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  1. KFC

    +1 rep, top stuff if i was still eating junk food id be all for this
  2. Cool story bro

    Crazy read!! +rep
  3. i think ul find most high powerd cars have the suspension setups to take it unlike the low powerd non modified cars that will either run stock shot as suspension or cut springs. i think the govt are fools. but hey if it gets them the pensioners votes that they already have then soo be it. whats with the misconception that low powered cars cant be modified dude? why cant you upgrade the suspension on a low powered car? "non-modified cars run stock shot suspension or cut springs"... thats what defects are for. fail.
  4. so why do "older" people NEED high powerd cars then. by that arguement your saying no1 needs them, if this was true no1 would have nice cars,roads would be boring and many businesses would shutdown and we would have shittest car scene ever. way to misunderstand what i meant, gold star. i'm not saying no high powered cars, what i'm saying is that younger drivers are inexperienced thus need to learn everything before going 0-100kph in 5seconds. learn to read, thanks. by that "argument" you're saying every nice car is high powered, good one, another gold star
  5. electro / house

    ur joking... right?
  6. Festivals and concerts

    parklife on monday!! yeww
  7. *adelaide* Got a residency Dj'ing.

    nice! howd you score the gig? i'm a dj as well and no matter where i put out my mixtapes i never get a reply back!
  8. electro / house

    polymorphic is a funny dude, speaks NO english so has no idea what you're saying to him, just stares blankly at you haha, proxy is a sick producer as well, saw him 6 or so months ago, goes off! stating "electro is dead" is a pretty big call... it will always be around, it's just evolving. get onto some blogs like maddecent.com or palmsoutsound.com ... they always have fresh tunes
  9. BIG DAY OUT 2010

    Not impressed by the lineup at all, would like to see Kasabian and thats about it..
  10. What are you listening to right now?

    Shitdisco - Ok, good song
  11. I think it's a good idea banning P platers from high powered cars, you don't need a high powered car when your young, just something to get you to A to B until you realise to watch out for all the other bad drivers that are already there...
  12. Smoking

    dont smoke in my car, and wont let anyone smoke in my car... dont even like being in the car with people smoking to be honest
  13. how do motorised bikes go up hills? i've been thinking about getting one for going to uni and back, but i have a massive hill on the way home and don't really wanna be stuck doing 10kph in peak hour traffic
  14. 3000GT

    I've always liked the look of them but agree with everyone else, too heavy. The engine spec is good in theory imo though...