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  1. Stock arm s15 boost spiking

    Lol i'd be more shitted off at the tapering back to 7psi toward redline than the paltry 11-12 psi "spike" my old S14 ran 11.5 after freeing up intake/exhaust and had no issues for over 3 years (with occasional entry lvl CAMS events) until i sold it. Well not issues related to boost
  2. WANT TO BUY adm 200sx S15

    which state what's your price range?
  3. Odd startup rattle

    starter motor
  4. Street/hoon behaviour penalties

    TBH, you sound like you got off very lightly given that TREASON is considered a lesser crime compared to reckless driving nowadays. I believe your lack of prior history would have been a factor in this outcome. 12 months is firm but not unfair, $800 is nothing considering that 20 over the limit in SA is $780, which i guess they would have factored into the proportion of your income (which is then firm, but not unfair). I'd consider myself lucky given the circumstances and also be aware that if you do get caught in the future, you should just give them a giant black dong and bend over right then and there. Purplesil80, lets not shit ourselves, at some point in our enthusiast life we're all been one "wrong time wrong place" away from being in OP's position; no true car enthusiast is 100% clean.
  5. a consideration: would the drop in diameter increase response for those not aiming above ~200kw?
  6. So like my last sil, the leather on the steering wheel is starting to speckle/peel off. Currently it's not looking too bad, however i know that given a bit more time, it will start eating through the leather and into the padding, becoming a daily eyesore for me. I'm wondering is it possible to coat the leather with something like nail varnish/clear-coat paint, thus halting the degradation. Has anyone done this? can you forsee any problems (inconsistent friction on wheel, hi-reflection from sunlight)? any other alternatives to fixing this problem WITHOUT reupholstering the wheel? Thanks in advance.
  7. Flex Plates ?

    Never Buy From Nisswreck They charge more for an item than a workshop would charge to supply and fit themselves ludicrous!
  8. Boost increase is normal after changing exhaust as there are less restrictions, allowing for more spooling. with standard wastegate i wouldn't worry. i can't imagine a case where car will boost beyond what the turbo/engine can handle (except maybe occasional spiking from clutch punishment) if you're getting 1bar then just be aware of it when approaching summer to not drive like a madcunt/go tracking all day with standard cooling (IC/Rad).
  9. Make : NISSAN 200SX Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 186 Price : $7,600 Condition : Used Price Dropped to $7,600 The Good/Mods Has an exedy HD organic clutch Full 3" Exhaust+HiFlow Cat Subframe spacers Random POD+Flutters New Fuel Pump @ 175K (think it was an entry level walbro) Water Pump, Power Steering Pump with its belts changed over at 180K It runs at ~11.5psi at 155rwkw, mildly rich with standard ECU S15 diff 17x8+38 wheels with Federal S/S's. 235/45/17 Rim weight : 9.6Kg Slotted Front Rotors, Standard Rears Sunroof still alive and kicking! Flaws Paint is average (some fade which i've tried to show in the photos) Stock suspension shows its age ABS unit died ;i am ambivalent about ABS, and did not replace it. Mechanically very sound car and still great to drive (even back to back with my S15) Service intervals were every 5K, however if i did a lot of highway driving (interstaters/trips to the flinders ranges) in a cycle i changed the interval to 10K (did this approx 3 times) I have standard wheels available if rims are not to buyer's taste That is all i can remember off the top of my head, PM for interest and we can take it from there. (Not Interested In Swaps)
  10. opinions for boost controllers

    http://www.hybrid-power.com/ The unit is in my S15, is pretty basic but it works half the price of the others as i've no experience of other controllers, i maybe missing out on features that i'm unaware of. Either installed incorrectly but does beep at me on startup until i select a boost level (lo/hi)
  11. So i got a EBC lately on my ADM S15 I've set low at 8 psi. high is set on 13psi untuned. I run the low setting for cold start/poor road conditions but switch to high when the engine is warm. While the car is managing fine from all appearances over the last 1000k's, i'm wondering does the ECU learn/adapt to engine conditions, thus will switching between 8 and 13psi "confuse" the ECU/make it less efficient? My understanding is the the ECU has a standard map for 7-9psi and can manage up to 14 unsupported (relying on O2 sensor and basic map to regulate AFRs with increased boost). I've put in these settings as my experience with silvias leads me to believe the S15 will handle that easily, but any input and technical education will be appreciated.
  12. Epic car fail thread

