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  1. Iphone 4s vs HTC Velocity

    Yeah, get the HTC if you want 5 minutes of battery life.
  2. adsl 2 router/modem, what to get

    Billion 7800N
  3. Cheap ebay HDMI cables

    I got some cheap ebay hdmi cables and have had issues with them and my PS3 flickering and dropping out etc. Went to JB and bought a $30 job and has been fine since.
  4. Time for a new phone

    iPhone 4S + Jailbreak. You got the best of both worlds then.
  5. Jailbreak for iPhone 4S & iPad 2 Released

    You need to use RedSnow for the iPhone 4.
  6. Jailbreak for iPhone 4S & iPad 2 Released

    Siri Toggles - like SBSettings with Siri control http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGNraSvcYug&feature=plcp&context=C3a84d43UDOEgsToPDskICcySOoY0EOq0pLiFm8q3o Hands-Free Control - Use Siri Handfree! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8D9DgU_BPk&feature=plcp&context=C3713ceaUDOEgsToPDskJ1KXqSsHHCFuwwi4fii5MA Dreamboard - Custom themes for your idevice (Better than Winterboard imo) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHtdhevmEE4&feature=plcp&context=C365b39bUDOEgsToPDskIp_7p83WDWv2H1WGaY0sxO That's just a few of my favs, there's plenty more out there so get jailbreaking!
  7. Did you have massively random dreams for the first few weeks when you quit? I did it was like I was dreaming for the first time in years YES! I've quit now for about 3 days and the last couple nights i've had some crazy dreams which I remember very well, before I did dream a little but never really remembered them now they are so vivid. As for side effects i'm feeling pretty lethargic, but I can breathe better, smell better and actually taste food properly. It is hard though especially at work, I used to enjoy my cigi breaks. talking about weed? Nah, normal smokes.
  8. Did you have massively random dreams for the first few weeks when you quit? I did it was like I was dreaming for the first time in years YES! I've quit now for about 3 days and the last couple nights i've had some crazy dreams which I remember very well, before I did dream a little but never really remembered them now they are so vivid. As for side effects i'm feeling pretty lethargic, but I can breathe better, smell better and actually taste food properly. It is hard though especially at work, I used to enjoy my cigi breaks.
  9. This, Dont get an iphone 4, dont even consider it. I have one now, sure the apps are great bla bla bla. But my home button has a mind of its own, sometimes it doesnt work at all. The screen freezes sometimes, and at times is generally laggy. Next, im getting a Galaxy ummmm, you could take it back and prob get a replacement if it's under warranty.
  10. The Android thread

    Thanks for the advice fandroids.
  11. Rarities - Stuff I've found or Bargains

    This is the Sickest thing ever!! http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/SIDESHOW-T-800-TERMINATOR-ENDOSKELETON-LIFE-SIZE-STATUE-/270782534690?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3f0be59422#ht_1061wt_1163 But i'd settle for this.... http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/TERMINATOR-2-T-800-Endoskeleton-1-2-Scale-Bust-NEW-/170720609205?pt=AU_Action_Figures&hash=item27bfbdc3b5
  12. The Android thread

    What do you guys think of the new Galaxy Nexus? Thinking about picking one up to dabble in ICS.
  13. Show me your mouse....

    Well, since I got my new iMac I just can't get used to the Magic Mouse that was supplied with it. It's uncomfortable & has weird tracking that I can't stand. I've tried using magic preferences to speed it up but it still doesn't feel as good as a normal mouse and cramps my hand cause of it's low profile. I'm mainly going to be using it for photoshop & video editing but wouldn't mind doing some gaming with it as well, also it has to have decent battery life. What do you guys recommend or use? Cheers, Danny
  14. Tablet computer

    Must of taken the majority of your brain power to come up with that comment... How old are you.... 12?
  15. Tablet computer

    The Transformer has a identity crises, doesn't know if it wants to be a tablet or a netbook. Honestly you made the right choice with the iPad, has far more tablet specific content than the Android variants and the quality of the apps are much better as well. If you want the iPad to be like a netbook then there are plenty of blue tooth keyboard case options. Also it looks as if the Tegra3 chip still can't compete with the iPads A5 chip.
  16. things that annoy you

    Yep, this is the "look at me" facebook/twitter society of today. People just want to talk about themselves and don't care about what others have to say. I find that people interrupt when you are talking more often now. I've got a mate that is notorious for this, he also likes to repeat what people say but put his better version on top of it....really annoys me.
  17. things that annoy you

    People that hate things because they're popular.
  18. TES V: Skyrim

    I tried Oblivion and couldn't really get into it. I guess the lack of direction put me off a bit, i probably didn't really give it the chance it deserved. Now Skyrim look pretty f*ing awesome, I'm definitely going to be picking it up but not too sure which version PC or PS3? Any advice?
  19. http://blogs.adobe.com/flashplatform/2011/11/flash-to-focus-on-pc-browsing-and-mobile-apps-adobe-to-more-aggressively-contribute-to-html5.html So I guess that's one less thing Android has up on iOS. Discuss....
  20. iphone 5

