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  1. I know you will say find the nearest pub but has anyone heard of promo's they are doing or advertising to say we have the GF on come here and get specials on food and drink. ideas???
  2. Hi All, Anyone know any pubs around Adelaide that promote up coming UFC events on PPV so will without a doubt always show it live? Are there any that always show the PPV and advertise it often there etc? So will around city/western area would be ideal.
  3. luxury watches

    I never use to wear a watch however went to swizterland the other month and decided to take the plunge. I went with a tissot...i love it. TISSOT QUADRATO (GENT) WATCH T005.510.11.057.00 Movement Type - Quartz Case - Stainless Steel Bracelet - Stainless Steel Sapphire GlassTISSOT QUADRATO (GENT) WATCH T005.510.11.057.00 Movement Type - Quartz Case - Stainless Steel Bracelet - Stainless Steel Sapphire Glass Dial Colour - Black Date Width 39mm Water Resistant 100m Swiss Made
  4. USA Trip

    sounds great so far. I think we are looking at going in like june/july or so and I believe all the sports arnt playing at that time.
  5. USA Trip

    Does your sister recomend any states other than the ones I mentioned above?
  6. USA Trip

    sweet. thanks butts. everything there sounds good and shit i would love to see. anyone else been to USA???
  7. USA Trip

    Hi All, Thinking about going to USA with a friend in maybe june/july next year. We are thinking about going to the usual spots like LA, Las Vagas, Miami & New York and since we are going to fly across the country is there any other states people have been to and recomend going to, even if its just to stop in for a few hours and check something out. i.e. wouldnt mind stopping off at South Dakota to see mount rushmore etc etc just like cool shit like that. cheers
  8. Modern Warfare 2 Prestige edition.

    HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!! trying to play multiplayer but this crap comes up grrrrrr.......... error: could not find zone 'localized_common_mp.ff'
  9. Flash Forward

    yeah im hooked. i read something about the show saying its not going to turn into lost. I think it was on the front of the TV guide. hopefully it dosnt.
  10. Foxtel

    Hi All, considering getting foxtel. dunno if I should go with the HD or not. anyone got HD? worth it? Wat would happen if I got HD in regards to HDMI spots on my TV? I have 2 already and they are filled by PS3 and my dvd player. cheers.
  11. whats your favourite series?

    - prison break - ncis - two and a half men - flashpoint - family guy
  12. Royal Adelaide Show

    I was talking to a friend about the cycle of the show. When your young/teenagers (at school) your always like awesome its show time. When your 20 or so and above you hate the show If you have a GF in any time in the above you HAVE to go (they always drag you along) Then when you have kids your stuck for the next 10 or so years furthermore....i leave for europe next friday so im sooooo glad I miss out on the show. Yes I fall onto the 2nd line of my cycle
  13. The Youtube Thread

  14. P & O Cruises

    oh yeah the bingo. that was great played that every day massive jackpots
  15. Schapelle Corby 'Insane'

    You 1) posted on NS and 2) posted in the Off Topic section. You brought it upon yourself I was talking about other members firing up. I dont give a shit about her (as you read in my first post) im quiet amused by everyone else. carry on now.