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  1. Firstly, I just want to disclose that I do work for Holden. Although I haven't been there very so I don't know everything about the company but from what I do know Holden has a very proud history which streches over the last 50 years at least. So to answer the question of the topic, yes I do think Holden is Australian. Everybody has their own opinion and that's fair enough, but Holden is a very proud company and has managed to achieve alot in it's history. More recently they've engineered and built a platform from the ground up for the VE and Camaro. The Camaro was a huge program for Holden and testiment to the capability that the engineering team has to excecute a very important and succesful program for Chevy and General Motors. Everybody talks about what a waste it is that tax payers money goes to Holden, but here's a fact that I bet many of you didn't know. Yes Holden has received about $2 Billion is subsidies over the past 12 years, but it has also spent $37 Billion over that same time frame. It's paid for wages that also ends up back in the government via tax, it's supported suppliers and has helped retain jobs. Sure everybody wants a self sustaining business that can run on its own, however other countries around the world need it as much as Holden and the Australian automotive industry does. Australia invests less per capita than most other countries around the world that have an automotive industry (America, Germany, Sweden etc) so it is vital to a country that wants to have manufacturing capabilities. Not many people you speak to at Holden would be proud to call some the products that we've sold over the past few years as their own, and that's something that improving daily. What the Cruze has been lacking in the past has been greatly improved by the local powertrain team in the new product. The new VF is great too, but the market place speaks for itself at the moment. I'm sure there are many counter arguments to what I've stated above, but the fact is the industry is linked to many other things as well. Jobs will be the biggest hit, it won't just be employees of Holden, it's the suppliers who suffer, the dealers and service techs and logistics people. I just hope people understand that it's not that black or white. Well that's my rant, thanks for listening.
  2. Hi All, I'm building 2 townhouses in inner west Melb and am looking for a good plumber to do pre slab work and if all goes well the rest of the project. Looking to start in the next couple weeks so any recommedations are greatly appreciated.
  3. Vodafone Bill argument

    I had a similar situation with Optus and after many calls to Optus, empty promises and unreturned phone calls I went to TIO. How it works is for every complaint voda, Optus etc get thru the TIO, they get charged, not sure of the exact amount but let's say $150. TIO will tell them they have x days to fox your claim of accepted, if not you can escalate to the next level which is another fine higher than the first. All of this crap is documented and each company is gets reported on this. So it's in vodaphones best interests to receive the least amount of claims or escalations. There are departments in vodaphone who's job it is to settle your case. If you do it right and push you have all the power particularly if you feel you were mislead and misinformed at point of sale. This happened to me, along with a whole bunch of other crap. I managed to get out of my contract, keep my phone, get about $500 credited on my account plus a new discounted contract. TIO is the way to go if youre unhappy with their response to date. All you need to do is say what has happened and what outcome you want.
  4. Check out evitamins.com They ship oxy elite pro to Aus and it's pretty cheap too.
  5. what pre work are you using?

    Anybody tried musclepharm assault?

    Have an olymipic barbell for sale + 2x20kg, 2x10kg, 2x5kg, 4x2.5 kg rubber coated. http://nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=508932
  7. Melbourne Drivers driving too fast

    Was driving down beach road at night a few weeks ago and some milkshake in his suv was riding up my ass ( I was doing 60 in a 60 zone), so when he got close I flicked on my rear foggies and he hit the brakes hard. I loled and he over took me shaking his fists, then a few k's down the road he was pulled over by a cop car, I then loled even more. It was the highlight of my week being able to drive past him again
  8. Hi all, Just moved houses and dont have the space to keep her anymore. So, sadly I have to let her go... Her name is Bachi, she's a Chow x Husky, about 4 years old, extremely friendly and does not bark. Her fur sheds and needs a few minutes brushing each day to maintain her coat. She's pretty independant and doesnt need to much attention, will just laze around for most of the day. If anybody is interested, feel free to shoot me a SMS or call on 0421 346 383.
  9. Dog free to good home

    It is very difficult, and at the moment I have no other options. Location is Maidstone
  10. Automotive Design

    Im just about to start a new role at GM Holden in the powertrain deptarment (Engine and Trans) mainly warranty issues and resolving them. So its basically a problem solving type scenario. I've previously worked in a HVAC/PTC (Powertrain cooling) development role as a Vacation student at Holden also. This involved a lot of hands on stuff, testing on engine rigs, on cars, recording data (temp, flow, pressure etc) and evaluating all this information to ensure all parts and systems in place are meeting standards. Really enjoyed the hands on aspect of this role, at the same time you have all of the formal stuff to do, such as report writing presenting data to other engineers if there are issues that need to be looked at. Most engineering roles are basic office hours 9-5 5 days. Sometimes you would stay back to finish up on something, but you would find that happens in most jobs. In my last job, my boss was pretty relaxed, as long as the work got done and you did your hours for the week. I would usually come in around 7 or 8 and be done by 4ish. So pretty typical business hours. Some other areas you could get into; Design Project Management Consultancy Testing and Development Processing Industry Manufacturing Mining Automotive Personally, I really enjoy it. It's challenging but very rewarding if you're not afraid of working hard. The money can get pretty nuts as well, if you get into a decent company in your first year, you can earn up to 60k+
  11. anyone here under 30s and earn over $80k+ ?