    [Danny, the following is not an attack on you, merely a musing] See, I don't understand how they draw you in like that. The iPhone to the iPad, i see as a logical progression, they're much the same. But how did you then go from an iPhone/Pad to the actual mac operating system? The last mac I used was of my last boss/designer. I was trying to edit his HOST file so that he could see the website from my machine (he didn't know the root password, despite owning the machine, so the end result was largely fruitless) and outside of opening a terminal and using gedit, it felt so damn clumsy and out of place that I can't see how someone can just "jump" into one from the other. Maybe I've been using windows too long as just instantly missed all my hotkeys. But at the same time, everything working "flawlessly" together is not a new idea. If i buy a Samsung TV, a Samsung phone, a samsung media player of some kind, samsung other things etc, I can DLNA between the lot of them and share/play/pause any kind of media. In fact, if I buy anything DLNA compatible, regardless of brand, I can do the same thing. At the moment i control the linux box and both windows machines via the transformer and/or my phone. That's RDP, or just plain remote keyboard/mouse and media play pause etc from one machine (play audio from a computer, on another computer, or on a phone, or from a phone or the transformer to any other device, etc) and best of all, I do it for free. Maybe I'm just a super nerd and can no longer see it from noob view, but I honestly don't understand the "it just works" push. It's like people can't find the "on" button so they think that it's broken Well, it does "just work". I used to use DLNA from my Qnap NAS to my PS3 and omg it was a clunky piece of crap. It wouldn't connect half the time and just plain gave me the shits. What also makes everything work well with my media is iTunes (believe it or not) Due to the fact that all my media is sorted correctly using a Database with Meta Tags rather than a pain in the ass folder structure which constantly had to be maintained. "Yes' I know there are other media databases out there but there isn't anything as complete as iTunes imo. I've also got the ability to play/control music on from my mac/iPhone/Apple TV and also have music simultaneously play on my Mac, living room ATV & Games room ATV. Plus i can control the volume individually for each room from any of my devices all for free (not including hardware of course) iTunes has mode called "iTunes DJ" which i'm planning on using at my 30th, basically people can make requested from my library through an app called "remote". Then it will line them up to be played and they will also be able to see what's coming up and vote songs up the list to be played sooner. Another cool thing I will be using at my 30th is the new photo stream in iOS5, this basically pushes any new photos that i take from my iPhone to all my other devices, I plan on playing them through the photo stream screen saver on my Apple TV which then will be projected onto a larger screen outside so I will have live updating of photos that i have taken through out the night. I understand where you're coming from using PC's most of your life, all you see is that Apple products are "over priced" "under spec'd" PC's with fancy enclosures. To me though it's more about the eco system Apple have created with all their device, not just the device by itself. They really do give you heaps of cool tools to play with and they all work with minimal effort/set-up. SO to me it's more the media side of things, though I have used it for much more than that. I use CS5 for my marketing projects for work, dabbled in Final Cut, Played with Automator to create scripts for mundane tasks etc... Hey Pyro why not come by some time and i'll show what i'm talking about, wouldn't mind checking out the JZX too
  21. Adobe Ditches "FLASH" for Android

    Well, yeah of course. But in 2-3 years time there won't be any Flash, HTML5 may not be as good "yet" but due to this decision it will advance very quickly. And do you really think it's worth supporting something as inefficient as Flash for mobile platforms?
  22. So a bit like the close business relationship jobs had with Xerox before he ripped off their Graphic User Interface and put it in the Apple Macintosh? But the head honchos at Xerox basically gave it to Apple, Steve Jobs offered them to buy shares in his new company in exchange to see what they were doing at Xerox's R&D department. The fools at Xerox didn't know what they had except for the ppl who actually designed it. Xerox did try to release a PC later on which cost $15K and the GUI was no where near as slick as Apples version. So yeah he didn't really rip it off just borrowed the idea or should I say "bought" to make something better than what was already there which is what he does with pretty much everything. You could say Bill Gates ripped off Xerox and Apple at the same time also but that's the way the tech industry goes.
  23. iphone 5

    The content on the Apple TV does suck but I mainly use it for airplay/streaming content from iTunes and the video mirroring on the iPhone & iPad.
  24. iphone 5

    . I was the same, full on PC dude.. Hated Apple products, thought they we're only for wankers and dumb people. It started with the iPhone, then the iPad and then a Mac... now I won't go back! It's just made my life so much easier compared to how I used to use a computer. The main thing for me though is the ecosystem Apple had created, everything works flawlessly together, this is the main thing most Apple haters don't get/see, when you combine an iPhone, mac, iPad & Apple TV it's f**king great! The Apple TV is the missing link imo. As for using iPads for more than "Angry Birds" We have them at work primarily for Filemaker CRM, it handles inventory/invoices/quotes etc and sync's flawlessly to our computers at work. Video mirroring/airplay though the Apple TV is great for showing customers our website and video's of our products on our LCD from the ipad. We have looked at bluetooth keyboards in the past and they we're a pain in the ass to carry around so we will be looking at the Logitech keyboard case instead, though I've found that after iOS5 using the split keyboard is easier & sometime quicker than having to pull out a keyboard (for me at least). The iPad is as good a tablet computer "if not better" than any other tablet on the market right now, the quality and content of software available is second to none, sure you have to pay for some of them ($2-$10 on average) but you know the support will always be there.