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  1. They've been around 15+ years doing most of the northern suburbs work aside from Jaustech. Good reputation, and are part of Sleeka Spares so the front yard is full of Toyotas. They did the CA18DET in my old silvia, which had a microtech and was fully rebuilt/worked. It ran very nicely considering it was pushing over 200 at the wheels. Worth your time, sure they'll be helpful. Can't comment on cost though, I bought the car built and tuned by previous owner.
  2. V8 Supercars - How Can Nissan Differ?

    Shows how long I've been paying attention..........last thing I remember was something about e85? and yes F1 was going down the dunny too, thought the new rules over the last 3 years or so have made it more interesting, for F1 standards. Things like KERS have been adopted by mainstream cars, new mazda 6?, I see that as motorsport bringing innvotation to automotobiles. V8's should adopt that sort of mantra is all I'm saying, but they can't I guess because that is financially demanding. Think I'll jump into the hole I just dug for myself ;P
  3. V8 Supercars - How Can Nissan Differ?

    They need to set up the rules so that everyone has targets to meet but has some form creativity or flexibilty to get to them. So over this carbon copy crap. I don't know if they are all still restricted to 500HP, but that should be upped as 500 isn't the magical figure it used to be. Heck FPV and HSV's are near that so a race car needs more. Depending on weight limits I'd say 650-750 is feasible. I know they are trying to bring down the cost of competing, but less weight costs more than more power. Challenge is what brings on innovation, and racing is lacking that in a big way. It really is just turning into a marketing spectacle. In any regard, bring it on at Clipsal. I'll be going, but if it ends up being shite I'll probably give up on the V8 and stick with F1. At least that'll be interesting with the new engine rules for next year, turbo's again, yay!
  4. Pretty much sums it up, you're getting a subtle hint. 18 means you're an adult, being an adult means learning to pay your own way. Some parents are just different about it. I got a friendly kick up the arse to move out at 18, ended up back there when I was 22 due to shit going wrong with work and was supposed to stay a few months but left at 26. I was a bit of an arse and said I wasn't paying rent, but paid for my share of everything else. Probably ended up being like $100 a week though........ Have your parents said they want you to move out or are they just asking you to contribute? Talk to them, not us.......
  5. http://www.google.co...7gGtG1qR_2PlQhA That should be enough to dispell that email, several links assosciated with that information......and I am in no means a supporter of people ripping me off bludgers or foreigners alike. Pic as per rules, Plitvice Waterfalls – Croatia got in on my phone via stumbleupon.
  6. Drills - what's good?

    FYI, Dewalt owns the Black and Decker/Stanley Ranges, and is owned by the Mormons in America [at least it was 5 or so years ago]. Top stuff though, only returns I ever got of those were from Tradies that abused everything they owned and most times we still managed to get them replaced under warranty. Something along the lines of an 18V with a 3.0AH twin battery kit should be what you're after. I'd be pricing it up between All Tools, Total Tools and Gasweld. Gasweld have a Milkwakee 18V Li-on with two 1.5AH batteries for $299, and a Dewalt 18v Bare, with a battery for $259 [extra $99] for a charger. Sure you'll find something you like.
  7. Yes, and +1 to bootleg Don't really know about the validity of the studies regarding mental health, but it most certainly has longterm effects on cognitive function e.g. memory. But smoking increases your chances of cancer and alcohol increases your chances of liver disease, so any controlled susbstance has it's drawbacks. Few more forgetful old farts isn't really going to hurt things much. Can't stress enough how much it will hit the organised crime syndicates in the hip pocket, and they'll be left to push the harder stuff which far more of the population has no tolerance for, so punishments can be dealt more swiftly. May as well let Joe bloggs grow his own stuff, and sell it to introduce some control over the stuff. Never made sence to me why they took away peoples right to do that, or why they haven't legalized prostitution in some states.........
  8. What graphics card to buy

    Assuming the rest of your PC is less than 4 years old the BFYB is either A GTX660 for $238 B 7870 for $245. Comparisons sake I have a GTX460 in my old PC which is three years old and runs Borderlands 2 fine at High settings, so the above cards should be good for 2-3 years of the same.
  9. I was just going to say no and wait for the hate mail.......but....... If marriage is by definition the "holy union of a man and a woman" and is something brought upon us by religion from the early ages, and religion doesn't want it then I agree. However if gay people want a legalised union to be accepted in the eyes of law/governement they need to bring it about in the same context but give it some other title that the majority will accept, and keep religion out of it. Put it to a referendum, oh wait that won't work, or will it? Many people are happy to live as a couple and keep marriage out of it [something I'd like but am yet to convince the other half], all this bantering is for is to get recognition and the benefits associated with being a recognised couple in the eyes of government/tax/business etc. And hence why is show it very little respect....... now you can start the hatin'.
  10. Super who do you use / consolidation

    Got mine with MLC. Not a 'industry' fund but a financial company, highly rated in last years super funds ratings list. All I did to consolidate mine was email my fund manager and he sent me one form to sign specifically for consolidating funds and they did the rest. I like them enough as the fees are ok, they seem to perform well on average and I have control over where my money is going. I just moved a portion of my super into a safer fund, leaving the deposits made going into a higher risk section, and did it all via my account online.
  11. what is your latest purchase?

