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  1. Tyre Hookups

    Yeah that's him alright
  2. Sand Blasting and Powder Coating

    Please do! i''m looking at powdercoating my 19s soon...
  3. Savannah Motorsport Fire

    wonder what actually happened..
  4. i think someone should steal this trillion dollar coin
  5. I work with Centrelink/DHS, and this is most definitely bullshit. lol almost $57k on benefits a year? dream on..
  6. or those idiots who don't indicate at round abouts, even if it's a small round about still use your f**king idicators!!
  7. i seen plenty of long term smokers with no job, no career, no money, no life. thinking about it, i've only known deadbeats to use it This is very very very very true
  8. Window Tint in Adelaide

    Legal is 35% yeah, i mean the film he uses is about 40% or maybe 38% yep, we're getting our new 4wd done this weekend nah you were wrong though, admit it lol
  9. Any meets for Chinese or Korean cars? I want to take my Hyundai on a cruuuuuuuuuuise mate.
  10. Exhaust opinions

    I've done a thread on this before, all i can recommend is a big f**k off size muffler at the rear, and one in the middle if you can fit it. that is the only way you're going to quieten it down honestly. In saying that i've tried a cannon muffler, oval muffler, tri flow muffler with 2 tips etc etc - all of them loud.
  11. http://www.news.com....v-1226505582311 "Superstorm" Hurricane Sandy threatening 50 million people Heart of storm tracking for New York City High winds expected, fears of widespread flooding Does Kanye West think this is one of the best storms of all time? Do you know anyone near NY/Canada? Do you think they are just making a big deal out of it? End of the world?? Were the Mayans right? Discuss...
  12. I wouldn't have bought my 180sx, f**king red top SR20's are a bitch
  13. tell your mate to get a bike, he'll have to ride it to work now
  14. Debt Collection (personal)

    you're partner will have to return the money by doing you 'favours'
  15. Debt Collection (personal)

    hey kranze, can i have $1000? promise i'll pay it back
  16. Borderlands 2!

    if it had graphics like fallout, i would buy it straight away, but i hate the style of graphics Borderlands 2 uses it's too cartoony for me
  17. things that annoy you

    tell him no deal, and that you have others wanting to come have a look at it. put all the pressure on him oh and people that are going 50kmh but then slam hard on their brakes to turn left very slowly like they might roll the car or something
  18. Where to get car alarm installed?

    this. end of thread /close.
  19. Mates 180sx almost got stolen

    may be in here somewhere? http://www.courts.sa...l-Criminal.aspx