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  1. Hey guys! This is my first post here but I really needed some clear answers. Have tried googling but everyone seems to have red-tops for this. Anyway, I was about to dump some money into my car (front mount, cams, ecu, injectors etc) but decided to do a compression test first to make sure everything was good. The car has done 95,000kms (both body and original motor). However my compression results have slightly worried me as they seem to be seriously low. Cylinder 1: 122PSI Cylinder 2: 121PSI Cylinder 3: 119PSI Cylinder 4: 119PSI This was done on a hot motor (driven around for around 30 minutes then tested straight away) with the throttle fully open. They are next to perfectly even across the board but am just concerned with how low they are. The car drives perfectly, does not feel sluggish, no hesitation on boost, doesn't burn oil etc. Just has me a bit concerned now is all. What do you guys think?