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  1. Backpacking round europe

    i did a 5 week trip in July last year so could give you some helpful tips. First get a decent backpack, youd be surprised how much more comfortable and durable a good backpack is. Get or make a sleep sheet thing. Its basically like a sleeping bag but just a sheet. You can buy them or just get a queen size sheet fold it in half and stitch it up like a sleeping bag. Some hostel beds aren't the cleanest so its a good idea to sleep in one of these bad boys. I found packing modules to be a great way to keep your shit organised in your pack. Saves heaps of time when packing up and unpacking, or if you need to find a particular item. Pegless clothesline is a good way to dry your clothes other than hanging all your stuff off your bunk. First aid kit. Good walking shoes, coz you'll be doing a lot of it. I got some merrells, best $200 i ever spent on shoes, and they look like a casual sort of shoe. a good guide book i found was "Lets Go Europe". HaS loads of good info on food prices, drink prices, and addresses of places to eat and sleep in major cities. A bag for dirty laundry coz you wont always be able to wash your shit whenever you want. A good waterproof jacket. I bought a North Face spray jacket, which is windproof, folds up to nothing so doesnt take up much space, and if you wear a long sleeve underneath its warm as. It will rain, trust me. A travel towel. These are the BEST. Fold up really small, and dry really fast. You cant beat them. Espeically if you're moving around a lot, they dry fast, or yoiu can always hang it off your pack when your walking. Whatever you pack, halve that. Re pack, then halve that again. You will take too much shit, trust me. You will buy t shirts and shit, and when you carry stuff on your back you soon notice the difference when you start adding things to your pack. Ive done a couple of europe trips, one with a suitcase and rest with a back pack. Suitcases are the worst when you have to walk through town to get somewher, or carry it up and down flights of stairs in the subway. Look at alternative accommodation like caravan parks. I stayed in caravan parks in Venice and Rome in a private cabin that slept 3 people for AUD$50 a night. Divide that by 3 and is pretty damn cheap. Look for accommodation just out of the city centre, its far cheaper, as is beer and food. In Rome we stayed 40mins from main train station, but wasnt a problem. You leave for the day, come back in the evening and party on at the caravan park. Aaaaanyway, hope that helps somewhat. Think i covered most essential things. A good website where i bought some gear from is gogogear.com.au enjoy
  2. What is mateship to you?

    if anyone is interested in SAS type of stuff, read a book called Shadow Warrior. Its the biography of David Everett, an SAS soldier during the 80's. He talks about all the training, his childhood, leaving the army, helping the opressed Karen people of Burma fight the Burmese army. He was at one stage, the most wanted man in Australia. Very interesting read
  3. Pics from recent Europe trip

    thanks for the comments guys! i'll try and put some more up soon when i get a minute. I cant belive how many times people have downloaded these photos! thieves hahahahah
  4. RB26DETT rebuild

    did you at least measure the bores after you honed it? and i dont mean with vernier callipers
  5. Martial Arts

    for sure man come down, its a pretty friendly place. We are closed boxing day, new years eve and new years day. Every other day we are open
  6. Martial Arts

    sus the web page too http://sunrisebradahlserey.com.au/ since moving here from Cambodia, 2x world champion Meas Chantha is training here now.
  7. Martial Arts

    yea i train there. Good traditional old school training. Its actually Bradahl Serey (like Muay Thai but from Cambodia). You can either come and train for fun, or if you wanna get more serious you can train harder with guys that fight. Theres no pressure to fight, and you wont get traditional training like this anywhere else. But if you dont like traditional style training, then this wont be for you. Some heroes come in thinking they will learn to street fight, you can normally pick them as soon as they walk in the door. Its a good friendly gym, and you'll find people of all ages train there, guys and girls. Come down and check it out
  8. Martial Arts

    you wanna see some real tough well conditioned fighters, have a look at the clips below. I dont care what anyone says but the top Thais from the 1990's rank up there with the toughest motherf**kers ive ever seen http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V3vrziWRjwYhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V3vrziWRjwY and some knockouts and fights highlights, now this is full contact http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cuygrR9mi6whttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cuygrR9mi6w not sure why each one posted twice but meh
  9. Martial Arts

    + f**king 1
  10. Martial Arts

    Yeahh! im starting next week!! Actually, its full contact. Kyokushin is jap for the society of ultimate truth. Releasing it from your inner self, rather then muscle strength. And Kyokushin is actually a korean/jap founder. Forgot his name but yeah, researched it a lil along with other arts, and i fell in love with Kyokushin. Cant wait till i start. The trainer said that after 1 month, its free gym, after basic training etc, you get gym for free I still fail to see how its full contact when you cant punch in the face. Im not even talking about elbows or anything like tthat, but you cant hit the face ffs
  11. Martial Arts

    worst f**king show ever. The fights are all staged sparring matches not real fights, and the fat *milkshake* never fights anyway. Watch the Muay Thai episode where Jason fights Yoddecha Sityodtong, its a play fight. The dude wouldnt last 1 round with Yoddecha for real. And youa are also mistaken, a chick who is good at Muay Thai will do damage to a bloke, even if he is bigger and stronger. People that have enevr been punched or kicked for real would get a shock the first time they cop it, even if its from a girl.
  12. its actually not that easy to get PR here for those of you who think that it is. The second immigration even thinks that something is less than 100% legit they will be all over you. Rocking up to your house at random times to seehow you live, interview you separately to see if your stories match, etc. I have a mate whos going through this right now, and it is hard as f**k. Hes been here for 6 years, always had a job, always paid tax, just wants to live here like any other normal Australian, but they are making it taht difficult for him its not funny. Meanwhile, refugees are floating in on their f**kin canoes and getting welcomed with open arms
  13. Guitar stuff

    I SOLVED MY PROBLEM!!!!! i f**king wired up the jack the wrong way around!!! took me 3 days to work it out lol but its all good, sounds sweet as now
  14. Guitar stuff

    so i added another earth from the volume pot (where all the othe earth and jack wiring come from) and soldered it directly to the back of the jack plate. Plugged it in and no hum! awesome. Got my screw driver and tapped the pole piece on the pick up, aaaaand nothing seems like the pick ups arent working in any position. Is it possible i may have f**ked the volume pot with heat when i was soldering to it?
  15. Guitar stuff

    soooo i just finished revamping my old Ibanez Stagestar into a Strat-ish type of thing. I ordered all the parts from Stewart Macdonald in the states. I got Gotoh gold tuners, Gotoh gold Strat replacent tremolo, prewired single coil pickguard, some gold screws, gold jack plate, new jack, and gold neck mount plate. I think it looks alright, i quiet like the gold/black look. The pickguard required a bit of trimming around the neck area and bottom cutaway. I had to shorten it and make a new screw hole. Everything went together well, but i have one issue. When i plug it in it hums like f**k, but whne i put my finger on the jack plate it stops. I thought bad earth or something but all the solder joints are solid. All i had to connect was the 2 wires to the jack and earth to the tremolo spring claw. Hope you guys can help me, its f**kin pissing me off!! aaaaaanyway, here are a couple of pics: its gone from this to this