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  1. HI Friends, Im after standard R35 GTR Turbos and Intercoolers Please PM Me thank you
  3. Alternator wiring

    Hi guys, My alternator wiring is all stuffed up, can any one tell me what it all dose, there is a big brass looking stud with a nut - dose this go straight to batter +? there is also a plug, what is the plug for? dose the charge from the alternator go through an external rectifier? is it an ac signal coming from the altenator? dose it have a rectifier built in? thanx
  4. Alternator wiring

    haha sorry about the spelling i have a keyboard without any letters on it at work and i was rushing. I have found this link for anyone interested http://www.the510rea...hp?f=32&t=12388 Still not sure if the altenator has a rectifier in it? If you are conecting from the altenator straight to the battery there would be problems, the altenator is AC and battery is DC. By all the things i have found so far it seems to have a rectifier built in and is ok to go straight to battery http://www.the510rea...hp?f=32&t=14809 ++++++++++S14 sr20 altenator wiring setup this is a good link+++++++++++++++ http://www.plmsdevel.../rhs_wiring.htm
  5. 1994 Nissan 180sx - $30,000

    Make : NISSAN 180SX Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 1 Price : $30,000 Condition : Used 1
  6. no for sale adds, use the classifieds/ clear out your PM
  7. Defected 200sx S14, please help :(

    hey mate i have an side mount intercooler
  8. TD06 Sr20det Anyone have?

    I honestly thought i would get more response with same or atleast similar power (swaping my 3076 to td06), but looks like i made a mistake, i guess depending on what you are chasing , power or response but the td06 did not give me the response i was expectiong nor the power. Just giving people the heads up not to make the same mistake i did... thats all..
  9. y didnt your mum swallow Do you sometimes say something retarded just to get is rise out of people? someone doesnt understand internets All im saying is depending on what the new owner would want to sell the car for, wouldnt be cheap as he just bought it and thinks you are desperate for wanting it back, there is good s13's for sale some even with Rb's of all kind in it at a very affortable price, unless there is something specific you want out of the car, you are that madly in love or even want to hurt the new owner as you have a grudge there is no reason to track the guy down.
  10. TD06 Sr20det Anyone have?

    very close to 300, it was actually 296.5 Kw with cam gears only
  11. TD06 Sr20det Anyone have?

    i am trying to put up my dyno graph no luck, it is 253.7Kw but can you guys tell me how much torque you have made?
  12. Y would you be so desperate to get that hunk back any way?
  13. Ladies and gents, I have purchased a noise analyser and would like to put it to good use, i can sound test your car similar to the EPA, i dont have the licance to give you a certificate but i can tell you the peak your exhaust produces. One car $35 two cars $50 Two to five cars $80 any more we can work out a price My analyser has readings of 85db and the EPA approved agent in Campbelltown has 86db on the same car. 04 50 72 7 4 8 8
  14. TD06 Sr20det Anyone have?

    I think i may have found the discrepancy, i have a RB25 gearbox with an s15 standard manual diff, i understand the rations are different, Is it possible to get a Roller dyno read out dyno graph in shoot out mode Torqe and Power vs Speed and inlet temp, just to see i might be up on torque in comparison. I will get my dyno sheet up tomorow
  15. S15 for drifting

    I have a drift car for sale (RB26 single turbo (blitz k28) and alot of bits and pices really good track car that has only seen the track once, i need a daily) I have some pictures
  16. Price : $7,000 Condition : Used Hello ladies and gents, I have a RB26 Det in a 180sx that i would like to revert to a street car so I am after a swap for a sr20det. This is a 400rw Kw setup on low boost 23Psi It has a Blitz K28 turbo (similar to a T77) 1100cc injectors Tial External waste gate Head work with prting etc Tomei modified sump with baffles Head oil return to sump RB25 gearbox with GTR gearset Power FC Plug in wireing modified to suit S13/14/15 Dry sump (external oil pump) setup Peterson Pump Twin Plate OS giken clutch almost new Custom tailshaft balanced to almost zero inbalance by mainshaft. The car has some excellent goodies on it and goes like a bat out of hell, the car has only been to the dyno and one power cruise, it has been driven on the street a few times I would like to revert my car to a street car with a mean sr setup so anyone that is looking at a serious RB setup here it is.. I know the pictures are average but call me we can make an appointment and come see the car for yourself I can get pics for those interested 0450727488 Dont be shy to PM me with offers or even just text http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/uploads...52056_thumb.jpg
  17. TD06 Sr20det Anyone have?

    What head work are you guys suggesting appart from drop in cams? something where the engine dosent have to come out?
  18. TD06 Sr20det Anyone have?

    I only have standard cams for now, So a 8cm will make more power than a 10cm,? I dont think this statement is correct , but from talking to status tuning "cat", said that a 10cm will make 300kw much easier than a 8cm, and they have tuned alot of them.
  19. TD06 Sr20det Anyone have?

    Thanks for the advice guys, so if i change to a smaller rear housing i should make more power? some what dosent make sence with the advice i got from one of the most reputable tuners in Vic
  20. Swap your SR for my RB

    Give me a call we can have a chat,
  21. TD06 Sr20det Anyone have?

    mods, front mount, 3in exhaust, forged bottom end, haltech, injectors, fuel pump .. small stuff it wasnt making much more power when he tried to wind up the boost on the dyno, is 10 cm not the right thing to get? is it too small?
  22. TD06 Sr20det Anyone have?

    Hey mate i just got one on my car and i am actually pretty disapointed, TD0620G Sl2 10cm rear, and the car makes 250Kw @17PSI, i must say my tuner has spent alot of time to try and get it as good as he could, but it just wouldnt play game, i had a 30/76 before and it was 300rpm laggyer but did 300Kw on same motor, and to be hones I cant feel 300rpm but i certainly can feel 50 Kw Im saying from my experiance and the way i like my car set up i know some people out there might think different but i would not go the TD06 it dosent give me crash hot response nor crash hot power figures. Thats my 2cents have a good day gents
  23. Make : NISSAN Transmission : Kilometres : 0 Price : $17,000 Condition : Used delete