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  1. N.S Theif

    Well I recovered my old user name from like 3 years ago just to sign in here and post in this thread. I posted to say that you're all a bunch of pussies. Nothing solves this guy from stopping scamming people other than one thing.....blood. Lots of it too. I will just insert this disclaimer here now and state that 'I am not a violent person' now that that part is out of the way I will share a little story. Many years back I was a young kid saving money for my cars long before I could drive. I had trusted family (sister's fiance) and had well and truly progressed with building a stroker V8 82 model 3 series BMW coupe. Thing was going to be WILD! Even bought a sh!t dunger car to get around in whilst all my mates opt'd to buy mediocre commodores. Let me just say, when you get ripped off for close to $7K you tell me you wouldn't do something about it ;-) What a lot of you are forgetting is that people like this often lead a trail of destruction. I had entrusted friends and family with the scumbag that ripped me off. Basically he had ordered my engine and parts etc under his business name (trade price) and I went and paid for it all. He then went and did a shifty maneuver and set about cancelling all the orders and having the money credited back into his account. He emptied his accounts and fled; leaving my sister; leaving me high and dry; and line of very angry people all wanting money or services from him. I happened to be the most scalded out of the people left in his wake. I spend a good year obtaining information on him. Meanwhile several other people set about trying to do things the right way, taking him to small claims court etc. Guess what happened to them? Each of these people fronted court, and he didn't. They ended up not only out of pocket still for what they were owed but also out of pocket for the court costs. I decided at that point that this matter was never going to be solved doing things the proper way, as much as you don't want to face it that is ultimately what it comes down to in the end. These people keep going about their dodgy business because no one does anything about it. Nothing happens to them that is of any threat or care to them. What's this.....front court? pfffftt f*#k that I am changing address I think You need to turn these pricks into the most sorry mutha f%*#ers on earth. That is your job and sole purpose. When your a young guy who has lost his life savings (thus far) to some F witt you trusted, man your blood boils. I made it my purpose with every waking moment that if I wasn't at work, eating or sleeping that I was finding out where this guy lived. Most of the times I would rock up within days of him bailing and finding freshly opened mail on the kitchen table of a unit with the doors wide open and all signs that this guy had done a midnight run. Cut a long story short, myself and my Dad (ex light weight boxer from Sydney aka 'The Bantam' as he was known in his time) paid him a visit. All I can say is that this guy copped every bit of what he deserved and more. I don't think I have ever punched so hard in my life to the point of physical exhaustion. Yes the police called me in, but guess what? He didn't press charges what so ever! Within 2 weeks I received a phone call from him saying he had some money for me. It took a little over 2 years for me to get my money back. Further to this, I was fair with him. I took control of his finances, we discovered that he had become a drug addict and a gambling addict as well. We worked on getting him off that sh!t and back as a functioning member of society. He for once in his life bought his daughter Xmas presents in that time. He realised he had some purpose in life once. After he paid me back, I had him slowly but surely pay back the friends and family that he had ripped off in that time too. There was a burden I carried cause I had referred people to him. On the last day of his final payment we sat and had a coffee together; himself, myself and my father. He broke down in tears and apologised to us. He wanted to become friends like we used to be but there was still a lot of pain there for me at the time. I kept in contact just to see if he was keeping his life on track though. He managed to get out from the rock he was under. He's now remarried, wife and 2 more kids and is doing well for him self AFAIK. Moral of the story here is that all his life this guy had gone through and done stuff like this, and never expected what happened to him. Major wake up call. I mean F#*k this guy even had bikies contacting him and intimidating him and he didn't care. I don't believe in what some of the people have said on this thread about kneecapping people or teeth on the gutter bullsh!t, but they DO need to be taught a lesson and one that hurts a lot. I know a private investigator from another car forum that will happily investigate and obtain your money for you if anyone needs it? I had considered it when I got ripped off by a guy similar to the one this thread is about called Luke Edmunds from Bankstown Syd, however I am saving my information for a time when I am visiting Syd again in the future. I will go and sort it out myself in person. Don't be a spineless sorry c*nt. Go sort your sh!t out, its worth every bit of satisfaction to hear someone begging you to stop and even more so when they ring you saying they have money for you, you will be the happiest guy on earth.
  2. 550CC injectors

