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  1. Stanley & Julia

    hehehehhe nice!
  2. How have you quit your job?

    the last job i quit on good terms and when i went to the new job, it sucked so guess what, i rang my old boss and got my old job back so it pays to leave on good terms, however there are jobs where i have just done a runner, not said anything to anyone. looking in hindsight, it was an immature thing to do but those ppl were pricks.
  3. I definitely would like more size but at the moment my right knee is stuffed because after i run, even just a few steps, i get excruciating pain in the knee. i think its patella femoral syndrome (spelling) so i need to go physio for it and basically i'm doing very light weight for 20 to 30 reps or so. Apparently it takes ages to heal or get better. very frustrating though.
  4. i have a question in regards to leg training, i've read a few times where ppl say they train legs at a higher rep range because the legs react better and ur on ur feet all day. wouldnt it make sense to use a lower rep range and heavier weights for ur legs because if u r on ur feet all day, its used to the endurance? i mean of course u change it up every now and then but i've never understood that higher rep range for legs. can someone shed some light on this? sorry to go off topic.
  5. cool dudes with cool sunnies

    have u tried flemington markets on sunday? there's plenty of stalls that sells sunnies.
  6. Fuel consumption

    i do about 20litres per 100k's, a full tank gets me 250k's, lucky its not my daily driver as i have a company vehicle for work.
  7. Kyle Sandilands

    what about ray hadley on 2gb? anyone???
  8. Kyle Sandilands

    i dont listen to his radio show but when he's on tv judging those singing shows i think he's alright, he brings a bit of excitement, look at x factor now, its boring without kyle.
  9. so much for free speech, i agree no need for name calling.
  10. Quick / Short joke thread

    why do abo's have 1 nostril bigger than the other one? 1 is for regular and the other for unleaded
  11. Only a sausage

    classic lol, couldnt stop laughing.
  12. mens underwear

    undies for me, tried boxers a couple of times but way too much movement down there.
  13. where's m&m when u need him?
  14. yeah but if ur gonna promote a business based on training and nutrition and post photos like that, i dont know how ur gonna get business. I'm just saying its human nature with those 2 words u automatically think aesthetics.
  15. is that the same person or 3 different people?