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  1. Heh... that is funny as hell! Damn camera man didn't get a shot of the damage to the car!!!! And Smokey, hell this is on private property and no the vehicle shouldn't be locked up. Yes he may have been hurt, but lets think about the life experience that young punk would gain from that incident!
  2. 3D Tomorrow night (18/7)

    Erin... what are you talking about? Some of the most fun I've ever had is at Bubble you know!! But... alas... I do agree, Bubble is pretty terrible, what are you talking about MzNismo about 3D being full of the dirtiest people? Have you not seen the couches and the walls of Bubble lined with... that's as far as I'll god I'm guessing though by the above post that you are talking about the music at bubble... at least they had the house in the upstairs sex'ion I haven't been to 3D in years so I can't really talk abut 3D usually has the 'passionate' ravers... though... I don't know which Ravers can really be classified as 'good' ones BOX... GET FARKED... 150bpm - do you really want me to come? I dunno if I can make it any more... 150bpm my fat donkeys...
  3. In the crotch? I didn't know you liked men pat burger.
  4. Animal M stack

    Yeah Brucie from Broker uses it... he's got messed up balls.
  5. The What Did You Eat Today Thread

    Yesterday (i ran out of food at home and had left my wallet at work, so had to scrounge) Breakfast Big Shake - Apple, Banana, 1 cup of oats, 2 cups of milk, 100gms of brocolli, scoop of protein, big scoop with a table spoon of peanut butter Morning Tea 2x 95gm tins of tuna Lunch 500gms tub cottage cheese, 1 cup oats, 2 cups of milk, 1 scoop of protein, 1 cup water (Blended) - ends up about 1.5 litres Afternoon Tea 500gms tub cottage cheese, 1 cup oats, 2 cups milk, 1 scoop protein, 1 cup water (Blended) Dinner 1 cup of rice, 2x 200gm tins of plain tuna (not really 200gms of tuna though), shitload of brocolli with sweet chilli sauce Before Bed protein drink
  6. The Post pics of your body thread

    thanks mate, i'm 6'3" so that's why i'm that much... but i've still gained 12kg... doesn't seem like a lot to me. never took leg pics, but i'm sure a lot of the weight is in my legs...
  7. The Post pics of your body thread

    eh... it takes some convincing myself to post up here... i don't really think my gains are good enough... but what the hell, i've just hit a milestone I was going for so that's a good thing I suppose. have been off the net for a while as I was moving house. Anyway - I just today hit 93kg which was my original goal. I started at 81kg in August last year. Both pics i'm not flexing, it's just a relaxed stand - of course you can look better if you relax.... Here is the front, yes i'm an idiot for standing in the wrong direction, I thought I was standing the other way in the original And the back - it's hard to get a good shot of the back. I still feel pretty puny, I sort of find it hard to believe that i'm 93kg because i don't have a lot of fat. I've been eating a lot more the last 2 months and i've added in a lot more carbs (rice mainly) i've seen a lot more weight go on in that time (4kg since start of feb). Still a ways to go until i'm happy with where i'm at. For me, I can notice that I have slightly broader shoulders and my triceps and biceps are a little larger (but i do no isolated arm work except for BB curls once a week) anyway... don't rip into me too hard guys
  8. Need to share something personal

    yeah i've seen simon in the change room at maccas back in the day too... i think you're definitely lying there al, unless he got an enlargment...
  9. white-s13's training log

    I dunno what benefit I will get out of doing this in the public eye, but we'll give it a try! I don't usually work out on Friday but I'm feeling energetic so I'm going to try out breathing squats for the first time. I'm up to squatting 50kg at the moment so I'll give it a go at 60kg breathing. Dead lifting hurts my back so I try and stay away from it (yes I know it's probably my form, I just still can't get it right) so I'm going to start squatting twice a week. My first entry - see how we go.
  10. white-s13's training log

    Work has been busy as hell, it's been crap as. Took a week off for a cold and for shoulder, shoulder is better now. YESTERDAY Military Press 1x8 @ 30kg 1x8 @ 35kg 1x 8 @ 40kg Bench Press 1x15 @ 30kg 1x8 @ 50kg 1x5 @ 60kg 1x5 @ 60kg Incline Press 1x10 @ 40kg 1x8 @ 40kg 1x8 @ 50kg 1x5 @ 50kg Dips 1x10 1x8 1x3 Tabata Bike 4mins and achieved 3.1km TODAY Got home from work at 9pm tonight (Gym closes at 9:30) so rushed down to gym for some Squats... ended up Dead-lifting my PB Deadlifts 1x10 @ 60kg 1x6 @ 80kg 1x1 @ 100kg PB 1x1 @ 100kg PB#2 1x1 @ 100kg PB#3 1x6 @ 60kg Squats 1x5 @ 60kg 1x4 @ 80kg 1x2 @ 85kg
  11. white-s13's training log

    Had a long day at work so only had 45 minutes in the gym, had to pump it out fast. MILITARY PRESS 1x10 @ 20kg (warmup) 2x5 @ 30kg 1x5 @ 32.5kg 1x7 @ 35kg 1x4 @ 40kg UPRIGHT ROWS 1x5 @ 25kg 2x5 @ 35kg 1x5 @ 37.5kg 1x5 @ 40kg (weaked out today) PULL OVERS 3x12 @ 20kg BODYWEIGHT DIPS 1x10 1x11 1x8 1x4 Not happy with my lifting today, felt weak and light.
  12. white-s13's training log

