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  1. The Pigeon Flutter pic

    Anyone still here? One of the best NS.com threads
  2. My 1994 Black Toyota Soarer (SC300) for sale, well looked after and maintained... Very low km's (93'500), runs and drives really well... very nice drivers car! Steering is smooth & precise due to new tie-rods and steering rack bushes. . New Nexen N8000 tyres all round on 18" japanese made "Stern" rims. I've had the windows recently tinted by Master Tint which includes a lifetime warranty. Black Interior which is immaculate besides a small crack in the centre air vent, New floor carpets all round. Air Conditioning was re-gassed recently and the Cabin filters replaced, works great! The exterior is in good condition, no major dents. The bumper has a a couple scrapes, boot lid has a few marks from Bat poop (previous owner) & the roof has some "crows feet" starting to happen. Just needs some paint to get the outside looking 100% again. Original 7-speaker Stereo with 11-disc CD stacker that still works 100%, factory sub-woofer on the rear parcel shelf... one of the best sounding stereos i've had in any car! The Drivers side window regulator has been replaced with a new one from Toyota. Aftermarket HID 4300k head lights are fitted which improve the low beam visibility immensely over the factory bulbs. New Stainless Steel Mufflers were installed only a couple months ago, they add a nice note to the engine but is still quiet inside as they aren't "Boomy". Comes with the Personalised licence plates, OJZ31 is the Chassis number of the car "JZZ31". Have recently replaced the following. New Nexen N8000 tyres ($850 worth) Personalised Plates new tie-rods, new tie-rod ends, new Genuine steering rack bushes, new Genuine engine mounts, new HKS Air Filter element new transmission fluid (with genuine Toyota oil), new NGK iridium plugs, new NGK Power Leads new Shell Helix Ultra engine oil. new Replaced air cabin filters new Climate control LCD (very common for these to blackout due to age/heat) new Aftermarket HID Headlights 4300k New gas boot struts New window regulator New Stainless steel mufflers Just paid 6months rego (expires in September) $5700.000 Located in Coomera QLD Contact Danny on 0416296844 Regretful sale but have too many cars and recently purchased a new one so need the money. Please no silly offers or swaps. Great for P-Platers as the engine is not Turbo.
  3. 1990 Toyota Cressida - $1,200

  4. 1990 Toyota Cressida - $1,200

    Price: $1200 unregistered Km's: 228200 Location: Pimama QLD 1991 Toyota Cressida for sale, car is in good condiion inside and out for it's age... Has new front lower control arms and ball joints. There is a overheating issue with the engine, I have replaced the clutch Fan, thermostat, water pump and heater tap/valve but the problem is still there... either it's a broken head gasket or blocked hose Great platform for 1JZ conversion. Inspections welcome and open to reasonable offers.
  5. Yeah, with record sales and profits Apples stocks are going down? These Wallstreet types live in a fantasy land.... I think if Apple does buy back their stock then it would be the best thing for them.... Wallstreet is the only thing that is dragging them down.
  6. HTC One, best looking phone ever made? Reposted

    Def the best made Android phone I've seen to date, makes the iPhone look like a toy imo.... If this was running pure Android I may have considered giving Android another go but had a HTC in the past and wasn't a fan of "Sense" UI. Still I think HTC is under rated in the "Media Device" race, at least they are focusing on innovative hardware rather that shoveling a bunch of useless UI features into Android like Samsung. I believe they have a 64gb option for more porn
  7. PS4

    Good showing of games, Graphics look awesome now that i've been able to watch them in a HD stream.... obviously still much more to come at E3!
  8. The YouTube Thread Vol:Tres

    This is cooler....
  9. The YouTube Thread Vol:Tres

    This is a must watch...so good!
  10. Yeah, that Survey is suspect... http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2415314,00.asp
  11. Hey Guys, Bit of a long shot but anyone got a starter motor for a 1JZ in good condition? Will pick-up and pay cash. Super Urgent PM me or call 0416 296 844 cheers, Danny
  12. Funny ppl who think Apple is doomed even though they just had another record quarter... Sure they Didn't make Wall Streets super high expectations but I guess record device sales & profits don't mean much to them, all they seem to care about is marketshare figures. It's like they are scared the same thing is going to happen to Apple that happened in the PC wars back in the day, I think Apple is better prepared this time around. With over 135 Billion in cash I don't think they are going anywhere soon. Haters love to hate
  13. Show us your android home screens!

    Very, prob used that more than any other feature.
  14. Show us your android home screens!

    Hey we should do an iPhone Home Screen thread? Seriously though, This was my home screen when I had my One X... Nova Launcher installed