    What do you mean no difference. Thats a stupid answer to a stupid question. The question should be why? As in why in the first place. More boost & more air means you need more fuel. And you can't just put injectors in and hope for the best. You have so many variables like fuel pump L/hr and rail end pressure. If you want a bit more than stock you can get away with increasing fuel flow and upping the fuel pressure and playing with duty cycles etc so that for each pulse your adding more fuel. But there is a limit to how far you can go. I mean injectors start getting hot & you run risk of fire. So you dont want to be changing things willy nilly. Whats big injectors with no tune and or other fuel system mods going to do? Your car will run like a dog! Poor fuel economy poor power. Get educated.
  3. 550CC injectors

    RX7 injectors from FC are suitable, just depending impedence you need? There are plenty. All top feed and cheap as chips. Fancy brands will cost you a fair packet. Mazda ones won't. Told a mate this, he bought blitz ones. Told another mate the same thing and he went RX7 inj. Basically identical built cars (stock 32 with sames mods) same tuner etc and RX7 inj +15hp morw on dyno. Not saying that was the exact reason got more power, just saying my other mate wasted his money.
  4. Ok peoples I'm running a group buy on another forum & have people ready to proceed. I've ran into a few technical issues with finishing the final design. Below is a complete cut n paste from the other forum Ausrotary in a hope that maybe some boosters might be able to assist me. Please let me know if you cannot access the links. Got a dilema. Anyone in SE QLD considering buting a decent V-mount intercooler kit want to donate their car as a test car for the V-mount group buy Im running? Needs to be near stock engine bay wise and NO AirCon (kit will work on car with AirCon but need a non aircon car to make up the option 2 intake pipe for the kits that will run where the compressor sits) dont want to be removing some ones compressor just to measure up a pipe but will be willing to if I have no other option. Link to group buy and all info. http://www.ausrotary.com/viewtopic.php?f=2...05&start=40
  5. For sale: As the add title says. Bride seat on bride rail to suit FC (S4/5) RX7. I think this is an Ergo or maybe Brix, it doesn't say anywhere on the seat that I can see? Item Condition: In good condition, no tears at all. Slightly faded which is normal for a 2nd hand bride seat. Price and price conditions: $650 Extra Info: Reclinable seat, all mechanisms and lock in latches work. Will trade for S5 drivers seat plus cash adjustment, but must look the same as the one in the picture to match (see bottom of post and photos) Have checked prices and the bride seat rails alone are $550 per pair. Most are selling for $200 each or thereabouts. EXAMPLE Same seats in similar condition are selling for $750 each (see example pics) http://www.nissansilvia.com/classifieds/vi...g.php?view=1207 Pictures: See below Contact Details: PM, post in this thread or call 0409 576 814 Location: Gold Coast, Queensland Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: Pick up or delivery at buyers expense. Drivers S5 seat that will be willing to trade for (plus cash). For sale: Full 6 point roll bolt in roll cage for FC (S5/5) RX7 Item Condition: Very good condition. Still in the car. Price and price conditions: $700 or near offer Extra Info: No padding included, but can arrange padding at a wholesale rate if the buyer is interested. Aust road going standards requires that roll cage be padded in all places within 400mm from the driver and passengers (if required) heads. It has modified securing points for extra strength unlike most other Japanese roll cages I have seen. In the front it not only has the bolting bracket on the floor but it goes up the side wall near the foot step for extra bracing. Pictures: Will arrange for pictures later on today. Contact Details: Please PM or post in this thread or you can call me direct on 0409 576 814 Location: Gold Coast, QLD Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: Pick up or can arrange delivery at the buyers expense. Here you go fellas....sorry about the crap quality :? , looked alright on the phone when I took em. Bar thickness 40mm Floor bracing in the front passenger foot well Drivers side view from the passenger side of car Inside of the car. This car has a sunroof, but the switch for the motors has been removed. We were going to re-route the wiring and put a plate over it and run the switch elsewhere to still be able to use the electric sun roof. I have no idea why people persist to try find sunroof style roll cage at stupid prices? Mounting points behind seat. Don't mind the rust its only surface rust and will clean up good with a wire brush and some gloss black. If your that worried about it I will do it my self after the cage has been taken out of the car. Rear mounting points
  6. Mad Mike's Fursty RX7 FD3S Rebuilt!

