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  1. more strongman vids

    Sorry dude, I only spelled it deneth because that's how it was labelled on the videos above! Well done Dineth! Yeah some of the other guys made it look easy, but what was so impressive to me is to see you carry those f**kers despite the fact that you're fairly light yourself... 55kgs at 57kgs is a great effort dude!!!
  2. m&m's place

    keen to see if you could do 40kgs ghosty
  3. m&m's place

    what about the BB one?
  4. m&m's place

    Turkish get ups sound awesome. Found this video of a 48kg Turkish get up by a guy weighing in at 70kgs. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_31Dow-47ig...feature=related and this is hardcore http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nxCDYp9R_S4...feature=related
  5. Alcohol

    I think this thread may have convinced me to stop drinking Alcohol
  6. more strongman vids

    all of this is really impressive! especially that medley - awesome work by deneth!
  7. blended meat does not go down well, be careful of that.
  8. vegetable and protein shakes

    if someone tries it with spinach leaves chuck a bunch of them in there, and it goes BRIGHT green... like greener than you would imagine, honestly it looks f**ked up but it's nto bad.
  9. vegetable and protein shakes

    I do that.... I've done the same thing, but with carrots, mushrooms and baby spinach leaves... You wouldn't believe some of the drinks i've had with the blender. I pretty much do exactly that in the blender each morning, but ad some carrots and spinach leaves - easy
  10. Reducing carb intake

    i've only been going for 4 months (since starting reading here, two months wasted prior) and i have had some pretty big gains in that time, it's a slow process but I'm happy with the way it's coming, plus I don't want to be a huge beefcake that isn't my goal.
  11. http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/...00.html?cnn=yes What a crock of shit, this type of article will have an effect on the naive who don't understand what this type of research is saying. I've heard many alcoholics say 'well drinking every day is supposed to be good for you right?'. What a stupid misleading article.
  12. Reducing carb intake

    its not a lie
  13. Reducing carb intake

    You must be thinking of someone else, there are no pics of me on this site at all. Sorry Josh...white S13 just posted a pic in the tattoo thread, I got my 13's mixed up. So why are you reducing carbs????? Lol now you inadvertently called me PUNY
  14. Post pics of your tatts

    They have their own meanings individually. Brave Samurai / Teacher Creativity / Art Energy / Power (Chakra / Ki sort of thing) Good Luck
  15. http://www.cnn.com/SPECIALS/2007/fit.nation/obesity.map/ Check out the obesity rate map of the US. It is so amazing to look at the changes from just 1985 to now, and how much that country has changed. What is going on over there? I really don't know but it's not healthy!! I'm not bagging the US at all with this thread, I just think it's scary to see such a high level of obesity - what can we do to turn the curve around? And should we really care about what others are like as long as ourselves are okay?
  16. trouble putting ON weight

    yep, the shake for breakfast is the way to go, i agree with this method of starting the day. I put my oats though, 2 cups most days and i don't use the peanut butter.
  17. Post pics of your tatts

    Though i'd put a pic of my tatt up... taken ages ago near when it was finished... maybe 5 months ago?
  18. Ways in which you attract the opposite sex? ^_^

    Anyone want the correct information about picking up? http://www.fastseduction.com/ Check that site out. And Nat - of course picking up somewhere out is not going to find you the one, but it's a bit of a game in itself trying different techniques and learnings.
  19. US Obesity Rate Chart - CRAZY

    Ralph... jeez buddy take things seriously next time. And 'Sloth' like nature doesn't simply apply to just eating and being fat and obese. I can't profess to know a lot about this topic, but it still a scary piece of information. We don't know where the results came from, but it is obvious that people are getting fatter, just when you leave the house. skateboard - i also wonder if the price of food comes into it? I would imagine not, because I can eat mega healthy on food that costs less than fast food.
  20. US Obesity Rate Chart - CRAZY

    I don't think the to level of 30% obesity though... I also can't stand Americans and their sloth like nature, but I didn't start this thread as a 'bag americans' thread that probably belongs in off topic.
  21. The NS.com Health Census Thread

    there is mercury in fisH?
  22. Usana Essentials - involves 4 tablets a day - I love them, I understand them to be the best that you can buy.
  23. trouble putting ON weight

    Sounds to me like they don't really think you're too skinny... Are any of them chunky at all? Because it sounds like they are perhaps subconsciously trying to bring your own self image down so that you put on weight or something so that they don't feel so bad about their own shape.
  24. Tabata exercises

    I'm actually eating 4x95gm which are 78% tuna... could probably take it up to 5 cans.