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  1. Is Chrome shit?

    No issues to report here; I use Chrome as my primary browser. First point for web dev as well. I had issues with Firefox ages ago because it was scarfing down all my memory.
  2. It'd be the shortest wangan run in history
  3. What phone have you got? Trapster just pounds the living shit out of mine. It get ultra hot (not from the sun), really quickly and then bogs down terribly most uses of trapster end in me pulling the battery to restart it. ^^^ don't let that deter anyone btw. It's a f**king great system, just not on my phone for some reason
  4. GSM Arena used to list supported frequencies on phones. Look for something that's Telstra exclusive and compare it to whatever you're planning on buying in the US
  5. Illegal in all states except WA, which is why businesses like http://www.dontgetcaught.com.au/ can exist in Australia. Police use a combination of radar and lidar, so you need two types of systems to detect all traps. A radar detector like most of the Beltronics or Escort branded RD's are 100% undetectable to Police Radar Detector Detectors. Check out youtube for RDD's sitting beside RD's and not picking anything up. The second system is a laser jammer. The laser frequency that Police lidar systems run on, has not been reserved, so you can buy parking sensors which interfere with this laser signal. Laser Park Pro used to be one of the more popluar brands, but they've gone insolvent and now AL Priority seems to be the way to go.
  6. Need help with EGR delete

    That's a 6 point crows foot spanner, for anyone else who's trying to find one
  7. Watch Dogs

    Just got this the other day. It's a little strange... I can definitely see the GTA cross Assassin's Creed side of things. The graphics aren't really bothering me a whole lot, except for Eyefinity not working properly (had to disable it or it's unplayable). I'm struggling to remember everything controls wise, but the biggest annoyance for me is the CtOS scans... WTF is going on with that? Yellow circles that just randomly appear on the map and if you're in them for too long, you go from dodging a 3 car police chase to THE WHOLE WORLD'S POLICE FORCE AND HELICOPTERS! Dafuq? And what's the go with getting away from Police? I've had chases where I'm in (what appears to be) a pretty fast car, cutting and weaving through traffic, not hitting anything, always at full throttle, touch the brake for a right angle corner BANG nailed by 3 cop cars travelling at 500km/hr! I thinkt he CtOS scans are what ruin it for me though. Really, all Police would have to do is turn those on while the pursuit is in progress and then they could throw cop cars at you forever and you'd never be able to escape.
  8. Samsung Galaxy S5

    Pretty sure they have some of the biggest batteries out? My note 2 has a 3200mah. Until everyone moves to an ultracap kind of battery, charge times will be shit for everything. You can buy whatever length cable you want? Just get usb on one end and microusb on the other. That's the whole point of having industry standard specs.
  9. Straight Pipe vs 100 Cell Cat

    That's sort of a backhanded way of looking at it though. Sure, if you're going to buy a punched out cat that's probably not the smartest of moves, but if you're punching out your own, 3" to 2.25" to 3 is nowhere near as much as a restriction as 3" to 2.25" with a whole bunch of shit in it to 3.
  10. Watch Dogs

    Has anyone been able to log into this? I know uPlay has been a bit crippled lately, just trying to see if I'm the only one
  11. interior advice

    I had a dash mat made at ExactFit a while ago. Would recommend They do resto's on old cars as well.
  12. Wolfenstein: The New Order

    The ISO might be, but i doubt a crack would be if it's only come out yesterday.
  13. Wolfenstein: The New Order

    $43 on OzGameShop. It'll probably go up overnight
  14. What does SA have to offer?

    Hit this up mate: http://bc.whirlpool.net.au/ it'll let you search for plans etc. Also, put your address into here: http://www.adsl2exchanges.com.au/ to see how far away from the exchange you are. It'll give you an idea of speed and what providers are available to you as well. Also put your address into this to see if you're scheduled for NBN rollout. No point signing up for a 12 month plan on adsl2 if you're scheduled to get NBN this year http://www.nbnco.com.au/when-do-i-get-it/rollout-map.html +1
  15. What does SA have to offer?

    Downsides of Adelaide: Roads are f**king atrocious, everywhere Drivers are f**king atrocious, everywhere High majority of cops are not upstanding citizens (other states are slowly copying this anyway though) Roadworthy "system" is bullshit Engineering is too expensive to be worth it Takes forever to get anywhere Fines are exorbitant Government has done f**k all for the last million years and has retained power for the entire time State is broke, despite doing very little Speed/red light cameras at 95% of intersections Everyone drives 10-20k under the posted speed Hope you like wine Very few major employers in the state States greatest export is people under 30 Education standard (primary/secondary schools) is consistently ranked as rubbish Universities are average The majority of the population (which is people over 55) love it like this, so nothing will change until "the period of great death" in 30 years A good 5th to a quarter of small-medium business properties are vacant because small-medium business cannot survive on such a small population It will not survive infrastructure upgrades with the progressive urban sprawl unless it establishes significant city centres above and below Adelaide, which they won't do because the state is both broke and regressive in government People in general are more up-tight here Upsides of Adelaide: Cheap housing compared to developed states Travelling somewhere is very different to living there. According to that list, he should stay in Melbourne. But to reply to the things you've asked about: Are there many track days? (circuit and drift) - Mallala is generally always booked, so there's almost always something going on. Any other places other than mallala? - Tailem Bend is the other option, it's the old Mitsubishi testing track, so it's not an actual racetrack, but it's good for some drifting and things like motorkhanas etc. Recommendations for good garages? - This changes weekly. At the moment I think most recommendations are Jaustec and Garage 13? Do you guys have a fb page for SA drift like VicDrift? - There's a few, but be prepared to come up against the same scum as you do on any Drift Sales/etc page. Many meets going on? - Always, but prepare yourself for a lot of, "cops will f**k it", "the scene is shit now", "it'll be shit" from more of the longer standing members. In truth, there's a shittonne of meets and you'll soon find out which ones you like and which ones you don't.