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  1. Cars like Pokemon, Gotta catch em all.

    More info on the starlet in the background!
  2. Ryan's NA 32 four door

    Lol was just stirring the pot didn't lie still has Gtr and turbo parts fitted ! Still reckon it needs turbo kit ! Yeah and I need lights
  3. Ryan's NA 32 four door

    Think you need updates now that your car has turbo and GTR parts fitted to it now !

    Great buy ! Really want one of these ! Any future mods planned is it auto or manual ? Eventually going to bring it to Australia ?
  5. new Honda member's Project ek1 cxi

    Done the valves ages ago why is this not tuned ???
  6. kris's A31 Cefiro

    HA! Aussie upgrage would be full of china parts ! Moar updates ! What was the offset on the panasports sooooooo want !
  7. s15 or evo 7/8

    Had my s15 for over 8 years bought it with factory warranty still on it and would never have sold it if my brother had not asked for it ! S15 is a great drivers car, light, agile bit of tail action here and there. Cheap parts, great ageless looks but is very compact inside (no backseat), shallow boot and can attract unwanted attention (popo). Enter the Evo 7 I bought one at a great price unplanned that I thought could fill the void of the s15 it did to an extent great handling, good power delivery 4doors with boot space but has some bad points too. Feels like a fwd chews through tyres and fuel poor range 320-350km to a tank 35l can't do a u turn to save its life this also makes city car parks and some drive thrus difficult to navigate . Neither has ever givin me any major mechanical issue But they are two very different cars designed to go fast in different ways Comes down to what you want and a deciding factor could be what you need or can afford . drive them and see ?
  8. kris's A31 Cefiro

    Good work man cef is going awesome heres some thing i came across you may be interested in http://page12.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/p341010629
  9. new Honda member's Project ek1 cxi

    Can't ! Working !
  10. new Honda member's Project ek1 cxi

    im waiting for a mate "jacob" (u might know him) to come and do my valve clearences.... Heard the only thing that blokes knows how to do is drive a crane
  11. new Honda member's Project ek1 cxi

    Hurry up an gate it already ! When we going to the drags ?
  12. Muski's Rocketbunny S14

    Muskis fix to steering issues add more power ! I like it ! Will sound hectic
  13. Muski's Rocketbunny S14

    You wouldn't even be able to reach my head with a step ladder
  14. Muski's Rocketbunny S14

    Should just cut stuff ! Don't listen to these people spittin hate !
  15. Ryan's NA 32 four door

    Smoke !
  16. kris's A31 Cefiro

  17. kris's A31 Cefiro

    Dont let him do it ! He will bring an angle grinder and cut that section out of the door !
  18. kris's A31 Cefiro

    Felt like we were driving on ice was so awesome ! Good work
  19. Ryan's NA 32 four door

    Too bad you get chopped on the streets where it counts ! Great Day looked sick on track !
  20. kris's A31 Cefiro

    Love the new front wheels ! Good to see this thing back on the road
  21. new Honda member's Project ek1 cxi

    More Rota's when will you learn ?
  22. Ryan's NA 32 four door

    ohhh mister nismo what a dork !
  23. Vicpol and festive season?

    Watch out if you have led running lamps other than that the usual !
  24. jeep grand cherokee 2000

    "Good" "running costs" and "fuel consumption" are things that don't exist in the world of Jeep ! You are asking these questions after you have bought it so seems to me you are willing to find out the hard way these cars are not so good ! Google is your friend ! On a plus side you can have all the jeep merchandise you could ever want as Jeep stores seem to be everywhere .
  25. I'm always mad ! Point is fan boys think they are cool so ask/pay $1200 for a set ! Just Stupid !