    SQUAT 1x10 @ 40kg 2x5 @ 70kg 2x5 @ 80kg 3x5 @ 85kg (PB - failed) Going to try for a 1RM above my bodyweight next week - 90kg MILITARY PRESS 2x5 @ 30kg 1x5 @ 35kg 1x4 @ 40kg 1x3 @ 40kg (disappointed with this, just couldn't lift heavy on the press today this is what I feel is my weakest area) INCLINE BENCH 1x5 @ 40kg 1x5 @ 45kg 1x5 @ 50kg 1x3 @ 50kg (again, not a great day, shoulder pain was present - I am going to rest bench and incline bench for 2 or 3 weeks) COMPOUND ROW 1x15 @ 50kg 1x5 @ 84kg 1x5 @ 91kg 1x5 @ 98kg 1x5 @ 105kg 1x5 @ 111kg CURLS 1x5 @ 25kg 1x5 @ 30kg 1x5 @ 32.5kg 1x4 @ 35kg Gym closed - I wanted to fit in DIPS and Tabata Bike, but either way I think what I did is a pretty nice workout. A little on the light side, but I got a PB on squats - first time I tried that heavy as well.
  13. white-s13's training log

    Lat Pull Down 1x5 @ 55kg 3x5 @ 70kg 1x4 @ 75kg DB Bent over Rows 4x5 @ 35kg 1x9 @ 35kg (increase weight) Compound Row 1x5 @ 77kg 2x5 @ 84kg 2x5 @ 98kg BB Curls 5x5 @ 30kg (increase weight) Tabata Bike 4 mins 2.9km going for 3km next time
  14. white-s13's training log

    Today Bench 3 @ 50kg - pain in joint of shoulder, couldn't push them up without pain bugged out Military Press 4x5 @ 40kg 1x3 @ 45kg Upright Rows 3x5 @ 40kg 2x5 @ 50kg (increase next time) Incline Bench - checking if shoulder works, no pain on this angle, normal bench still has pain... Weird? 1x5 @ 45kg 3x5 @ 40kg 1x5 @ 65kg (increase next time) Close Arm Dips (bodyweight) 1x11 1x13 1x10 1x4 (much improvement needed) Tabata Thursters 5kg 11 10 9 9 9 9 9 11 TOTAL = 77 (done better with more weight, but not on a day with military press and shoulder work) ABSOLUTELY WRECKED - very happy with this workout except for the shoulder pain.
  15. Skinny guys look here

    Are you really 87kg. I noticed you were squatting 80kg and benching 65kg, I just assumed you were smaller. Come round and I'll go over your form with you, will probably find a heap of extra KG's hidden in there. Get your roomie to contact me if he's serious about gettiing big. i'll speak to him. Do you still take people on the weekend? because perhaps friday evening or saturday is the best time for me to come around - i think it would do me good to get some feedback on my progress. I'm 194cm and yeah i'm 87kg's, but I still feel that i'm pretty weak.
  16. Skinny guys look here

    that pic was just when i was starting. I'm still pretty small but i'm 87kgs now (up from 80) I wouldn't actually mind coming to see you a few times to get a proper routine and diet worked out actually... i'll contact you. The only reason i suggested him is because you're still looking for a local.
  17. Skinny guys look here

    i know the perfect candidate.... My room mate, his name is Chris. He is 185cms. He weighs 64kg. He is a SKINNY RAKE - he knows it, he hasn't lifted before but he can't do anything about it... he has tried mega over eating before and he cannot put on weight - he eats whatever he want whenever he wants. He has spoken to me recently about thinking about wanting to go to the gym to do some form of exercise since his new form of income has changed from a labour job to a sit around job. If you're interested m i'll give you his mobile number and you can speak to him.
  18. http://video.msn.com/?mkt=en-au&brand=...t_en-au_general Yeah.. so that's a hardcore way to lose weight and it's a stupid idea... pfft Funny things people do in this world.
  19. white-s13's training log

    Today Seated Rows (machine) 2x5 @ 98kg 3x5 @ 111kg (machine max) Lat Pull Down 1x5 @ 60kg 2x5 @ 65kg 2x5 @ 70kg DB Bent over Rows 4x5 @ 35kg 1x5 @40kg Squats 1x5 @ 60kg 2x5 @ 70kg 1x5 @ 80kg (PB) 1x3 @80kg (PB but failed) BB Curls 1x5 @ 27.5kg 3x5 @ 30kg 1x5 @ 32.5kg
  20. m&m's place

    Howard must have gained some respect from you m you're not calling him Howard any more! That's like the Howard I know, that bitch used to be great for popping un-poppable bolts on cars
  21. white-s13's training log

    Tuesday Morning 87.5kg
  22. Nina's training journal

    AHAH, that made me laugh also. Really impressive Nina, not many people in the world would have the drive to do this!! Good work.
  23. white-s13's training log

    Going to make an effort to actually update this now. Yesterday (Monday 11th) Incline Bench 5x5 @ 65kg PB Bench 5x5 @ 65kg Military Press 5x5 @ 40kg Dips Bodyweight 10, 8, 8, 5 Tabata Bike 4 mins - 2.3kms
  24. Sweating...damn annoying

    http://www.aber.ac.uk/~dbswww/news/rbkdayoriposter.ppt hte more muscle you have the higher your metabolic rate and therefore in theory the hotter you would be i guess. fat people probably just have more insulation yerp...only took 8 replies lol anyone else notice with the increased eating you sweat more?? since i've started going to the gym, and especially recently when we've had a few cold nights, i've noticed that i'm heaps warmer than usual... like A LOT warmer, I can walk around in tshirt and shorts on a cold night and not feel the cold I also find that at night i've been sleeping in just boxer shorts with nothing else, in summer i used to always wear a tshirt, and i've been going as far as sleeping on top of my doona lately and still find myself sweating when I wake up. Yep... i'd say i've definitely noticed that i sweat more since i'm eating more and working out more
  25. C9-T11 Information?

    my thoughts exactly.