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  1. Garage Cleanout! - $20

    Price : $20 Condition : Used Need to make room in the shed so need this stuff gone! S15 stock cams and springs - FREE S15 Tinted tail lights - $150 S15 Eyelids - $30 S15 Aftermarket front bar (hacked a bit away from the grill to make it fit) - $50 S15 OEM Intercooler - $30 Z32 AFM (Replaced it with a few other things to diagnose a problem, 90% sure its still fine but if not I will refund) - $50 S15 OEM muffler - $20 MY01 Stock rims & Tyres (still plenty of tread) $200 CBR1000rr '06 OEM exhaust - $50 CBR1000rr '06 OEM screen - $20 RJ dirt bike helmet - $20 Call or msg me on 0415 522 177
  2. SR20ve Parts!

    Price on an S15 oem rocker cover gasket, head gasket, head studs and CAS O-ring to heathmont, vic 3135 Cheers, Daz
  3. CAS problem? Car wont start

    sprayed the maf with contact cleaner, there was a small pool of oil sitting in the intake pipe after it which had prob been sucked in through the filter. The plug on the O2 sensor had oil in it...can that f**k with electrical connections?
  4. Chequered tuning are really good and usually around $600 for a full tune. They are near Dandenong tho so maybe too far?
  5. CAS problem? Car wont start

    Someone help or come around to look at it for me?! lol beers provided!
  6. CAS problem? Car wont start

    they were a little black and covered in fuel. Havent checked the injector pulse yet, borrowing a fuel pressure gauge over the weekend too. Car was blowing a fair bit of black smoke on/after more than about 5psi of boost last week too. Not sure if thats related tho...
  7. Quick question... I let my mate borrow my s15 on sunday and apparently it stalled going over a speed bump and I havent been able to start it since. I've checked that the coil packs are getting spark, fuel pump is fine and the fuel is getting through at least until after the filter. AFM seems to be fine, cant find any fuse or grounding issues. I suspect it could be a faulty CAS but I'm not sure if the coil packs would still be getting spark if that was the case? I had oil blow out of the dipstick last week (perished seal) and cover everything...could that have messed with the CAS? Any other suggestions on things to check? The car turns over fine and a couple of times it has almost fired but I just sense it feels like a timing issue. I could be wrong tho
  8. Make : NISSAN 200SX Transmission : Kilometres : 0 Price : $19,990 Condition : Used '99 S15 import, manual, 93000 kms Full bodykit with custom purple paint with blue pearl, custom "JDM15" plates Tuned by chequered tuning 6 months ago and made 240kw atw on a safe tune MODS: full 3" exhaust, Varex variable muffler (can also come with straight through twin pipes) GT2871r intercooler BOV, 660cc injectors, Exedy HD clutch kit fuel pump, E-Boost 2, t/timer, catch can, half cage, bride brix racing bucket seats, HKS cams, HKS valve springs rocker arm stoppers, NISTUNE, sway bar, strut brace, ISC adjustable coilovers, gold volk GT-C "18 rims with near new tyres, Tinted windows. ICE: kenwood DVD head unit, 2x type R subs, 2x mono block amps, 1x 4 ch amp, 6" fronts, capacitator, 6x9 rear speakers. comes with RWC, some parts have been taken off to pass but these parts will be supplied and possibly fitted once the car sells. Serviced every 3000-5000kms with fully synthetic oil Selling due to needing a ute for work.
  9. they're HKS 264 intake and 256 ex. Got a stock s14 exhaust sorted. Prob need to get a BOV as the sequential doesnt seem to have a recirculating port on it :-/ Then find a stock actuator as mine is set at 14psi and get a BC solenoid too
  10. Yep, he's well known for been a nazi towards anyone with an import...if it was up to him, you would do more time than a murderer!
  11. A few people saying different things...Do Cams HAVE to be changed back to OEM to pass or not? Got done on the corner of canterbury rd and wantirna rd in Ringwood. I was stopped at the lights as he drove past. He did a u-turn to wait for me once they turned green, literally 2 mins from work...f**ker
  12. Just spoke to another engineer...he told me its fine to just rivet in a 1.6mm plate of steel where the intercooler holes are! lol the f**k? He's charging like 1/3 of the price for the inspection too! sik titties! Injectors def have to go & a retune?! FFS this all this bs is gonna cost heaps...mayb time for a track car only after this
  13. Apparently the EPA will be sending out a letter in 2-3 weeks so I'll find out then whether its a FULL test or not. Forgot to mention I have aftermarket injectors, BC, pod, BOV and catch can too, the BC will be removed for rwc tho as he also gave me defect AND require engineers cert for the holes cut out for the intercooler piping. Apparently I have to completely replace the inner guards to pass VASS. FML! lol The EGR was previously removed, I just assumed there was something there stock?
  14. So good old sgt Pettett has been at it again. I've been given an EPA on my S15 I have a straight through exhaust (no cat), HKS cams, a nistune and NO EGR gear. Obviously I'll need a stock exhaust to pass but what EGR gear do I need? who wants to sell me theirs?! LOL More importantly, will I pass the test, despite having cams and a nistune? Really dont wanna go ripping that stuff out! lol