    Oh yeah baby! that is the hottest thing out. Youtube link doesn't work?
  7. Power fc or microtech

    A mate of mine when with a chipped ecu on his RB20DET Cefiro. Why not look at a tunable chip ecu. I know that Matthew Spry in QLD at PITS does a chipped ecu and it still keeps all the standard functions and idel up controls etc. Just a thought? Otherwise I think that Haltech E8 comes out as a plug and play ECU similar to that of the Power FC and doesn't require an AFM (well this is for RX7), but I assume that it would be similar for other models of cars, especially Nissans. James
  8. Disco Potato

    Looks pretty, but how is that supposed to regulate boost with the gate half way down the dump pipe because the wastegate is fitted to the exhaust housing of the turbo? being attached to the dump pipe is the whole point of it being legal The wg isnt normally positioned like that though. Thats one hella wierd setup. Ext WG are meant to bleed before the turbo dump, not in the dump like this one is, which is what he was refering to. Either it has a split housing like that other dude said (why bother though?), or the guy who made it, failed engineering cos its just gonna do abosultely nothing. lolzzzz There are people that do this sort of setup with rotarys.....(mostly yanks though), and they weld in a sealed divider and they have the wastegate port hole ported out and widened to match the size of the ext gate (mainly upto 38mm). Or they run the internal gate, port the hole out and put a bigger wastegate flap on and upgraqde the actuator. Or they weld the wastegate flpa shut and run it like a normal external gated turbo. I am only saying this because you can't assume that the person that has this setup ^^^ above has kept the hole standard size. A lot of rotars boost spike when they are ported (massive amounts of exhaust flow) so people try all sorts of weird setups and I mean I have seen a few hahahahaha. One major problem and for why someone would do that specific one above is because they have kept with the standard exhaust manifold and don't want to weld to cast cause mild to cast welds eventually crack due to the different heat properties of the metals. So thats a bit of useless knowledge for you all......but it certainly answers the questions.
  9. I was going to ask the same thing, but for all it is worth why bother swapping it all back into an S13 in the first place. Do you have an S13 to put it in? If you ask me it would be better to sell that pulsar and just buy an S13
  10. Nobody can help me out at all? Can anybody recommend a place to take my car that knows about RB20 conversions in silvias? i would have thought this is the best place to ask, but obviously not??? Not one response?
  11. Hi guys, I am a noob to silvias. Just bought one as a daily whilst I build my FC. I am located on the Gold Coast, I have an RB20 Turbo (manual) in an S13 Silvia. It is running and most stuff is working except for those mentioned above. The Silvia was a 1990 model CA18 DE originally before the RB20DET conversion. What I have noticed is that the actual dash cluster is not an S13 dash cluster it is one out of a R32 auto (not manual like the engine) and is sort of just jammed in there. I am not actually sure if the fuel gage is working or it is low on fuel either? Is it normal to use an R32 cluster or an S13 one? It also flashes the warning for the power steering and it is a Silvia with hicas, the hicas is not connected. I think I need a hicas lock bar. How much should I be paying for one and where should I get one from (on here?) ? The air does not work. I flick it to on and it doesn't even blow out air out. It doesn't have any air con hooked up, and I am aware of that already, but I need the air blower working at least because you need to be able to de-mist the wind screen. The washer bottle is in place but I can't find the plug on the loom to plug into the washer bottle? I think that it has the R32 loom in place, and there are several wires along the loom that have been snipped off. Where do I start to find the washer bottler wires on an R32 loom? Or if someone has done this conversion before and is willing to help me out please PM me. Thank you in advance. Regards, James
  12. Ex D1 FC

    I was a forum member here before MazDrift. MazDrift has nothing to do with you guys following mw around a this forum like childish idiots. My original post in here had nothing to do with any of you who have made comments towards me. You all so happened to stumble across my post (which is BS and everyone knows that) were quick to shoot your mouth off at me over my posts before even reading this thread. I posted in this thread for the good of the FC owners community, nothing else. You were the ones that quickly turned this thread into a shitfight by "trying" to gang up on me cause I called you all a bunch of groupies in another thread. And that is fact! Now I have caught you out in your posts attempting to look like your contributing and your back peddling REALLY fast and now you all sour about it . You had nothing better to do than try and attack me , showing your true mentality . Then when you hit rock bottom so you comment about deciding to go and attack another forum that I am a member of. Hey why not search every car forum and try and flame me in every post I make . Really f*#king mature guys My appologies Dean if the MazDrift forum suffers from this small insignificant group, as this was not my intensions. My intensions were to discuss the car that was originally posted in this thread.
  13. Ex D1 FC

    Mods. A request to please lock this thread. Its going nowhere.
  14. Ex D1 FC

    Why would anyone else waht to know when they already have the answer? Keep digging
  15. Ex D1 FC

    Again....I will re-iterate. He said he has no plans to. He has a track car already. Yeah I agree with you that some people change their minds, but why the hell are you asking me for? Go ask him for your self. Send him a PM or something. Goooossssshhhhhh (** in a Nepolean voice**) I have nothing more to say (thank f*cking god).