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  1. My cars for sale...

    what? hmmmmmmm
  2. You could always buy the magazine... It was interesting though, when we all sat down and wrote our lists, I reckon we all came up with the same wheels for about 17 of the 20. But was your dick the biggest in the room?
  3. Newcastle Spotted Thread

    Only faggots run TE37's
  4. yeah but being long wheel base it already scraps on all sorts of things so not quite so easy
  5. Newcastle Spotted Thread

    Selling them to you for ONE MILLION DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can I try them on first? yeah mate no probs will need a pair of spacers up front id rekon will do you a good deal karl
  6. S14 will swollow those for breakfast
  7. Formula 1 Discussion Topic

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ^^ Sums it up perfectly I couldn't believe my eyes watching it last night and i loved Hamilton and Webber's hand gestures at the post race interviews lol
  8. Newcastle Spotted Thread

    Selling them to you for ONE MILLION DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Got some 19" Estatus D2's for my Aristo 19x9 +25 front (with a 15mm spacer = +10 offset) 225/35 19x10 +18 rear 235/35 Only put them on yesterday, will lower the big girl some more when i get the chance
  10. Newcastle Spotted Thread

    19" Estatus D2's mate, they look f**kin awesome
  11. NS.COM's 'VETERANS' thread!

    Hahaha then id have 2 black aristos in the driveway lol Maybe if it was rego'd in NSW i would
  12. 2-peice Rotors; What's Out There?

    Dunno whether they have curved vain or not (you can do the research) but other brands are Greddy/grex APP ORC Impul HKS also Dixcel??
  13. NS.COM's 'VETERANS' thread!

    I feel old, someone buy my sil!
  14. The only things she brought to the 2 films were tits n ass for men to look at and there are plenty more where she came from so no big loss yeah Bay is a bad ass film maker!!!!
  15. yeah i noticed that too, thought i got a chicks top lol