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  1. high rep squats seem to get the heart really beating so i'm thinking this will also be a good 'cardio' based workout... My goals aren't to get huge and strong, I would prefer to be in good shape with a preference to high fitness.
  2. i want to ask about high rep, low(ish) weight squats. Is it a worthy thing to squat 60, 80, 100 reps with 40kgs?
  3. high protein sources..

    how can you have a big shake without cottage cheese?
  4. Happy Fathers day Patrick

    only 3?? the guy has the reproductive capacity of a germ he has 45 kids.... didn't realise people know a family of giants waiting to take over the world
  5. m&m's place

    how are you ever going to press body weight when you weigh 400kg you BFG pat. i only weigh 28kg wet and cant press that, but i can nearly squat it
  6. m&m's place

    "> " type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="638" height="525"> and if that don't work... here's the link There's your Bulgarian Split Squats... SO wanna try this.
  7. m&m's place

    err... pat u do look 38 in that video... WTF i didnt think it was u i thought it was some dude with grey hair! WTF is with neck raises!!! THE POINT??? LOL!
  8. m&m's place

    yeah that's the kind of cardio i'm doing and i'm working up to doing constant lifting for 1 hour straight, ie no breaks just different lifts in between squats deads etc... I'll give it a shot, cause I want to see where my fitness is at...
  9. How to Loose my Tummy

    yeah i know that's why i said what i said too... as in.... lol... ahhh u get it.
  10. m&m's place

    er.... where's the fun in yr post... go with the BFG line with me or something not just pointing out what was wrong with my post... sheesh
  11. wow look at what i just bought.

    i might give milk and the peanut butter sandwiches a go.. i know i blow alot of money but im starting to really get into being healthy and fit because of the whole olympics thing.. so im actually looking through the diets so i can design a diet to help gain weight.. but im more than happy to be someones guniea pig with their new diet/workout program as i have a really adaptable body and have a quick recovery time you have no idea how f*cking lucky you are man... You could easily EASILY have a physique like this You need a real kick up the pants, you're diet is f**king shit house, go on the net and find the jamie oliver thing where the cut that human up in slices to show you what a fat f*ck looks like and how the fat just veins through the muscles and parts of the body... eventually you'll kill your metabolism and because you've f**ked yourself so much in your life you'll have wasted such a great opportunity. You live life once, and so many people like you gets born lucky with a bullshit fast metabolism and just wastes it eating one of the worst diets I've ever seen. If you started training and got a diet within 2 - 3 years u could look like the above and the best thing is you can eat whatever you like and you can eat heaps... but you need to add more protein, keep eating the sugar but more vegetables and protein with a good workout plan and you could go far.
  12. Tabata exercises

    f**k me at tabata burpees. i love how he gets a second wind on the second last set... tabata is always like that I'm going to do a set of these every day from now on, i've been waiting for something like this to do for 4 minutes a day in the morning and i don't have equipment at home so i've just been squat jumping each morning.
  13. How to Loose my Tummy

    lol... can't believe someone answered seriously how do you get pseudephedrine??? I think i'll start taking cold and flu tablets every day for a while... might help cutting and I can get rid of my massive GUT
  14. m&m's place

    oh yeah M my shoulder is getting close to being off the ticker, I did MP for the first time in 3 months on Wednesday and got up 45kg, I'm hoping to come back soon and get my number (even if it will be low) I'm also very interested to come and do a 'cardio' session some time soon, i'll bring the other boys along too - they're probably going to be not too bad but i'll give them a run for their money on the cardio part because that's what i've been training I'll give you a call to find out when you're available (when i'm ready haha)
  15. m&m's place

    Jesus Pat.... Listen Ghosty, you'll certainly find this out when you meet him, but pat tries to represent like he's big and tough online (okay he's big and tough) but f**k he's just a BFG... Pat, even when you're trying to sound tough you just don't sound it... sorry BFG boy. (yes I am trying to create BFG to be one of Pats nicknames - everyone, please take it on board)
  16. Homemade squat rack **NOW WITH PICS**

    Here's a bunch of shit I found when searching for projects over holidays, some are inventive and clever, others f**king stupid lol Concrete filled tyre f**k please don't let m&m see this he'll make people run with it!
  17. olympics clean & jerk

    watching that shit is the highlight of the olympics for me. That shit was insane and put me in a great mood what an impressive lift... Until I started lifting weights this stuff never impressed me because i never knew how heavy anything was... well now I understand how f**king heavy 258kg is.... I can only deadlift 130 off the ground let alone put it over head.... f**k.
  18. m&m's place

    f**kING LOL @ pat being 38.... He looks about that age! What do the tests consist of? Pat dipping his tests in your mouth for a quick cup of tea (bag)? Knowing Pat that has to be what it is right... Everyone remembers the tea bagging at lil bens party right?
  19. m&m's place

    Damn, I'm late to the party. Good stuff guys. Can't believe Alex dead lifted 130 kgs he's the skinniest of skinny! Well done there Alex. Thanks for the words M good to meet you and will be good to keep training with you in future
  20. always willing to cross the line aren't you pat I've started to take on some principles that M has been talking about recently... can notice how much behind the eight ball with fitness I really am. I can't lift constantly for a whole hour, it f**king destroys me having no breaks between sets, and doing arm work while i'm resting then straight back into deads and squats. I did over 120 deads (6x20) with 60kgx20x2, 50kgx20x2 and 40kgx20x2 tonight and squats I got up to 80 with 60kg the whole time, then added another 20 with 30kg after I was absolutely exhausted and my forearms felt like they were going to fall off - i may have been able to do more but I couldn't hold the bar any more. That only took 35 minutes... tried to keep it up with other stuff for the other 25 minutes and my body (and mind) carked it after 15... finished 10 minutes short... by god. I will call you to come see you soon M it's difficult to find the time, maybe this weekend.
  21. I tried that, and it did not go down well. The cheese didnt mix with the protein shake and stuck at the bottom of the shaker. Ill definately have a go at mixing it with tuna tho...mmm....tuna Did you know it blends?
  22. Yes, and I'm what's referred to as a skinny guy... The cottage cheese thing was a joke that fits along with the 'weet bix' comment... I should have put in a few more 'but but but but but's'.
  23. This thread says everything that the big thread says in about 40 lines... Brilliant.