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  1. Cleaning S15 fuel tank

    Removed and replaced yesterday, would reccomend two people. Empty the majority of the tank, we removed it half full, so doesnt have to be completely empty. Jack up rear of car Remove exhaust rear. Remove rear driveshaft (connecting to diff) and hanger bearing/bush Remove hand brake lines (release your hand brake and these lines twist and pop up much like a throttle cable) and have two nuts mounting them to the chassis. Take off rear wheels and remove calipers (two 17mm bolts on the rear). These can just hang or cable tie them to the springs as stated earlier) Chuck ya wheels back on, only need two or three lugs on. Remove shock bottom bolts, tops can stay attached. Remove electrical connectors >Do not be under the car at this point< Put a jack under the diff if you have one extra, otherwise the wheels will catch it (not the best method) Remove front subframe brackets (3 bolts) Remove rear subframe bolts (2) Lower subframe and roll away. Leave tank attached. Return hose is located just behind drivers side rear wheel well, itll come down from the tank and meet a hardline. Remove filler pipe from boot access Remove all three hoses from module (only the one with the hose clamp on it needs to be removed, but just to be safe) Remove heat shield Remove split pins from tank straps The straps are very tight, the tank will drop when the second is removed. Remove pins Catch tank Rub head after being hit by fuel tank Slide the tank towards the centre of the car and remove. The tank straps were a pain to put back on, best way is to unbolt them, put the pins in first THEN bolt the straps back