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  1. The cost of using dedicated servers is a deal breaker for me.


    I was delighted about that news but its such bullshit that activation keep f**king raping gamers to make an extra buck "if they want it they will pay", but this has got to hurt their sales - but I still want to damn well play.


    I watched an interview on ign today and got the impression that matchmaking won't be available for

    Pc players and its reserved for consoles...

  2. lol it's just funny that you know my full name just based on my log in, and I haven't been here for years.


    I just came by to have a read, and I saw this thread and everyone bitching about who's the best and who's not...


    Wow... I remember that's what ruined drifting for me - it's about fun, if you have fun, you're more likely to look better drifting and more likely to win - but if all you care about is winning, the GTFO

  3. the problem is calder... calder is the most technical track in aus (aside from AIR) cause no one can do it properly but calder wont let people drift it for comps any more because people don't respect the rules properly.




    here is an example of someone doing calder properly


    that's pretty darn well done, little less straighten under the bridge and wider angle there and it would almost be perfect! Good example.