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  1. Black s13 with green wheels

    all i did was take off the decals, it was all black underneath, looks like flat black ill powdercoat the bed lid when its done

    Come on you supposed football knowledged fans out there, get your teams in now before the rush, youll have plenty of time to change your players before the season kicks off so dont worry about picking your teams now
  3. Ohhhhhh is that how its done pictures really help Is that the same for VKs aswell? Thanks bud.
  4. Perth Girls Cruise

    Is there still going to be a Chrysler Day show like normal this year, or is the cruise it?
  5. New Rx7 2010

    and congrads on your new ride. Start by reading the FAQ, chances are its in there. be sure to use the search feature, most questions have been asked before. Also we have an online workshop manual, link is on the main page, should you decide to takle most jobs yourself.