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  1. Tyre Hookups

    Need a pair of 17's, Must be atleast 50% tread
  2. I need to find the original purchaser of one of my cars, can someone find it for me with the vin # ? Regards, Jamie
  3. As kids we used to buy old bottles and blow them up, took alot of work to make them actually go bang !
  4. STAGEA STOLEN, Silver S2

    They also cut the drivers seat and drivers interior, pulled in the roof lining a bit and smashed the cabinlight.... I Dont think were gonna strip it or anything, just joyride/trash it..... They scribbled on personal items just to make them useless
  5. STAGEA STOLEN, Silver S2

    Tailgate is intact....... Only panel they didnt whack into something they screwdrivered.....
  6. STAGEA STOLEN, Silver S2

    Yea, it was in the back of my car with other plates..... Phone me if you get any speeding fines and I can give you report numbers. Ive already started recieving fines since it got stolen.... they've been driving it around alot
  7. STAGEA STOLEN, Silver S2

    Yes, Thats from my FB page/...... Car was found smashed
  8. STAGEA STOLEN, Silver S2

    Pretty Much stock Exhaust, 350Z rims, FMIC (Front mount is odd, Its been done legally so input and output are both on same side)
  9. STAGEA STOLEN, Silver S2

    Sorry for lack of detail, a bit out of my brain right now. Seaford Meadows, Filled up petrol approx 7.30-8.00 Last night Parked in my driveway on Angle Road, Missus went to leave for work about 7.30 - 8.00 this morning to find my car gone no smashed glass or tools or anything near by Tried the car alarm pager incase they just pushed it away or something, no luck.
  10. Silver S2 Stagea Dayz Edition 350Z Rims Exhaust Legally Lowered CD/DVD Player Clean all round car Stolen sometime between 8 Last night and 8 this morning Yes it has alarm/immob/insurance before anyone flames me. XRT 410 Number Plates
  11. Laptop hookups/ advice

    In the industry. Worst brands: Toshiba/HP/Acer Best brands: Asus/MSI/Samsung/Lenovo Check exactly what CPU is in it, just because its an "i7" dosen't almost mean its any good
  12. driver's side rear driveshaft right up on the chasis
  13. STOLEN JZX90

    with a can of freon and a hammer