    See that thing on occasion in town with a bunch of Indian guys packed into it. Aside from the obvious aesthetic woes, is the diameter of the exhaust connected to it. Jews in gas chambers would have less trouble breathing than this car. Sounds emphysemic!
  13. ^^^^ On the contrary was on LucasTRW's before going to QFM's last month and was disappointed QFM dusted my pads in a week what TRW's did in a month. On top of that, i felt TRW's had better initial stopping power when cold, this lesson nearly cost me a car. The one thing i can't say is how much heat resistance the QFM's had vs TRW's That is my opinion, i could be wrong, but that is the sensation i had comparing them back to back. QFM are australian owned if that means anything
  14. Diff Question

    i went .8mm out of memory it would skip whilst parking/approaching full lock in lo speeds so it was tight. Once both wheels were locked and spinning it behaved well, but its the engagement which i felt was inconsistent. its doable, but quite a bit of effort for little return for a workshop. So yea what blingcommander said. Plus as i said earlier, the diff only lasted another full event afterwards so the workshop maybe thinking that they could shim the diff up but then see you return to them upset in a months time.
  15. Diff Question

    OK MoJizzy diff's i've driven on: S13 Open S14 Viscous S14 Shimmed Viscous S14 Blown Shimmed Viscous S15 Helical (x2) -Open was poo, but i too was a poo driver and it was a long time ago -a fresh/new S14 viscous gave the best feedback and sure footed sensation. However does not stand up to repeated abuse/heat stress -S14 Shimmed diff was PURE RUBBISH! f**ktonne of "lag" sensation, would kick in late/after apexing/not at all and take away any modicum of confidence you have in entering corners, apart from skids (even then the shim characteristics detract from the precision of handling), shim was a poor option with minimal lifespan, dying after 1.5 more motorkhanas. -S15 helicals, not really that great IMO, my perception is they behave somewhat open and barely divert enough torque to the unloaded wheel, thus the whole diff/rear feels "pendulumey". External factors could be condition of both diffs and my lack of suspension setup in keeping the wheels on the ground. A "safe" diff for the average driver, but honestly i don't like them/will replace mine if/when playing with suspension does not improve the diff's response. For drag, i would prolly go the tightly shimmed diff, funnily enough, keep in mind that this will not give the optimal transferal of torque between the wheels and will rob you of launch time.
  16. Gday all Was after a BASIC Electronic Boost Controller. Does not need any in-cabin screens or 5 different settings or mini-controllers. The car will not see more than 14psi+retune for midrange/response. I'm after something that can be installed and forgotten about (apart from the increased power/response) Was advised against MBC's due to increased instances of boost spiking and slower response (as it utilises the existing vacuum/solenoid/wastegate). Car is S15, pretty average stuff, 3" Air filter, Sandard ADM Injectors, upgraded fuel pump, normal SMIC.
  17. OK still quite expensive, but expected was doing some more research and came up with this: http://www.hybrid-power.com/#!hdi-ebc-r Unless there's a large difference between processors of EBCs and its durability/longevity. This one looks to suit my applications as it: 1.) improvement over standard/MBC 2.) their "dyno results/marketing" toward increased response and midrange 3.) a third of the price of other EBC's, even entry lvl ones. Any one had experiences with this product? i wouldn't even mind a small tradeoff on processor speed/controller efficiency BUT i do care about reliability of product!
  18. ^^^^ Totes a cop Yea could be interested, send me info plz.
  19. Epic car fail thread

    ^^^^ If i were Monster Enery company I'd sue that fkkr for defamation
  20. Gday was competing in Gymkhana today and found that upon diving into corners of greater angle than120degrees from ~90k's then sliding, the car would occasionally foul up and loose power/unable to rev. Only happens at high G's/weight transfer cos once the car started straightening up it would unfoul and punch me sideways again in an unpredictable/time lossy fashion. fuel was above half tank so surging/fuel cut is ruled out. vehicle is a 2002 S15, mods related to problem would be k/n panel filter, 3" turboback+cat, a/m fuel pump, running a piss weak 7-9psi, idle sits at -16psi. Just after more thoughts on this problem, so far my ideas so far for this problem are: 1.) boost leak (didn't manage to see my gauge while problem was happening and is not replicable in lo-speed slides) where piping would unseal under stress 2.) fuel flooding cylinders when dropping from 2nd to 1st, didn't think this happened in EFI cars; i don't think its flooding either as i couldn't see any plumes of black smoke behind me 2a.) fuel pump related? its a new pump under 20,000k's old and higher flowing. In relation to EFI i don't think this would affect anything as injectors governs fuelling whilst pump provides pressure; unless the pump was faulty/weak? dodgy connections under G's? otherwise what else could be creating this problem, no problems whilst flexing around/spirited driving or in solely 1st gear events like motorkhana. Only happens when diving in from higher speeds into tighter sections of the course. Bit disappointed as my old S14 didn't have any of these issues thanks in advance
  21. as i did not install the fuel pump myself i do not know how well it was done, its the entry lvl walbro (can't remember model number but should be akin to bosch 040) from what the previous owner told me. its seeems mounted correctly as my old S14 had the same walbro and it runs out of fuel at around the same point (sits slightly higher than stock thus leaving you with little to no reserve tank ) while i like to believe in the boost leak under higher G's, my workshop has already gone over the clamps and piping last week and found nothing.