    Have a friend who works at Toll in logistics, around 28 and is on over 100k I'm 23 working at GM Holden, earning close to 70k, should be able to get over 80k in a few years
  12. Automotive Design

    I'm a mechanical engineer and dont enjoy design work too much, so my opinion might be a little biased... There are a few automotive design jobs out there at the moment but mainly experienced roles. maybe you could look into doing an automotive or mechanical engineering degree... Mechanical is a little more broader and covers a lot of design stuff, not just automotive but general engineering. At Monash you could get into the FSAE team (designing and building a racing car, look it up... pretty awesome) which is very highly regarded in the automotive industry and would give you some experience. If you do get into these courses, try and get a copy of SolidWorks, ProE or something similar and start messing around with it. SolidWorks is good for learning thru the tutorials about how to use certain functions to draw stuff which will help you out heaps if u wanna do design.
  13. who has taken poison

    yeh ive taken em before as well... worked okai for me, dropped a couple of kg of body fat had no side effects either, just sweating more in the gym
  14. Really bad hangovers

    i have a friend who used to have a similar problem, went to the doctors and worked out she had some sort of allergy and now before a night of drinking has to make sure she takes this tablet... she says it similar to drinking a spoon of oilve oil, meant to line the stomach or some crap like that... otherwise, if she doesnt take this its almost as if she gets alcohol poisoning the next day, with really messy hangover and just general crap feeling all over
  15. Planning to buy an xbox 360 for cousins in europe and want to make sure that if i buy one here it will work over there... any gaming ppl know if it will... my very little understanding of it is that aus uses PAL and europe also uses PAL, while the US uses NTSC... is this correct?? any help would be greatly appreciated
  16. had a look at that site and it seems they dont send items over 1kg overseas (outside uk) 'Unfortunately we are unable to ship orders weighing over 1kg (e.g. most hardware) overseas - please either select UK delivery, or delete hardware from your basket to enable an overseas delivery.' and 'Due to the value of this order, delivery can only be made to the billing address of the chosen credit/debit card.'
  17. try to contact an independent insurance assessor and seek advice from them. they are usually pretty switched on about the law your rights and the best ways to handle the situation. I had one help me out last year, told me exactly what to do, what to write in letters etc etc. was extremely helpful
  18. what things to do/places to see

    dfo spencer st, smith st for shopping around city...
  19. Slut penalty

    i just came back from the states and the advertising for lawyers is crazy. every second add on tv is for a lawyer, 'have you been in an accident?' etc and every second billboard is for lawyers too... everyone must just sue each other over there
  20. who do you know thats famous?

    met Greg Inglis (Melb Storm) and Sam Thaiday from the Broncos at a local pub in melbs west one night. Had a chat n beer with Sam, pretty down to earth dude. Played poker with Arj Barker at crown once. The ex's gf was related to Nick and Chris from the band Jet, got to meet them a few times.
  21. Hey everybody, Just wondering if anybody has any knowledge around the finance sector about the American dollar. Reason I ask is that im planning a trip there at the end of the month and have noticed that the US dollar has been going down for the last month or so... Was around the .92 mark and has gone down to .86 these last couple of days... Just wanting to know if anybody understands what is going on over there and whether it will continue to drop (for us aussies) or will our dollar get better and start to climb again... Dunno if I should wait a bit more or change now... Thanks for any advice
  22. billie shoes... cheap, simple and pretty comfy

    saw something on today tonight about these guys doing dodgy installs... one company had 4 kids on the roof with no protective gear on, one was handling the stuff passing it thru the roof to 2 other guys (actual workers) who were fully decked out in protective shite...
  24. CAD 3D modelling

    i've used solidworks and inventor before... solidworks is really handy once you get the hang of it and the in built tutorials are really good... I know at VU TAFE (sunshine) they do use inventor and have courses on it which are decent too...
  25. Holiday to Melbourne (from Brisbane)

    take a look at the Grand Hyatt on Russel St (melbourne.grand.hyatt.com) pretty much smack bang in the centre of the CBD Also go to the Eureka Sky Deck