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  1. Heh... wasn't trying to illicit something so serious. The advice in this thread is brilliant and in-fact if you read it from start to finish like is suggested then you can actually evolve with the evolution of the thread, but someone who isn't dedicated and only reads through the first 10 pages is going to get lost and perhaps even receive some 'old' advice that isn't in with the current type of advice that is given here. But hey.. you couldn't get cottage cheese in cave men days could you.
  2. At one point m says that he eats double quarter pounders because it's got protein... Routine wise it's not as 'separated' it says squat and deadlift till you drop but the general feeling / advice here is different to some of the advice in the first half of this thread.
  3. My Weight Loss

    Nope you sound like a chump...
  4. My Weight Loss

    Boy oh boy... do I hate cardio - standing on a treadmill moving my legs like i'm supposed to feel like i'm walking - I couldn't think of anything worse. Did you know that when you lift weights it causes your heart to pump blood to your muscles? Did you know that when you do lifts that work out large groups of muscles at a time your heart has to pump a lot of blood? Do you know what this means if you do this with a high intensity?
  5. the advice in this thread changes about 6 times from start to finish... just saying.

    Yeah I think it sounds fair too... Nat's got nothing to worry about.. he doesn't own an S15

    I've seen the video of Simon benching but the guys here will never count it because the spotter is touching the bar the whole way down and up... whether he's supporting any weight or not it still aint going to count Simon though has really gotten huge lately, he's definitely grown... Simon (180_mph) have you seen him lately? He's Big... real Big.
  8. m&m's place

    m - what time slots do you have left any more? I understand none on the weekend. When's Houghy come down? Anyone that I know going down some time that I can join in with? Simon, Deej, Steve, Alex?
  9. 3D Tomorrow night (18/7)

    who ever filmed that's phone has a surprisingly good microphone
  10. 3D Tomorrow night (18/7)

    I pissed myself when boxy started head banging like a metal head to one of the songs... it was SOOO f**ken funny! Well done though box, a little fast to dance too but the music was freakin sweet! And the 'finger' incident will go down in history... f**ken sleep enducing bastard.
  11. How to convert sr20 --> CA18

    doesn't matter if you take out the sr20det any modifications to the car don't count, if it started as an SR20DET then you need to sell your car and buy a CA 180....

    don't tempt me nat i've got some as well
  13. 3D Tomorrow night (18/7)

    BAH! Where is the enjoyability in that... fark... I wont be able to keep up, NO FAIR OR FUN... start with a 143 for your old buddy hey box? (yeah yeah its NEVER gonna happen... I KNOW)
  14. 3D Tomorrow night (18/7)

    Your standards are FARKED box... 150 bpm, if you expect me to hang around on your floor for you whole set... you'd be mistaken (maybe) PHD is also sucky since it went to night as well...
  15. if the vehicle isnt registered, then where would the law stand? a serious question.... It is irrelevant whether the vehicle is registered or not. It just has to be a "motor vehicle". so if someone is 'hooning' on a speed boat on lake eildon you can impound it?
  16. but my point of view is so awesome p.s. the cop started it sir
  17. 3D Tomorrow night (18/7)

    Mad story. Mad story. Lol you really have lot to say dont you *richard cranium*? It seems as such that its the same with you....
  18. And what difference does that make? You think people can't be hurt on private property? And as previously discussed, the offence of Improper Use of Motor Vehicle (losing traction) can occur anywhere...that includes private property. "Life experience"? Are you serious? You really think this idiot would have learnt to ride/drive sensibly after this little effort? I would expect that all he learnt was how to refine his skills so he could perform a burnout better. Just like the tosser who had his Porsche impounded on Lygon Street...he asked the police who stopped him if they thought they could have caught if he did a runner. You think he learnt anything from having his car impounded? Not likely. I would expect that he will get to pay more than one visit to the impound. Unfortunately it's the people with a mentality on 'order' like you that are in the police force and enforcing these laws. I personally think the hoon law is pathetic, its not the method to teach people at all, most of the people who get caught do it again, and then after that they don't get caught because they have the record and are 'scared' into not doing it. Yes it stops the hooning but it doesn't teach them a lesson it just makes them resent the police even more than they already do.

    Long overdue payback for the bra image...
  20. 3D Tomorrow night (18/7)

    Like a polar bear
  21. 3D Tomorrow night (18/7)

    are you blonde??? No! lol I just didn't read the dj list properly and then read one of the posts that said he was dj'ing That's what they all say... you can admit that you were being a dummy it's okay we'll forgive you (did you used to be blonde?) SO lets get roll call for 3D friday *hand up*
  22. 3D Tomorrow night (18/7)

    are you blonde???

    That is seriously f**king funny!
  24. 3D Tomorrow night (18/7)

    I think you have to pay to go and have a cigi at bubble now yeah? But erin... chicks in heels and dresses... that makes Bubble so much better didn'cha know?? :P Boxy's sexy??? I knew it... marriage on the cards... DO IT... DOIT DOIT