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  1. I was wondering if anyone can suggest or recommend a performance shop in Melbourne who have a proven record of modifying mercs? I can't seem to find any, only luck I had was a place in NSW. Thanks, Meth.
  2. calder park

    There have been words going around that it will close down within the next few years for ages noew. Due to the noise pollution which is making them lose events - thus making very little money, houses keep getting closer and closer to it.. heathcote may eventaully be the only place to go one day, but who knows...
  3. East Meet (s/e) Tuesday 1/04

    just got home, missed another meet :/
  4. Cruise Tonight 28 3 08

    if it was later tonight - i'll come along, fkn bored as!
  5. Mercedes Pictures Thread

    Brabus rock! Actually thinking of going to them in the next few months to get a tune on the AMG! What's in the garage What I really want
  6. Not sure on the size of your one but just put a breaker bar onto the socket, jam it on the floor and crank it to loosen it if it is an auto, take out the fuel pump fuse so it wont start. If it is manual just put it in 5th and undo it by hand. On my car (Z32) you usually need a pulley puller to get it off without damaging it or being brutal.
  7. That sounds easier than it is, I waited about 3 months and then another 3 months to find these rims with this offset, I didn't know there would be problems fitting a 365mm rotor and caliper under an 18" rim :/ The design is funny, they clear teh disc easily i.e. the spokes but actaully just touch the top of the caliper on the rims I.D. The only way around it from what I see is a new custom mounting adapter, which is way to much work. I will be getting some 5mm hubcentric spacers which seem to be very reliable, unless someone wants to trade 2 x 18x8.5" +30mm work meister S1's for the same rim but with a few mm difference in offset They also have brand new trampio tyres on them get life insirance and public liability insurance. why f**k around for - sell the rims and buy rims with the correct offset.
  8. I think I might get away with grinding a tiny bit off the caliper as it is only the top part that seems to hit but how thick are the calipers usually? Before you hit the fluid galleries?
  9. Ok, I just found on vicroads no spacers are legal. I will probably have to get slip on spacers as I only need 4mm, any more and my rims will stick out way to much. It looks as though bolt on spacers only come in 20mm and greater :/
  10. The rotors are 365mm, I can't go bigger. It is the top of the caliper that just touches the inside of the rim. A 4mm spacer should fix it (i tested it with some washers) Why are the bolt on ones so much more expensive? Am I wasting my money getting bolt on ones? I always thought the bolt on ones were legal.
  11. I need some 4mm spacers.. I just fitted some overly large brakes and my 18" wheels just nab the top of the caliper. I put some washers on there and worked it out that about 4mm will be fine. Are any types of spacers legal? Also how do the bolt on ones work...??? Thanks
  12. Low Power?

    All dynos read differently, even if they are the same make/model. It depends a lot on how the car is strapped down, the intake temps and other settings configured for the run. An incorrect temp setting can alter a reading by about 30% from memory. Grunt Files DVD explains how things usually go wrong.
  13. brake upgrade

    Sounds like you didn't bleed it properly to me. If your 180 has abs 'no idea' you have to bleed the abs unit to.
  14. SR20DET rebuild

    If you are going to rebuild, do it once and do it properly with all forged internals, get everything balanced and tested. Wait as long as you can hold off if you don't have all the cash now. In regards to price, you can spend from $3000 - $15,000 depending on how far you want to go.
  15. Maybe try on the skylines australia forum as well.