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  1. Pasini's LS2 s14

    Lol. So glad i got the motor out of this.
  2. Pasini's LS2 s14

    That s13 with individual quad throttles is hot !
  3. Evo-tuned.com members post here!

    Name : Pete Car : '94 RVR SuperSportsGear ( and my my10 forry). Previous Cars : too many, latest '90 S13 Silvia, '95 Impreza Wagon. State : WA Interest : Mountain Bikings. Occupation : Carpenter. Year of Birth : Uh, 1981.
  4. Hey, my RVR is starting to get some hectic Lifter noise. I've read about the new style lifters that you can get through Meek : http://meek.com.au/index.php?act=viewProd&productId=113 But I haven't seen anyone use these yet. If anyone has here, how hard was it, and did you have to buy a tool to get them out ? Thanks Pete.
  5. Car crash

    no we don't. Women wouldn't want us and would never want to actually have sex, if they could just orgasm from simply moving. Reminds me of an SBS movie I watched one time, some youngish chick (17-18) riding her bike home. by the time she gets 1/2 way she's moaning and groaning like Harry met Sally.. In the end she buys a exercise bike. f**king Awesome Story.
  6. The Crap Filter

    Shaun, I love you.
  7. Should i paint my SIL?

    Definitely leave it.. It is the nicest looking colour in the sun. Maybe fix the flares/front bar up, and ask Ant for the original paint code, do the engine bay and fix everything up.
  8. The Crap Filter

    oh hi there.
  9. The Crap Filter

    Me and the misserus have had ours
  10. The Crap Filter

    hah. trying to get craig to come out thursday if you can get out for a ride.. want to show him this new trail, think we added an extra 2 kays onto it.
  11. The Crap Filter

    i just got home from a long ass day building jumps and new parts of trails. i am completely fubard. big time.
  12. The Crap Filter

    wow this site is still going ?
  13. any of the fight scenes in Kung Pow: Enter the Fist especially the cow !
  14. who here likes bmx

    thanks. for the money i poored into it buying everything i could new/recon'd and finding factory shit, it's a bit of a shame for it to sit there, but eff it.. mountain bike to me is more fun.
  15. who here likes bmx

    i didn't want to mess with my mtb, so i rang around, and picked up a bmx frame to play with. it turned out like this. how i got it : now Frame is Matt black, forks/handlebars are a gloss black. Specs. Frame: Late 90s Giant Mosh Headset: Dia-Compe aHeadset Forks: Answer Factory Bars: Mosh Factory - Alloy. Grips: Haro Softgrips Stem: Mosh Factory Front Wheel: Alloy with Formula Hub Rear Wheel: Alloy with Formula Hub Front Tyre: CST Knobby with Kenda Tube Rear Tyre: CST Knobby with Kenda Tube Cranks: Redline 3 piece. Sprocket : Mongoose Chain : KMC Z Chain anodised Blue Pedals: Avanti Plastic Brakeset: Odyssey Ratchet, with Freeagent Vbrake. Seat: Italia seat. Seatpost : Mosh Factory alloy. in the end came up at 10.3kgs. hardly ride, jut been using to to check the mail up the top of the driveway ahha.