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  1. WTB: Coil Packs for S15 SR20

    As topic states, looking for good condition Coil Packs to suit S15 SR20. PM with what you have please!
  2. S14 E85 fuel system recommendations

    Yes they are good. Running one on my S15. No problems fitting one with a standard manifod. I have heard of people having issues with a GReddy manifold and the rail not fitting. I added on a Turbosmart FPR as the stock one does not fit and was informed that even if it could be made to fit, it wouldn't be suitable for 1,000cc injectors. No idea if that is true or not. Kit though, is really good and looks awesome.
  3. Andrew didn't crash his car, but at one of the meets, (I think the one before last) a butterfly bolt on his intake came loose and went through intake manifold and munched his engine. This was just after he set the lap record of 59.xx seconds around the Street Car class I think it was. I only knew this cause I was picking my car up from him tuning it a few months ago. Last I heard he had the engine stripped and rebuilt and competed in the latest event. The joys of owning a workshop I suppose! Whats the YCOT day you mention Big fist? I am always keen on track days. Money and car permitting.
  4. I have one on my S15. Awesome bit of kit. As said above, stock pressure won't fit. Heard some people say if it did fit, it still wouldn't be good to use for flow reasons or something like that. I just put on a Turbosmart FPR and works a treat. Running 1,000cc Bosch injectors.
  5. Flex Fuel Queries

    Thanks Johnnilicte. My car has Nistune in it so hope to get that all finalised soon. What I found really interesting with it though, is that even after running one or maybe two tanks of fuel, you are still not going to get 100% E85. As for the water contamination, whilst the vehicles don't have rain funnels as you say, I am a bit skeptical about the E85 in the underground tanks at some servos. Mainly that they open the tank tops to check levels and refill etc, and E85 is incredibly Hygroscopic so there could be some contamination in the fuel. Is this negligible? Possibly but I don't know I did find it very interesting that the sensors themselves are Hygroscopic sensors and not Ethanol sensors. That part really got me thinking. As to the debate about Wolf ECU's, well......heard all about it from years ago. Maybe they have turned a new leaf and are developing some great products? I don't know as I have never ever looked at using anything Wolf myself.
  6. I received an email from my tuner today about flex fuel setups. I have the setup in my car, but ran out of time to tune the E85 component of the tune. He just saw a video run by Wolf EMS about flex fuel sensors and how they might not be what they are advertised as. What are your thoughts on the below and has anyone had any issues with their flex fuel system? http://www.wolfems.com.au/events/mixing-fuels Cheers,
  7. It's a 3inch exhaust. But I am looking at replacing it as the canon has now got a puncture in it and sounds terrible. I will look at replacing it fully. Running a hi-flo cat, although it is a bit old now so might need to be removed. Tuner did say that upping to this boost level required timing be taken out. VCT is fine has been working fine since I have had the car. I do have a spare one which came with the cams when I bought them although I don't see that as an issue. I will check the timing on Saturday when I take the car back to the guy who did all the installation/fab work and will check it then. One thing I find very odd is the distinct lack of flutter when rolling off throttle. I will be replacing the factory BOV (although it has the grub screw mod done so should be fine) with an aftermarket one and see if that makes any difference. The BOV is currently blocked off and is not venting, as I am still waiting on one piece of silicon to be delivered to fit the bov back to the intake. This could be the issue, just not sure at this stage. pur40m. It was your advice which I was going on and is one f the main reasons I purcahsed this turbo as you have had some great success with it, which is why I am a bit confused. I am also tempted to take the car to another tuner for their opinion on the tune and how it is currently running, but first I want to fix a few things and check some things out, such as timing. Cheers!
  8. I did notice that on the graph. Yet my ebc reads 1.33bar which is 19psi. Either way max boost is irrelevant. I was more disappointed with the response when it's advertised as a pre 4k rpm full boost turbo when it is closer to 5krpm which is just laggy as for not much power. Will go for higher boost on E85 in a few weeks. See what happens then.
  9. So, after quite a few issues with the car, I finally received it back with its' 98Ron tune. Car is as follows. 2000 S15 ADM 170,000km on the clock ATR28SS2 with 3inch intake Z32 AFM Poncams with RAS and VCT still in place 1,000cc Injectors on BPP Top Feed Rail with FPR Walbro E85 fuel pump FMIC with custom intake 3" Exhaust Now, I read a HEAP of positive responses about HyperGear Turbo's, especially the SS2 and was recommended to get the SS2 hands down. To be fair, I agree with the thoughts and opinions of Juminji. Only downside, I am nowhere NEAR what always seems to be greatly inflated dyno figures from the eastern states. Car came in at 309rwhp/227rwkw at 19PSI. This is on a roller dyno, not a hub dyno. Full boost not until 4,200-4,300. Granted, once it is on boost it is alright, but very lacklustre. For those wondering if the tune was done by a good tuning shop in W.A, yes. The guy who tuned it just set a new lap record for his class around Barbagallo raceway (59 seconds) with his 180 which he has built and tuned himself. I forgot to grab dyno sheets when I was there last night grabbing the car, but have requested them be emailed to me so I can have a closer look. Next thing on the list is to finish the E85 tune (hence the injector size) as the car is also running flex fuel sensor with Nistune. As I hadn't had the car for 4 weeks, I needed it back so couldn't complete the Flex tune unfortunately. Have booked it in for May to get that done. *EDIT* Dyno Graph attached
  10. Turbo choice 2016

    I have just ordered a HyperGear ATR28 SS2. Waiting on delivery. S15, stock unopened engine, will be going either poncams or HKS stage 1's. 1000cc injectors and flex tune on 98 and E85. Tune tentatively booked for the 15th February. Just waiting on delivery of a couple more items first!
  11. S15 Brakes

    Thanks Stuss. When you are referring to more expensive pads what brands are you referring to? What amkes these $350+ pads superior to any other on the market currently? Cheers,
  12. Hi all, Just curious who here has heard of Forza FP3 brake pads? I was just on the phone to Brakes Direct in Brisbane and they are recommending this pad over anything else currently. I can't seem to find much/any info about the pads online. My initial phone call was to ask if they could get in the Intima SR's (as a few of you on here seem to recommend) but the guy I was speaking to seemed to think these were as bad as A1RM's in regards to rotor chewing, dust, noise etc. The car is used as a daily with occasional time trial track events. I find the A1RM's are O.K, but am looking to see if there is anything better, which some on here believe there are. I am all for trying a new pad, but a bit unsure about jumping onto this Forza pad without reading any reviews. So, let me know what, if anything, you know of these pads and/or you really recommend Intima SR's over absolutely anything else currently out there on the market. Cheers,
  13. sr22det stroker making low power

    Go see Tom at PZP. He's a Perth tuner and tuned my S15. I'm making more power with stock turbo, motor, cams, injectors, fuel pump. He will be able to diagnose it. If not Tom, then you could se Andrew at Hyperdrive oir I think it is Sean at All-Star Garage. All 3 guys have built and tuned some amazing cars so they are the best 3 I know of in Perth.
  14. Piston issues?

    Go to Tom at PZP in Wangara I think he is based. Another north of Perth shop is Hyperdrive. They are in Malaga. I have used both and would use either of them again. Tom tuned my S15 and does good work.
  15. Pur40m, is that on E85 or 98? Also, your engine is an S13 SR yeh?