are a lot of people who speed recklessly, and the only reason they haven't hit someone is luck/time. I would like to think I am not one of them. It is true that we buy cars that are quick and fast - accelerating is fun, going fast is fun, flying around corners is fun.... and that's exactly my point! People want to do these things because they enjoy it so much, so give them somewhere to do it safely! I'm not for a second saying no one will ever speed again if we build a drag strip and skid pan, but I'm sure it will make a difference. And hell, 90% of the time I don't care if people speed - there are plenty of places where I don't consider it to be dangerous at all - it's when and where they choose to do it that bothers me. See now thats alot better, And dont get me wrong i dont approve of wreckless behaviour, but i just hate seeing people giving out lectures when they themselves are guilty as well.
  2. 20 ACT Cars impounded..

    Y'all need to get off your high horse, everyone speeds or has raced on the street at one point or another, its just some are unlucky enough to get caught. Im getting very tired of seeing people standing up and say comments such as "they deserve it for racing" and "fckn idiots" we buy sports cars because they go faster plain and simple. If you can honestly say you have never done anything illegal on the roads then by all means say hello next time u see me so i can tell you how much of an upstanding/godlike person you are. that is all. Semo
  3. ACT Rides

    Name: Semo, Worldwide Ride 1: Nissan Skyline R33 Gtst Main Location: Belconnen Mods: Tein Super Street Coil overs Apexi AVC-R 19x10.5" Volk GT-V R34 Front headlights R34 Front indicators R34 Conversion Guards Genuine R34 GTR bonnet Cwest Front Bar Garage Impul Sideskirts Garage Impul Rear Bar East Bear Style Flat Boot Custom Widebody Isotta Steering Wheel Isotta Gear knob 3.5" Turbo back exhaust Greddy Turbo Timer Autometer Cobalt Air/Fuel Guage Autometer Cobalt Water Temp Guage Autometer Dual pillar cup moulding Occupation: Dole Bludger, Emo Year of birth: 1987 Interest: Working on cars/bludging on the computer Future Mods: RB26 Conversion, Interior Retrim, Sound System Ride 2: E36 328i Convertible Mods: 19" Chrome wheels Lowered Springs Air Freshener Future Mods: Sound System, Buff/Polish
  4. Skyline R33 Help.

    Trojan motorsport are awesome at sourcing out those hard to find pieces the prices are usually pretty good too, worth a bit of snooping around anyway. Laters, Semo
  5. Need T28

    Lol serious, ill come in tomorrow or next week. Is that new phone there yet?.
  6. Need T28

    No idea man, what ever is fair. The 180 may be sold this week tho. If it doesnt a T28 is gettin bolted on so fast . by th way when ya working next i finally have 3 types of ID so i can get a plan.
  7. Need T28

    Hey all as topic states i need a t28 gettin really tired of the t25. PM if anyone has one. Cheers, Semo
  8. the s13 ones are the same for a 180 yes?
  9. Hey can you keep an eye out for a black s15 with under 100,000km's plz, pm me if anything comes up, cheers semo
  10. WTB, Anyone with 2 front s13/180 seats

    Forgot to mention guys i need the rails aswell. Hope ya still have them
  11. WTB, Anyone with 2 front s13/180 seats

    Yeah true jonno, but the dude there gives me a headache and charges an arm and a leg, ill see how i go tomorrow there if i dont find anything else
  12. Hey all Really need a couple of front 180 seats the ones i had lined up off a bloke were not the best quality, pm with details and a price if ya have some lieing around. Cheers semo