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  1. R33 GTST Caliper Upgrade /s13: wheel offset

    Ahh good to know! Thanks MeRlz and 6330 for the info on the rims!
  2. R33 GTST Caliper Upgrade /s13: wheel offset

    Ahh thank you so much! Yeah been struggling to find a definate answer for the caliper size as im kinda new to all this. I was hoping to run 18" work vskf up front if i can find a set. And the rears would be something else, as the clearance isnt that much of an issue
  3. Hey all, Ive just rebuilt my r33 gtst calipers and am planning to put them on in the up coming month or two but i have a slight dilemma in terms of wheel ftitment. In all the threads, spec sheets and blogs i have not found a clear answer as to what minimal wheel specs ( inspecific offset ) are required to clear the r33 gtst caliper and rotor configuration. Atm i have stock s15 rims on the s13. Not sure of size, probs 17 but later on i hope to either go 18 or remain 17. Still deciding. If someone could explain the minimal requirements for the r33 caliper setup as well as if the spoke design affects the clearance that would be ace! Cheers!
  4. S13 Headlight wiring: Triple Projector to Brick

    Update: Found this thread from back in the good old days with all the directions listed out. will attempt and update! http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=414710
  5. S13 Headlight wiring: Triple Projector to Brick

    Cheers S15rocket, Ill have a suss of it! Never thought to check the manual.
  6. Hey Guys, Ive looked all over the place for a simple was to rewire my new brick headlights in place of the stock triple projectors. I have put new bulbs into the bricks as the old ones I got with it blew, now I have no clue which one of the bricks is the headlight and which is the fog or whatever so someone please let me know. The place is to either wire it up so the lights function normally or another plan is to have both lights in the bricks as headlights/highbeams and wire up a set of external fogs. The pics below show what im working with / diagrams of what I could figure out from diagrams on the net. Now im kinda new to the silvia headlight wiring but have experience in wiring and soldering and all that stuff. This is the indicator bulb for the side which im just showing so no one is confused. This is the main loom for the triple projectors This is the loom for the inner fog light of the triple projectors Overview shot of the Driver side wiring Back of the projector w/Main loom connection Middle light in the triple projector, believe its a H3 bulb Outer bulb in the triple projector, smaller loom goes into a H1 bulb This is a diagram I drew up so no one is confused on the connections I saw, let me know if I have something wrong This is the inner bulb of the brick headlight, its a new h3 This is the outer bulb of the brick, a new H4 This is the diagram of the bricks with all the wiring, best of what I can tell.
  7. Silvia S13: R33 GTS-T Brake Upgrade

    Pretty sure you'll be fine, and if I'm wrong about some bizarre CA18 quirk it would be easily rectified, so no need to stress about it. I recall the CA18 uprights being the same as SR20 uprights, and a quick Google search suggests that the SR20 brakes are a straight bolt-on for the CA18, as you would expect them to be. I run rear S13 uprights and S15 front uprights. I don't remember drilling out any holes in my R33 calipers, and I don't use any form of adapter plates. The caliper bolt holes on the S15 uprights should be identical to the S13 uprights, as a common budget swap used to be S14 calipers with S14 rotor blanks drilled to 4-stud. All said, I'd be surprised if everything wasn't a straight bolt-on for you if used R33 rotors drilled to 4-stud, or S14/S15 front uprights and S14/15/R33/Z32 rear hubs. The only exception to this is of course that the S14/S15 front uprights that require a 14mm>12mm sleave (https://www.efisolut...ers-s13-s14-s15), the S13 front LCAs need an S14 balljoint (iirc) to fit the S14/S15 uprights and I recall there being some banjo bolts for the brakes that must be cut to length. Alright sweet, the previous owner did the 5 stud conversion so I have no clue of what hes done (being a newbie) other than there being s14 hubs, rotors and all those other bits required. Ill inspect it this weekend when I chuck the coils in. Cheers pmod
  8. Silvia S13: R33 GTS-T Brake Upgrade

    I was just looking over the list and I have a question. Do i need a caliper adapter plate for the back of the calipers? or will the r33 calipers bolt into the same holes as the stock ca calipers?
  9. Silvia S13: R33 GTS-T Brake Upgrade

    Cheers pmod, really appreciate the insight. Well this week ill have time to clean them up and properly inspect them. I cant believe I was actually going to get them to do it. What a joke. Ill let you know how the inspection goes just incase there is an issue that I come across. + Sounds so good 6330, keen to get my own and compare them!
  10. Silvia S13: R33 GTS-T Brake Upgrade

    Yeah, from what ive seen there is not much to rebuilding the brakes, and I have everything for the calipers, like everything, all new plates, pins, tabs, the whole shbang. But i mean i do understand that the brakes are a serious component and shouldnt be taken lightly but If I can save that $600 by doing it myself also being able to paint them as well I feel its maybe a good way to proceed. The fact that they were unwilling to give me the calipers after they sandblast them so i can then paint them and return them so they can assemble is quite annoying.
  11. Silvia S13: R33 GTS-T Brake Upgrade

    Hey guys so, I bought a bunch of replacement bits for my r33 calipers and have a dilemma. Do i rebuild them myself or get someone to do it for me? they quoted 150 per caliper minus painting. Is it worth me rebuilding them myself and painting them? anyone had any experience with this? From what I could watch on youtube there isnt that much to rebuilding a caliper but then again i dont wanna stuff it up.
  12. Silvia S13: R33 GTS-T Brake Upgrade

    Hmmm very interesting that you can interchange silvia/skyline parts so easily. Always assumed that there was a huge difference between em. So if i dont have an r33 brake booster, just the bmc will that be fine? or do i have to get a booster?
  13. Silvia S13: R33 GTS-T Brake Upgrade

    Shit. Thats got to be the best run down of it ive read on any forum. Thanks so much for the list and all the optional bit of info! Really helps a lot. The rears sure enough sound easy to do but as you said the rears will be a challenge. Ill need to source more parts but heck lucky i got a mechanic mate who can work through all this with me. Question: As for the BMC, I got a bmc 44 off a non-abs r33gtst and was wondering about the brake booster? is it a part i need?
  14. Silvia S13: R33 GTS-T Brake Upgrade

    Hey, yeah im not am mechanic myself but ive done a bunch of other basic mods like coilovers, arms and so forth. However I plan on doing this with a mechanic who is much more qualified than me in his shop. Im essentially starting this thread to learn more about it and understand what parts I need to obtain before hand. Also any experience anybody else has with this conversion would be more appreciated!
  15. Hey guys, Im new to the whole forum thing and have a dilemma! Im attempting an R33 GTS-T brake upgrade on my 1990 nissan silvia s13. Some background on the car: Engine: ca18det (low compression) Suspension: crappy coilovers Steering/ Brakes: Car has come with a 5 stud conversion to an s14 hub, s14 calipers, s14 discs and so forth. So I have read a whole bunch of threads like http://ph11ps.blogspot.com.au/search?updated-min=2008-01-01T00:00:00%2B11:00&updated-max=2009-01-01T00:00:00%2B11:00&max-results=2 and need to confirm a list of stuff to buy for the upgrade. So I got a set of r33 gtst calipers (front and rear) today + I got the r33 bm44 (brake master cylinder) as well. Im planning to get the rotors and pads later on alongside some r33 braided lines. I wanted to ask if there was anything else I needed to buy other that that specified on the list below: R33 GTS-T calipers Front R33 GTS-T calipers Rear Rotors Front Rotors Rear Pads Front Pads Rear Braided brake lines (front and rear) I saw in a threat that its more complex than it seems and im new to all this. Thanks in advance!!