    Something akin to this, old school picture for an old gun. Taken up Target Rifle Shooting, and was recommended as the best beginners rifle. Awesome!
  12. what is your latest purchase?

    Replacing my dually that got stolen.....it was wasted on me anyway so I got an Avanti Agressor 2 29er.
  13. The YouTube Thread Vol:Tres

    Funny Russians...... http://youtu.be/PtCu34Tq94I
  14. Do you budget?

    Yeah, I budget and am trying my damndest to get the missus doing something as opposed to spend it all weekly. I'd be stuffed otherwise as I spend about as much as I make currently. Trying to get rid of a few debts and then pour money into savings. Aiming to get to a point where I can have a house loan and pocket $500-1000 a month in savings. Just use an excel spreadsheet at the moment, as it does all the tracking I need but gives me the option to change things frequently.
  15. The YouTube Thread Vol:Tres

    Move over stephanie rice...... this girl flaunts it ;P http://video.news.com.au/2258164335/Jiggling-Jumping-Jenneke
  16. Organ Donors

    What about eyes, not exactly life threatening, but will put the quality of life for that person up by a billion? Or a kidney for a kid born with a genetic disease, who can live for a while and put a huge strain on society/health services? I completely understand where you are coming from, but in all honesty if you came face to face with the person who was to recieve them, could you say no? What gives you the right to a full length life over somebody else, who may simply have a genetic defect, or was stabbed or shot walking down the street? I am not having a go, but simply asking thought provoking questions. Agree, It was assumed that the earth would reach maximum capacity 40-50 years ago. Our advances in medicine are only matched by our advances in agriculture and engineering. If we can fit a billion people into China when we can support a whole lot more people than we currently do! Life is not fair. People have died from genetic diseases for tens of thousands of years. Who are we to weaken the human gene pool by allowing these people to live and breed where nature has determined they are unfit to? Not saying it's fair or right, just saying that our currently accepted system of morals could be wiped from the face of this earth in an instant and the universe would not even blink. Life is not fair. It's funny, you say this now whilst you assume you are 100% genetically healthy, lets assume a hypothetical situation here; In 10 years time when it takes 20 minutes to read your entire genome from a drop of a blood at the doctors surgery (10 years is an estimate, will most likely be sooner than that, and less than 20 years) and he says; in 10 years due to a random genetic defect both of your kidneys will fail. Unlikely, yes, but my assumption would be you would immediately begin looking for a donor and/or place yourself on the list. Was my assumption correct? I am not saying it makes you a bad person to have the beliefs, i used to have much the same until i started taking part in research projects that were based on genetic diseases. Who are we to weaken the human gene pool by allowing these people to live and breed where nature has determined they are unfit to? Deleterious/trisomy mutations involving whole chromosomes usually result in infertility anyway, and who's to say the gene is passed on through the next generation? You or i could be the carrier of a genetic disease but show no symptoms and have the same if not more chance of passing on that disease. Medical science has been around for 1 maybe 2 hundred years. Natural selection served us well for thousands. On the other hand, if I or somebody I loved needed a transplant I would be all for it. Humans are programmed to be selfish like that. The above statements pretty much sum up the two sides to this debate. Neither has any intention of changing their views, you are just more likely to swing the opinions of those undecided. I most certainly do not have any issues with people donating, only feel that it be something that is left up to the individual without being peer pressured. I am no special case or driven by a god complex so I fully understand all your views.
  17. Organ Donors

    Have to side with Mandi here, no on all counts, but more so because I'm just a prick. Enough people on earth as it is, no need to go dishing out my organs. Unfortunately some people aren't meant to live and others have abused the priviledge of life.
  18. 21 Ways To Improve Australia

    I think most people here would agree that benefits in Australia are widely abused, and for the most part by Australians. It's something we should be ashamed of as we've gone from hard working people to a nation of bludgers. It doesn't mean we want rid of the system but means to avoid people abusing it. Some ideas: - Restrict unmonitored payments to 1 year for people under 30 with no disablities or extenuating circumstances, after this work for the dole or community service must be met to continue payment. - Offer free training to the unskilled people over 30, and set payments to maximum of 3 years with review - Incentivise workplaces to adopt older workers over 40, set payments to maximum of 5 years after which most would probably go onto some form of disablility pension As you get older it's more likely you wont' find work, and I find it's people between 25-35 that have the least skills and motivation if they have had no real jobs previously. Focus on these areas, and make some form of punishment for those that are under 30 and want to bludge.
  19. 21 Ways To Improve Australia

