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    s13.9 Convertible coming very soon
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    Nissan Silvia

    PMed Just the main part of the dash, doesn't need to have vents or instrument surrounds

    anyone have a s13 dash for sale? PM me

    anyoen got a stock s13 dash they want to sell
  4. First Ever S13.9

    I think what it shows is maybe some indication as to what motor its running, manual conversion etc thanks antonio, thats my best mates car. Currently getting rebuilt atm. new motor, box, diff. Interior is getting re done, new rims with another new set of rims on the way. Will be pretty wild once complete. I did take that second photo however I'll keep you guys posted with the progress as after my parts arrive were pretty much on the home stretch to completion
  5. First Ever S13.9

    hey guys, sorry haven't been able to get on here lately. Car has since been painted, getting interior sorted at the moment. Waiting for coilovers and wheels to arrive from the states. heres a vid of the shake down after we got the motor wired up and that
  6. First Ever S13.9

    some close guesses ill try and put a vid up of the thing running after the engine conversion was completed, will give you guys a insight into what motor shes running
  7. First Ever S13.9

    s13 + s14 + s15 + r33 - Roof = Coming soon!
  8. NSW Spotted Thread

    spotted a red 180 one the back of a trailer followed by a greenish 180 and a white onevia in smithfeild yesterday while I was test running my s13 vert
  9. Formal Ride

    Yeh we're doing them for a lot more than that. Not worth it otherwise
  10. My 1989

    looks alright, Personally think it would look better slammed on 20s. cant wait to get my convertible sil back
  11. Dazza's Drift S13

    love the colour. looks good
  12. hey guys let me know if you want any of these items or they are getting chucked out -s13 auto tail shaft -s13 ca18 xmember -s13 ca radiator -s13 door card map holders, left and right -s13 air cond/head unit surrounds (I have 2 of these) also have -s13 crystal taillights -s13 boot lid (no holes) -s13 rear garnish -s15 vertex front bar available PM me
  13. 180sx convert like a ferrari

    looks awesome man panel work looks really well done
  14. s15 build

    colour looks good int hat booth pic. any of it in the sun?

    spotted a white s13 on the parkway this morning plates yps13t