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  1. The Life of Luko's 180

    This needs updating brah. Mostly so I can look at your 180 in private without the boss...
  2. 1985 Datsun 1200 - $5,500

    Make : DATSUN 1200 Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 1000 Price : $5,500 Condition : Used Hi people, the time is approaching for me to take a pay cut and go back to school. Need money to finish little things on the house and if I find a cheap enough run about a nice laptop so I can study/play games away from the kids. For sale is one little beast, so much fun to be had with this car. Important information: -The vehicle has registration, however the paperwork has not been started for engine swap. Awesome information: -13b n/a conversion (12a carby with modified datsun air drum) -5speed S1 gearbox -Hydraulic clutch -RX7 Radiator and Oil cooler -Electronic fuel pump -Stanza disc brake conversion -Shortened struts with R31 inserts -Slotted strut towers (camber) -Stanza ball joints -120y Swaybar -2inch lowering blocks -Heavy duty rear shocks -Hydraulic handbrake setup (master installed but needs new lever) -Honda seats -Water temp control unit (wiring all done for thermo fan, have fan but not installed) -Prolight with >10psi warning switch -New battery -Immobiliser -Nardi Steering wheel with back set boss -Bluetooth/SD card head unit -Focal splits The ute currently makes 62.3 KW's at the wheels. This figure can be increased to around 90KW's by replacing the exhaust with a higher flowing one and making minor adjustments to the secondaries of the 12A carbie. The body is ok but does have rust in usual places and a few dents. If I was able to keep the car I would raise the front with stiffer and higher stanza king springs (or a sleeve kit), get a much larger well mounted (currently hits spare wheel) free flowing exhaust to match the nice manifold it already has and finish installing the thermo fan to stop the common rotary fan belt noise. Then I'd get it tuned again and have lots of fun driving it. For swap I'd need to replace the ute with a cheap run around car or bike but will consider anything as long as it includes some cash my way. For sale I'd like $5500, its not really worth it for me to sell for less but if you want to make an offer it will be considered. Thanks, Daniel PM or Contact 0413 559 762 (pics up soon with vid to follow once I can take a clear one)
  3. The Life of Luko's 180

    Cooler is best fit I've seen so far. Only reason brackets didn't fit was a snapped off bolt in the hole they use. Welding was easier. Don't be gay say G'day people!
  4. The Hardtuned SA Dawn cruise

    Haha, think I'm keen but the ute is a tad slow. If I had the ability to fix the flat spot...
  5. Price : $200 Condition : Used I have a catch can left over from when I sold my R32 and engine. Its aprox 4L and has two intake fittings, two breather fittings (long internal tubing so wont splash out) and a sump return. I'll include the lines and filters which fit straight to RB26 stock cam covers. I'd like $200 for it or it will go on ebay. Adelaide Hills but will negotiate postage 04one3 559 762 leave a message if I dont answer or PM Cheers Daniel
  6. Quick / Short joke thread

    hows this for a joke http://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C94189/
  7. Driftable Cars

    Datsuns -1600 -bluebird -stanza -240z -260z -720 ute -1200 ute Just about anything could be added to the list, top gear slides all types of cars when test driving I'm sure everything has been tried at least once.
  8. Bonnet Spacers.

    Apart from official's saying its not allowed (at Mallala) I think spacing up the bonnet is a good way to reduce some of the extreme heat from high mount turbos.
  9. Z car cruise - 370, 350, 300 etc....

    Soo wish I didn't sell my 1972 240z.
  10. Ok you need a R33 gearbox (RB25det series 2) or Z32, bolts straight on and is the strongest Nissan box. Tail shaft can be made at most truck shaft places. You may need to bash the gearbox tunnel out so it fits the S13 body. Wiring for an RB30de isn't complex just takes a bit of time, you have a dizzy so no problems with igniter control or crank sensor until you upgrade to a RB25 or RB26 head and then you will just use an engine loom to suit it and make your own power and knock sensor looms from the drivers side. (I dont know much about stock SOHC RB30's but I would think you could get it running with just cables for dizzy, altenator, starter and fuel pump). Speedo i'm not sure on as I did my R33 box with a navara cable speedo drive and modified the R33's eletric speedo drive cog to fit it, this may work for you but I dont know if the S13 speedo cable is the same as an R32 one. There is a DIY guide on SAU for this. Exhaust is either a shop job or go buy some 2.5inch pipe some 90 degree bends and a mig welder. Dont make it too big or the NA engine will run crap. Hope this helps. Probably find more info about RB projects on SAU
  11. Dyno Day 22nd of AUGUST

    Only picture I've got
  12. Dyno Day 22nd of AUGUST

    Would be good to see some pics and stats, heard some crazy kent pulled 465hp
  13. Adam Mays New PROMO VID!

    About time!!!! Good work, nice clip, thought it would have some stronger music but still good. Cant wait to see what happens at DA in September.
  14. Dyno Day 22nd of AUGUST

    Ashmore, Gold Coast Thanks ohh man, thats easy as! - get off at the springwood exit. - at the first lights, take a left onto Logan Road. - then take another left at the next lights which will bring you onto Compton Road. - then take another left at the next lights which will bring you to Baker Street. - then follow the road, it will lead you onto service road - then take teh first right, which will bring you onto Judds Ct. and 101 MOTORSPORT is straight ahead of you on your left. Thank you very much, might steal my wife's Garmin GPS just encase. So are we having prizes?
  15. Dyno Day 22nd of AUGUST

    Ashmore, Gold Coast Thanks