    1. Establish a sovereign wealth fund - No, Stop investing hundreds of millions in overseas loans and assitance packages. 2. Banish carbon tax - Yes, but replace it with something feasible. 3. Banish mining tax - Yes, just change the current tax rate on all companies earning more than X amount so it does the same thing without the 'label' or stigma. 4. Build a High Speed Rail system - Yes, they should never have abandoned the railways in favour of trucks, but supported both. 5. Provide Australia with a value for money National Broadband Network NBN - Yes, already on it's way 6. Eliminate State Governments - Possibly, but screw the system of each state being labor or liberal, keep state governments but just elect one party nationwide to stop the bickering between states. 7. Build a new large Dubai type city in North Western Australia - Great, just hurry up with it while the goings good. Why, just look dubai, they know they're screwed after another 100 years on oil. 8. Ban compulsory Voting. Instead, only those that qualify get to Vote - No, it forces people to pay some sort of attention to politics, public needs to be more active there. 9. Financial Planning Commissions banned - Yes. 10. Remove stamp duty - Yes. 11. Negative Gearing Reduced Or Banned - f**king Banned, he hit the money on property it's absurd what property is worth. 12. Turn Australia Post into a bank to compete with the top 4 banks - Dunno. 13. Eliminate Payroll tax - Yes, it's literally f**ked. 14. Form a taxpayers’ union - No, just get people more involved in the political process 15. Create a New Political system - Yes. 16. Solve the problems of manufacturing high labour costs and shortfall of mining workers in one go - NO f**k NO 17. Superannuation contributions increased to 18%…but not by the employer - Zero Tax and 12% employer 6% employee 18. Immediate change to immigration laws - NO f**k NO 19. Financial Education to be taught at schools by those with a Ph D in Results - YES f**k YES 20. $5000 Government Grant For Financial Education - Not convinced. 21. Introduce Immigration Visa Fees - Dunno. The man has ideas, but don't see eye to eye on about half of them.
  20. Sums it up. Been on at least 4 different bonuses and none work for me. Had monthly sales targets - lucky to see $200 a year Vintage bonus - once a year payment of $5-10k, but wasn't guaranteed so annual salary was dismal without it Safety and Production based - monetises safety concerns and production targets always moved, but saw $2k a year Current bonus has no conditions as they won't penalise anyone - is about $3-4k a year so they can offer a lower base rate Better off paying people a good rate, or pay less initially and have the option to level up as you get better skilled/performing. If the bonus is too regular everyone sees it as a right, if it's too rare no-one tries to achieve it.
  21. Evolution Vs. Creation

    I'll throw in a curveball and just ask something of the religious mob, as I am unaware of the bible's preachings. [no I'm not looking to attack it] At any stage does the bible seek to talk about protecting the earth and the environment, and not mankind?
  22. I'll throw my 2c in and just say that the minimum wage should be kept. You're all focusing on the wrong area. Scrap the bloody dole system. After 6 months cut payments, after 12 nothing at all. No excuses whatsoever. That's an example we should take from america and make it the individuals responsibility to get work and an income. Not let them rely on the public/government to support them. Do that and you'll have a stackload more people willing to work for minimum wage, which will inturn make manufacturing and production more competitive as they can drive down their own labour costs as they hire new staff. Support the people who want to be part of society and reward them for their efforts, punish those who don't. Harsh but true, and yes I know it's a pipedream.
  23. So unfortunately some @#$%^&*@#$%^&*( stole my bike today at work. Was a planned premeditated theft, as they cut a hole in the fence timed it when there was no staff and avoided all the surviellance cameras. Just lucky someone spotted them as they were stealing it, literally 2 mins after I got off the thing. I have information as to who it is but not enough for police. If you are reading this, you know that I know and karma's a bitch. Long story short, expensive bikes are being targetted as Adelaide Uni also reported 5 high value bikes being stolen last month. Keep yours locked up, and if you see anyone selling an Iron Horse Sachem 6.0 that has been recently painted probably around Northern suburbs .e.g. Gawler let me know. Cheers. EDIT Picture is identical, but I got it from someone elses site. No it wasn't locked up, it was in a bike rack behind the factory I work in which is out of sight of public view, but 5m from my workdesk.
  24. To be fair he's right though, shackling the frame around a post is the easiest option especially if you're leaving it in public.
  25. /\ pretty much sums it up. I'll get over the bike being gone but losing a car is another story. If that were the case here I'd be doing things differently. Atm I can understand the police haven't got time for a mountain bike, rather they did put time into more important things. Shame the public can't see that and tell them to lay off on traffic duties, as the constant public moaning is the only reason they are doing that. No if's and but's on that one......