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  1. Neil's FD3S Sprint Car

    Sounds like a good reason to move then!
  2. Neil's FD3S Sprint Car

    How far off completion is the L98?
  3. Sealing S13 Rear Firewall - Surge Tank Setup

    You could use rivnuts instead if having to drill it out is a big problem? The part near the back windscreen is a pain in the ass trying to get the drill in there.
  4. What did the haltech cost you mate?
  5. I'm after a complete body loom from an original red top SR20DET S13 silvia. Pick up bris/coast. PM please. Thanks, Jayson
  6. S13 sprint and IPRA

    You've laid the gauntlet down mate, now you have to make sure you make the track day!!
  7. Great stuff Sam, the car looks quick.
  8. I was originally selling this car, but haven't had time to finish building the new one as I work overseas so I ended up putting a few goodies on it and headed back to the track whenever I'm in the country. The car has been used for sprints, but now i'm moving to door to door racing after I had my first taste of it on the weekend in Top Gear round 1 at Lakeside and had some fun when the car eventually ran properly. 180sx with silvia front, vertex kit SR20DET with T28, 184kw's on ECC's dyno R33 brakes with Lukas TRW pads HSD coilovers 8kg, 5kg with all adjustable arms Jap cage with harness bar now added. Car has lapped a 61.0 at Lakeside and a 59.8 at QR sprint. More shortly.
  9. Sil80, circuit racer

    I'll be putting this up for sale shortly if anybody is interested. Car is race/track ready to go, it can come with the registration on it but that would need to be discussed.
  10. Michelin Slicks

    My NT01s are almost baby smooth and have held together well but it's time for something stickier!
  11. Send me a message if you need any parts Troy as I have my fair share of crap piling up I'd be keen to give away to help ya out.
  12. S13 sprint and IPRA

    That's a serious cage!
  13. That is a massive effort to snap a chain!! Hope you get it fixed quickly. Do you think you'll be at the Dec event?
  14. Anyone lose a wheel today?

    I had a wheel come off in my street about 8-9 yeas ago. It was my fault but most importantly the wheel went over the bonnet of the falcon on the side of the road instead of into it. I ran up to the house, grabbed some wheel nuts and a jack, put it on and drove it back home. Pretty embarrising but no real damage.
  15. John can you sort this bloke out? Dribbling crap in his own thread, WTF. Cal when is the next event??? My Facebook access is denied on the work network so I can't check Outlaws page.
  16. QLD S-Chassis Laptime Leaderboard

    If you had no brake issues at QR you'll have none at Lakeside. QR is a lot harder on the brakes. Nice time, how much power do you have?
  17. 2013 Formula 1 Discussion Topic

    I think it's great if Kimi goes to Ferrari as it should give some serious manufacturer championship competition to Red Bull and to be honest it's lacking a little at the moment. Competition in the driver's championship and the constructors championship is all pretty one sided right now. Then again i'd rather see a complete backflip and have Webber go to Ferrari, but that won't happen.
  18. Did you put graphite powder or a light film of grease on the input shaft, grease inside the throwout bearing carrier and on the clutch pivot?
  19. Gary's S14A.

    A slightly smaller intake cam will help with response and some adjustable cam gears. But turbo housing like mentioned will give the biggest change.
  20. 2013 Formula 1 Discussion Topic

    Good to see the qualifying mixed up a little more than usual! Geez I hope Webber doesn't balls the start. 1 Vettel 2 Webber 3 Hulkenberg 4 Massa 5 Alonso 6 Rosberg 7 Ricciardo 11 Kimi 12 Hamilton
  21. Gary's S14A.

    I'm guessing you have removed the roof lining?
  22. I sold my last project to another member on here, picked up his old shell and decided to throw my motor/gearbox/turbo setup into it. 90 S13 SR20DET Silvia 293RWKW's at GT Auto's dyno Wilwood superlite front brakes, 12.9" rotor, R33 rear R33 rear cradle and front control arms GK tech adjustable arms offset cradle bushes Apexi N1 coilvers 7kg f, 5kg r Whiteline sway bars Mech diff PBM modified knuckles CAMS cage with removable side intrusion bars for rego