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  1. Hey, I am after the following for my 180sx: S13 Manual geabrox cross member S13 manual tailshaft (mainly after the front section) S14 Front knuckles (unmodified) I am located in Geelong Victoria.
  2. I have the same issue with my Z32 box (adapter plate) and Nismo Copper Mix Solid centre clutch. Its horrible to drive. What did you end up doing with yours?
  3. Which Jarcar kit do you have, the one you solder together yourself? (like this photo) I put one together for my 80 series landcruiser which is working perfect. I located the speed sensor wires and then adjusted the little blue and white arrow with until you get the desired speed I followed this guide, I know its landcruiser but might help (you will need a sign in on their forum for the photos etc..) http://www.offroad80...on-t482-15.html
  4. Hawker180's 180sx - Insert 5 years, finally runs

    Bumping an old thread....!!! Unfortunately after a bad run with 2 SR20's 5 years ago I have slowly slowly been building up my 180sx again. Got it running the other week. Couple of photos (first was in 5 years). New motor needs some km's on it. I have a bad driveline vibration to sort out and then I need to get it tuned. My Plans with the car have changed, I have been trying to clean it up a lot and just enjoy it on the weekends.Not sure if I will get back into drifting.
  5. 10 years

    I'm over 10 years as well. I finally got my 180sx going, it has been 5 years since I blew the engine. Have done 70km's now in the past 5 years. Sure if its old age, but the car rides so harsh! indeed!
  6. VIC: 180sx type x kouki front bumper

    Thanks anyway mate, I really want a type x kouki to finish the look of the car off. I do have a couple of bumpers at the moment.
  7. Wanted to Buy: 180sx type x kouki front bumper in decent condition Hoping for Melbourne, Will pickup
  8. Power FC gurus required!

    Just looking at the photos you can see its been water damaged. I really think that is a bin job IMO. No coming back from that.
  9. I also run a power FC as well, but my IACV valve was set higher than the PFC setting which was causing issues. See how you go.
  10. I had the same issue with mine recently with the idle. Inbetween the second and third cylinder if you look down you can see a philips head screw on the idle control unit. Turn that down a few turns and see if you can get the idle down, mine seemed to stabilise once I got it to about 900-1000rpmThis thread might help:http://www.sr20-forum.com/information-library/50162-ins-outs-stock-idle-control-system.html
  11. Trolley jack research

    Nice guide, I was at Total Tools the other day they have a low 85mm jack for $179 http://www.totaltool...8/#.VM_d8UeUc8k
  12. Mp4/mkv to AVI Converters.

    Try this one, it is the only one I use now. Freemake video converter http://www.freemake.com/downloads/
  13. macbook pro help

    I have no idea about mac, but I would be buying games off steam as they would have been tested to work on the mac. Hope that helps. http://store.steampowered.com/
  14. Retro Console Store in Osaka Japan

    They had everything, crazy store.
  15. Sons of Anarchy

    less than a month till the final season is on