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  1. Australian Race Tracks

    A little quicker in the S15, 1:10:05 getting close to the 1:09 but car will be sold now
  2. where it all began - to now

    This sounds like too much fun. Wrap the wheels in some nice sticky rubber and this thing will be crazy. Keep us updated with the next tune and any other changes you make.
  3. where it all began - to now

    Nice one greg, congrats. Will be good what figures it gets once the boost is wound up. Any idea how much you will be running? Whats the plans for rubber? Sounds like your gunna need a bit
  4. Im new & Plz help!

    I will back you up there buddy. Ian has years and years of experience with some fairly high profile race cars. Have known him and Revell for years and they have always been great. Not really in Canberra but I would also recommend Roadholder in Sydney for sway bars. Greg Selby really knows his stuff and has done lots of testing in Silvias (mainly S14/S15s) out at the track. His sway bars are far superior to alot of other brands. As for exhaust, as Greg said Powertone are probably regarded as the best in the business in Canberra. I have heard some mixed reviews about City exhaust in Braddon but they did a great job on "Mini Me" and "Dr Evil" for a very reasonable price. Hope that helps
  5. Australian Race Tracks

    considering Valentino Rossi gets around PI in approx 1:29 on a MotoGP bike it would have to be one hell of a R31
  6. Australian Race Tracks

    1:05 or 2:05 around PI? What kind of car/mods?
  7. Australian Race Tracks

    Wakefield time needs to be updated. Now in the 1:10s (1:10.9). Cheers.
  8. Australian Race Tracks

    So true. I have been down to PI but that was to watch a mate race. Besides hitting Bathurst I can't think of a better track in Australia. Coming on to the straight at PI must be something to be experienced. Too much fun! I also agree about the drifting probably being harder on the drivetrain than track work. Looks like fun but I will stick to the grippy stuff thanks. It's a shame people are keen to drive flat out on the public roads with the risk of losing their license and someones life. When for the price (in most cases) for much less than a speeding ticket they can head out to the track, go nuts and learn how to drive.
  9. Australian Race Tracks

    I have some of the track records and member times up here (only just finished being developed)... http://www.valvebounce.com/home/times_list.php
  10. Australian Race Tracks

    Around 185kph, maybe a smidgeon more. Braking after the kink can be a little hairy at times... I see your a RENEW member. Good bunch of fellas, I went to my first track day last year with them at the RENEW/SAU day. They are to blame for my obsession with the track now!
  11. Australian Race Tracks

    On the main straight for sure, if Im keen I keep it in fifth through the kink then braking and downshifting straight after for the tightish right (taken in third).
  12. Australian Race Tracks

    Excellent Thread and Im number 1 in something! woohoo! If we need to provide proof of times heres mine: http://www.natsoft.com.au/cgi-bin/results..../2005.WAKE.S3.Y In my S15 one of the lessons I have learn't is that second gear isn't required, its all 3rd, 4th and 5th (briefly down the main straight and if your keen through the kink).
  13. Does anyone have a pic or preferrably a diagram of a standard S13 SR20DET inlet manifold? Need to confirm a few things... Cheers
  14. Intercooler and BOV....

    A copy of the manual is located here (just follow the links) ... http://www.sxoc.com/vbb/showthread.php?t=70865
  15. My CA18DET 1200 ute almost complete

    Man tens would be nice But with stock internals and stock turbo il be aiming more for high 12s on street tyres on 14 psi then we gons whack a big turbo on it next year and go from there. Cheers Luke You should crack 12s fairly easily mate. I was able to crack 11s in my old CA 1200 ute with some good rubber. The car looks fantastic with alot of detailing work done and a good all round setup. Its an awesome engine bay and the interior sounds great. What locked diff are you running? If its a 1200 she might not hold together too long (mine lasted two weeks before snapping an axel in the diff centre). I ended up putting the rear end out of a VN V8 commodore with the disc brakes and LSD. I have some pics and info on the build up of a SR20DET 1200 ute on my website if your interested. Just check out Mini Me in the Photo Album or the build up in the forum. Click Here