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  1. Tabata exercises

    i've calmed down now, shaking less. It's such an interesting sensation... i've never ever worked that hard for such a short period of time. I can tell STILL that my heart rate is elevated and it was almost an hour ago. That feeling that you're going to pass out and just fully shocked out and pushing on, it's like my memory of those 4 minutes is blurred because i was so close to passing out... I dunno everyone who's done it must understand what i mean - and i'm not that fit. I'll sleep well tonight, going to hit 400gms of tuna then hit the sack...
  2. Tabata exercises

    7.5kg dry reached in the bin at the end - my body was screaming stop, absolute torture - feels very good to push yourself that hard, I wanted to stop after 3 sets.
  3. Tabata exercises

    i did 4 sets at 12 couldn't keep that up the whole time dropped to 10, then 6 then 6 then 10 So that's what? 80? Best work out i've ever done... absolutely loved it, finished about 20 minutes ago and i'm still shaking. I want to try and do it twice a week on the days off working out... see how i feel tomorrow.
  4. http://myspacetv.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=...ideoid=25390106 This is my brothers first Single and Video Clip from his up-coming album 'What you see is what you get'. People might not like Australian Hip Hop but check it out, I'm probably biased because it's my brother but I think this song has real potential - it's very funny. It's about Bec Hewitt and Lleyton. Let me know what you think!!! Beware it's NSFW language and some crude stuff.
  5. haha, thanks for all the props guys glad everyone likes it. I don't think you can make it your myspace song yet, it's exclusive to hiphopau for a week, after that I think it will be okay. I have the clip linked to my myspace page but yeah, I dunno about making it your song yet. It's amazing how a lot of people who don't usually like hip hop say that they like this. Good stuff!
  6. Tabata exercises

    ^ But you just did I'm just about to head off to the gym, going to have my first attempt at Thrusters tonight. Simon said that a good number is 70 - 90. Because its my first go and I don't think I'm very fit aerobically i'm going to go for 50 as a minimum. I'll let you know how I go when I get back
  7. whats even funnier is that he doesn't really even like bec, I think he dislikes Lleyttons sportsman ship on the court, but it's just the right subject matter for the song Glad everyones enjoyed it so far, and if you didn't that's fair because it's not everyones cup of tea.
  8. I want to lose weight

    it's just pre-entry fitness level... they train you to a much higher level before you're ever allowed out on the field.
  9. he's signed to soulmate records he used to be signed to obese is being sent to triple j
  10. Tabata exercises

    thanks... sounds like i'm gonna need it. Well no shit, there is not harm in talking about it before hand though is there? Isn't that what the point of this forum is about to get advice about things such as this? I'd prefer not to walk in blind, simply because i made this thread I've been told that I should use tabata thrusters and of course they will be killer, but sprinting on the spot or boxing isn't going to be as hard as thrusters so i could do them on the other days. Fair?
  11. Tabata exercises

    Hey i haven't done them yet so I really don't know what i'm looking at and whether i'll be able to put 4 in per week... that's probably not a good goal. I like the idea that on the off days (non workout days) I could go to the gym for 15 minutes, 5 minutes warm up, tabata, 5 minutes cool down, home and that will be a good workout... brilliant.
  12. Britney Spears - What to Do?

    You guys need to watch Entourage... You all get your opinions of these people from the tabloids and the media... Of course she's gone crazy on drugs and stupid decisions etc etc but none of you will and can never understand that its like.
  13. Tabata exercises

    I want to raise my fitness level significantly and I've been reading up about Tabata Interval workouts. I really REALLY like the sound of this because (yes I'm ignorant that i haven't delved into it before) I cannot f**king stand long cardio sessions. Infact it is one of the only things that I cannot motivate myself to do, so I don't even try. I've decided to start of by incorporating 4 minutes of tabata at the end of each of my 4 sessions each week. I'll try and do different ones, and I like the sound of Squating up and down quickly with high intensity, and I also like the sound of the boxing bag and the sprinting in place workout. Depending on how difficult this turns out to be I might even consider doing two of these per workout. Anyone else here use these?
  14. haha cheers guys he is funny bastard. I love how it's just one big joke (and the chicken walk) He got taken to US because he won the Australian Rap Battle championship or something.
  15. spud - he doesn't take himself too seriously as you can tell by the whole clip, and I think that was a dare... hah the mangina bit is the worst part If anyone wants to hear more of his music he's in a group called 'Forthwrite' www.myspace.com/forthwrite www.myspace.com/emcee360 The name droppers song on the first link is pretty good. His album comes out on March 8th, I can honestly say that I like every song on it and i'm personally not the biggest fan of au hip hop.
  16. Britney Spears - What to Do?

    Check out this video - http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseacti...ideoID=26070643 I don't care if no one cares, the paparazzi are f**kED. Imagine copping that WHEREVER you go every day whenever you leave your house, it would send you insane you would lose touch with reality and it's just not fair. This sort of shit would screw with ANYONE and it's just f**ked up. Not many celebrities get treated so crazy - they can at least feel like they can be by themselves not cameras in their face the WHOLE time.
  17. Stretch marks

    In the other thread it talks about a tan... I found that tanning doesn't help, because the scarred area doesn't tan at the same rate as the normal area and it stood out for me more. I have a bunch about the size of my fist in the middle of my back which developed when I was growing... they're not the prettiest things but it's normal so meh
  18. Flatulence

    Yep... hard thread to start but I can't believe this topic hasn't been discussed anywhere! Does anyone have a problem with farting and gas and flatulence at all?? With all that eating of good food your digestive system should be working its arse off ALL the time. Me... I think i've gotta cut out the eggs because i'm having 24+ a week and I think that's whats making the old stinky stink like the essence of rotten egg hah. I eat a shitload of spinach and oats and vegetables... What are some of the worst foods for flatulence? Cottage Cheese Tuna Nuts Oats Eggs All of that food is massive in my diet as well as meats and other stuff... Anyone got any solutions? Anyone else get the old ripper stinker sometimes? Anyone who denies it is lying!
  19. The Forgotten Lifts

    Had a look at some of them (not all) but forget trying any of them... they all look like injury city, I don't see how any of them can be better than the tried and true regular lifts.
  20. Flatulence

    First time I took No Explode.
  21. white-s13's training log

    SQUAT 60x17
  22. Albert

    You've probably all seen this before, but I don't think anything can top this as 'worst break ever' If it doesn't embed... click - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bv90DtpHTj4
  23. Flatulence

    Haha... see I knew it was crazy that there wasn't a thread like this already... The story about waking your girlfriend up... The other day mine was so bad that I woke myself up multiple times during the night... sometimes it's pretty bad. I haven't had eggs for 2 days now and the gas still comes like a machine but there is no stench to it... guess it's no eggs for me any more... might try putting in one or two a day... dammit eggs are a good source of protein.
  24. Albert

    Oh god... *CRACK* f**k poor dude, hope you get better and your benching comes back !!!
  25. Flatulence

    It becomes a bit of a pain in the arse when you feel like you've constantly got an absolute ripper (like the comedy farts) for the whole day and it looks suss getting up at work and walking to the toilet every 5 minutes...