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  1. Saints 2010 membership for SA fan

    I'm currently getting rid of a Hat and Poster that were signed by the 2010 team... Interested?
  2. COD 7: Black Ops

    The cost of using dedicated servers is a deal breaker for me. I was delighted about that news but its such bullshit that activation keep f**king raping gamers to make an extra buck "if they want it they will pay", but this has got to hurt their sales - but I still want to damn well play. I watched an interview on ign today and got the impression that matchmaking won't be available for Pc players and its reserved for consoles...
  3. Is this for real?

  4. Is this for real?

    +1 deej. Lookin ripped as
  5. parting her out :(

    one day
  6. parting her out :(

    lol it's just funny that you know my full name just based on my log in, and I haven't been here for years. I just came by to have a read, and I saw this thread and everyone bitching about who's the best and who's not... Wow... I remember that's what ruined drifting for me - it's about fun, if you have fun, you're more likely to look better drifting and more likely to win - but if all you care about is winning, the GTFO
  7. parting her out :(

    who the heck are you?
  8. parting her out :(

    Hi guys, If I'm judging - you're all gonna loose MUHAHAHAHAHAA
  9. Post pics of your tatts

    I checked it, and gave them the right spelling to start with as well... wasn't my fault, can't see that shit properly in a mirror on a stencil. that's why they're refunding and fixing for free and offering another tattoo as well
  10. Post pics of your tatts

    Had this done recently... Yes, there are TWO spelling mistakes!! Yes, it's also ironic! I wrote it myself, will be happy when they've fixed it.
  11. Overtraining Much?

    that has gotta be a joke right? he doesn't even do the belt up, and the michael jackson gloves? HAHA
  12. Creatine

    that's how I eat tuna when i can't stand it. shovel into mouth - wash down with water, no chew.
  13. I don't know why, but this article got under my skin. Back not just two days, but two weeks.......
  14. The demise of DA, good for Victorian drift?

    I've done baskerville in tassy, and yeah it's up there in tech, but actually linking under the bridge at calder without just wheel spinning in a straight line under the bridge does not just require power, it requires skill.
  15. The demise of DA, good for Victorian drift?

    here is an example of someone doing calder properly that's pretty darn well done, little less straighten under the bridge and wider angle there and it would almost be perfect! Good example.
  16. The demise of DA, good for Victorian drift?

    the problem is calder... calder is the most technical track in aus (aside from AIR) cause no one can do it properly but calder wont let people drift it for comps any more because people don't respect the rules properly.
  17. The demise of DA, good for Victorian drift?

    Bring Back Full Lock.
  18. Q-Dance! X-Qlusive Melbourne 20/12/08

    :lol: the post of the dead
  19. f**k if you're 15% bodyfat then what the f**k am I? I thought i was 15%? I've gotta be under 5% then...
  20. Ukrainian deadlifts

    lol @ the way rumours travel. Gonna try UDLS, sounds good, looks hard
  21. Battling ropes

    lol the guys in the video are model examples of fitness........
  22. A really good exercise for Tri's

    Arnie's wearing a belt!
  23. Cottage Cheese Replacement?

    it doesn't taste like cheese, it's just like thick milky milk shake put protein powder in for nicer flavour
  24. Cottage Cheese Replacement?

    Blend it with Milk. It's SO easy to drink 500gms of cottage than it is to spoon it.

    personally I think that Deej was warranted. This kid is 'excuse'ville'.